What is a Weighted Basketball? Benefits of a Weighted Basketball

Being on crime in basketball can require a great deal from a player. You need to be able to dribble correctly, pass efficiently and shoot with accuracy. At precisely the same time, you need to keep your eyes on the defense for the threat of steals or turnovers.

Because of these challenges, players need to have well-developed reflexes and instincts on the court. A great tool to improve your training routine to hone these abilities is a weighted basketball. In this article, we will explain “What is a weighted basketball“. Also provides information about the benefits of weighted basketball.

Who uses weighted basketballs?

Weighted basketballs can be used by novices, intermediates, or advanced basketball players hoping to boost their skills. This includes teens who just began playing basketball and pro basketball players who play in the NBA.

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What is a weighted basketball? 

This manner of the ball is a resistance training tool that may help strengthen your forearms, wrists, and palms. These training aids are like a normal basketball at dimension in the official 29.5″ circumference (28.5″ for women’s basketball). Heavy basketballs can contain either leather or rubber exteriors like a standard ball for either indoor or outdoor play. The main difference is in the weight of the ball. Most optional balls weigh in at approximately 3 pounds. This is over double a normal basketball’s weight of 1.4 lbs.

What’s a weighted basketball made of?

Weighted basketballs are typically made of heavy-duty rubber or synthetic leather. This makes it durable, long-lasting and is perfectly acceptable for training both inside and outside.

What is a Weighted Basketball

Weighted basketball benefits

When you turn back to using a law ball you instantly feel the difference in the quickness of your moves but you are also forced to control what’s now a comparatively much milder ball. This original feeling will disappear as you fix back to the sense of the regular ball. This is important since the harder and quicker you can dribble the ball the quicker you can do anything with the ball in your hands.

Think about it: If it takes you another to cross the ball from the right hand into your left hand, it takes you a second to pass to an open teammate, pull up for a shot, or make a counter-movement. Therefore that the harder you can dribble the ball the faster you can make plays and decisions on the court.

1. Overall Strength

Running through basketball drills with a regular weighted ball will increase the muscles needed for strong ball-handling and shooting. Adding a weighted ball into the mixture will only add to the strength required to be strong with the ball in match scenarios. Your forearms, hands, and shoulders will begin to construct muscle faster because of the extra weight and it will allow you to become more powerful with the ball and more dangerous on the court.

2. Shooting

Combined with the appropriate fundamentals of shooting a basketball ball correctly, utilizing a weighted ball through shooting drills can raise your shooting range. By utilizing the weighted ball inside your regular shooting drills, then you will begin to get used to shooting with a heavier ball that will provide you with a larger range when you turn back through matches.

Together with the weighted ball for shooting can damage a player’s shooting form. The additional weight may force a player to overcompensate for the weight of the ball and might cause the player to take the basketball.

Shooting is one of the most important abilities in basketball. Shooting is when a player tries to score points by throwing the ball through the basket, methods varying with players and scenarios.

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3. Dribbling

Imagine having the ability to dribble the ball quicker and more confidently without lifting weights and losing some of your freedom in the procedure. Your coordination will also improve also when you transition back into some normal weight ball through matches.

Being able to handle the ball is a key ability in basketball, particularly for guards. The excess burden of this weighted basketball makes it great for ball handling drills and to enhance a player’s dribbling skills.

Dribbling is the act of bouncing the ball constantly with a single hand and is a requirement for a player to take steps with the ball. To dribble, a player pushes the ball down to the floor with the palms rather than patting this ensures greater control.

The more time spent dribbling the ball, the greater your muscle memory. This allows you to develop a quicker response between bounces. The ball bounces the same as a normal basketball but the extra pounds of the weighted basketball actually need you to dribble the ball harder and get better.

Dribbling using the weighted basketball will strengthen your arms, giving you a more powerful dribble and a smaller grip. This is vital since the harder and faster you can dribble the ball, the faster you are able to do anything with the ball in your hands.

It is very important for a player to be able to dribble efficiently with both palms. Therefore, it’s a good idea to train together with the weighted basketball with your dominant hand and offhand. When dribbling past an opponent, the ball handler should dribble with the hand farthest from the competition, making it more challenging for the defensive player to reach the ball. That is why it’s a good idea to be proficient at both palms.

4. Passing

As far as passing, the hefty ball can make you stronger and thus able to create longer and quicker passes more correctly. Employing the heavy ball to produce moves with my left hand has made me more comfortable doing this in matches and has helped me get passes off faster by being able to quickly transition from dribble to maneuver without having to involve my right hand.

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5. Rebounding

Another ability many forget when training to become better basketball players is rebounding. Smaller players might think that rebounding is just reserved for the big men in the paint and larger players appear to rely on only their size when they consider rebounding. A weighted ball can increase your rebounding statistics and prevent defenders from slipping the ball from you in the paint when you develop a rebound in traffic.


A weighted basketball is quite useful and beneficial for improving a player’s abilities. It is useful for improving passing ability, ball-handling abilities. And communication abilities. This is because it increases the strength in your hands, hands, and forearms. It’s not advised to use a weighted basketball for practicing shooting since it can negatively affect a participant’s shooting motion.

Weighted basketballs can enhance your game and transform you from good to good in a matter of months. The bonus of this weighted basketball is that you can simply interchange it with your routine ball during every workout and, aside from the extra weight, you won’t observe a fall in quality.

What you may notice is your strength raising along with your assurance building with each workout. Use a weighted ball in your workouts and watch your teammates marvel at your strength and improvement on the basketball court.

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