How to Care for Your Lacrosse Stick?

If you don’t take care of your stick, your stick will deform. If your own stick deforms, you lose precision. In the event you lose precision, you need to run to chase missed shots or moves. A stick that is strung perfectly won’t remain that way without some easy maintenance. Below, we’ll discuss how to care for your lacrosse stick

How to Care for Your Lacrosse Stick

1. Normal Care

When you set your stick away after a match (or clinic, or wall-ball, or on the winter break) make certain the stick has been pushed outside and the mesh is not deformed at all. Why? Humidity! If you keep your stick with the mesh messed up, the mesh will stiffen in that form over time.

At least once a week, check to be certain each of the shooting strings stays tied. Why? As time passes, catch after catch, the knots will begin to loosen.

How to Care for Your Lacrosse Stick

  • When storing your lacrosse stick, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure to keep your stick in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Keeping your lacrosse stay clean is crucial. If you’re playing in a match on a muddy field, caked-on grit can dry on the stick and affect the mesh.
  • To help your rod dry correctly, be certain that the stick is pounded out therefore that it will not dry crumpled up. 1 method to make sure it retains its shape is to crinkle up some newspaper and place it in the stick. The paper can help absorb some of the moisture while keeping the stick depth and contour.
  • There are set rules for how pinched a neck can be, so check with your league for its own rules.
  • It can be helpful to keep a stick repair kit with your gear.

2. How to Deal with the Effects of Water Overexposure

There is no piece of gear more important. Modern sticks are pretty amazing, and they are more consistent and more dependable than ever before. But when your rod is perfect, a rainy match or clinic in the mud can cause some significant stick issues.

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Lacrosse sticks may get wet in moderation. Overexposure to water can weaken stick strings and wear a stick’s tape grip. It’s ideal to avoid moist, and grassy field conditions whenever possible because wet sand will adhere to a stick and ruin its throwing ability. It’s frustrating having to face the effects of water overexposure. To assist you to combat these issues, I’ve compiled a couple of powerful ways of returning your own stick back to normal.

  • Use a stick Pounder 

How it works is fairly easy. Whatever you do is hold the stick pounder by the handle and pummel the net in the particular location where you want the stick to shape. This breaks up any defects in the way in which the water caused the stick to settle. Additionally, it helps to remove any debris, such as grime, that inserted itself into the net and induced it.

If you pound at your stick to get a good five to ten minutes, you need to see a drastic improvement in how your stick throws. As a side note, I would not advise trying to do this only using a ball along with your hand.

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  • Invest in High-Performance Mesh and Strings for Your Stick

Unfortunately, the stick pounder can just do this much. If a string is broken or a bit of mesh is beyond repair, you may need to replace that section of this stick fully.

If you do choose to restring certain sections of your rod or completely start afresh, I highly advise that you invest in high-performance strings and net. As for me, I always use high-performance strings and net to maintain my stick feasible for as long as you can. 

Tips on How to Keep Your Lacrosse Stick at Top-Notch Condition

Maintaining the condition of your lacrosse stick is key to playing at a high level of lacrosse. There are a couple of surefire ways to keep the state of your lacrosse stick in the as best shape as you can.

To avoid unnecessary damage to your lacrosse stick, you have to store away your stick in a proper fashion. Leaving your lacrosse stick in the trunk of your vehicle under all of your other equipment will deform your stick with time.

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Rather than throwing your lacrosse stick from the trunk, put it in one of these passenger seats and store it at the garage as soon as you head home. It can get extremely hot in the trunk of a vehicle, especially during summer. This excessive heat could actually weaken the plastic of the lacrosse head until it is unable to return to its original shape, a procedure commonly referred to as warping by lacrosse players.

Even between games at tournaments, it’s good practice to stow away your lacrosse stick in an equipment bag or in the color. Placing your lacrosse stick undercover can help to ward off these unwanted results. 

  • Way to Wash the lacrosse stick 

The first thing is to eliminate parts of turf, grass, and sand from the plastic along with the stick. Don’t use soap. Hot water will do the work here.

Now, you have a clean but quite wet lacrosse head and stick. Paper towels should be used to shoot as much moisture off the plastic out of strings, and from the mesh/leathers as you can. Spend a fantastic couple of minutes trying to dry out the head with paper towels.

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Next is to place your own stick to genuinely dry out. A lot of people place a ball at the head and let it sit overnight, but this can create a bizarre stretch to a stick in which the ball sits, another very good choice is to crumble up newspaper and stuff it TIGHTLY into the stick in the overall shape you would like the stick to grip. You may require a butter knife, chopsticks, or other thin, stiff piece of wood or plastic to keep the paper tight from the stick.

Keep in mind, some modern mesh is so advanced that you may not have to be so diligent with forcing a positive contour for your stick. But generic net that you might see in a new entry-level stick off the rack in the shop may still need the help, and if you are concerned about stick form or need to extra cautious, you won’t damage anything but giving these methods a shot.


To extend your lacrosse stick’s durability, take the time and effort to take care of it. Hopefully, with our sharing, you will know how to properly care for the stick.

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