5 Tips On How To Improve Your Weak Foot In Soccer

The truth is that no coach will want to field a player that only kicks with one foot unless he’s out of options. This type of soccer player normally spends more time on the seat than playing on the field. If this is you, don’t be discouraged since this post is giving you 5 tips on how to improve your weak foot in soccer. The earlier you began the better you can master the skill and utilize your weak foot as second nature.

What is a weak foot?

A weak foot has nothing to do with harm. It does not signify that a player can not play at all with a certain foot. It only means they play better with a few of the toes than the other.

Many individuals are right-handed or left-handed, meaning that they automatically gravitate towards using their dominant hand when finishing everyday tasks. Also, most soccer players can also be right-footed or left-footed, meaning they tend to utilize their dominant foot when they reach the ball or shoot. Some individuals are born ambidextrous (having the capability to use both hands or feet equally as well), but anybody can be trained to use both feet powerfully.

Tips On How To Improve Your Weak Foot In Soccer

The basics of training your weaker foot

Imagine yourself shooting with your natural foot. Imagine the shape your entire body requires, and how relaxed you are when contact is made. You need to replicate this activity, which takes a great deal of practice.

The human body’s natural reaction when trying to hit the ball with all the weaker foot is often to tense up and drop control. You have to fight this response, so make sure you stay loose and relaxed. Strike the ball from a slight angle, and then lean in towards the foot that will support your weight when you hit the ball.

Your standing foot ought to be planted by the ball, and your toes should be pointing towards your target. Your kicking leg should swing on your body while maintaining a shape, and you should aim to straighten your knee at the moment of impact before following through.

Now, this sounds quite standard, but so as to train your weaker foot, you want to break down the simple shot to its component parts. Once you’ve done that, practice and repetition will gradually improve your game.

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Tips On How To Improve Your Weak Foot In Soccer

1. Mentality

The first thing a player should know about enhancing their weaker foot is that it’s likely to be a difficult procedure. You will need to behave in complete resistance to your natural tendencies. In essence, you’re training your brain to think in another manner. Think of it as trying to understand how to write to your non-dominant hand. Initially, it will be awkward, and you might not be pleased with the initial results.

This is going to be a long, slow, and hard procedure, however, the end results will probably be that you have a leg above most players around the field. Remember that practice makes perfect, and you’re going to want a great deal of practice.

2. Juggling with your weaker foot

Locate an open space, throw the ball at waist height and let it bounce. Then kick it up using the laces of your foot. Repeat this for roughly 5 minutes and then raise it to 10 minutes and so on. To start, allow the ball to bounce, it is easier and gives you more assurance. As you advance, try not letting the ball bounce on the floor.

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3. Trapping the ball with your weaker foot

The simplest way you can do this is by throwing the soccer ball upward and trap it by letting the ball fall on your toe part of the foot. The first few times you may so cause the ball to just bounce off your weaker foot, try to snare the ball using a milder first touch. To put it differently, try not to stiffen your own feet/legs too much as soon as the ball is about to make contact.

As you progress, you can improve this drill by simply throwing the ball against a wall and hammering / controlling it along with your weaker foot as it bounces straight back towards you. After each successful snare, throw the ball with greater intensity and try to control it using a single first touch with your foot since it bounces back towards you.

4. Passing with your foot

Locate a wall, possibly in your area or even outdoors. Pass the ball against the wall by using the inside sole of the weaker foot and outsole of the same poorer foot based upon your taste. To make it more interesting, build a rhythm in your departure by increasing its speed which considerably improves ball passing and trapping skills relatively quickly.

As you advance, try to maneuver and trap the ball in a single fluid movement, making no more than two roles in the most for each time you pass into the wall. Throughout this particular drill, try to aim your pass towards a specific target area on the wall so as to improve the accuracy of your pass. If the wall is far away from you, then try a lobbed/chipped pass with your weaker foot.

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5. Shooting

Use a small goal – perhaps a training cone – to give yourself a true challenge. Start by working on technique rather than power. Your goal should be to take with a natural stream and contour to your body, so experiment with standing positions and also the contour your weaker foot requires.

Look closely at how the ball moves; if you’re able to get swerve to a ball with your normal foot, then you should aim to do exactly the same with your weaker foot. As soon as you’ve mastered the technique, start increasing the power of your shots.

What is the Goal of Strengthening Your Weaker Foot?

The role of strengthening your foot is to develop into a more versatile player. Your intention is to be able to use whichever foot is essential. The objective is NOT to make your weak foot your dominant foot when blowing off your foot. Each of the tips mentioned should be executed as a supplemental part of your normal training regimen. 

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You shouldn’t ever neglect your dominant foot. In a real game, you should never drive yourself to use your feeble foot if there’s no motive to do so. Even with strengthening, your feeble foot will always be weaker than your dominant foot since it is not the one that your brain naturally gravitates to. You should also bear in mind that it is only natural you will still prefer your dominant foot after all this practice.

A player who’s confident with both feet and also understands when it’s right to use a weaker foot has a unique talent. Keep practicing! Never give up!


If you follow these 5 tips I will guarantee you you will develop energy and precision in your feeble foot. The outcome is that it will improve your confidence on the field and you’ll be a complete player. Enjoy soccer and be secure.

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