Batting Gloves Sizing Guide – How To Choose A Pair Of Batting Gloves

In regards to hitting in baseball, it is necessary to get a solid grip on your bat to make certain you have the most precise control possible. Batting gloves for baseball not just help to achieve a better grip on the bat but has the potential to help reduce vibrations in the hands when using the ball. Below we’ll look into certain reasons we think you should wear batting gloves, batting gloves sizing guide you need, and will wrap things up by going over several important aspects to consider when finding the ideal pair of batting gloves to buy.

Why wear batting gloves? 

batting gloves sizing guide

Wearing batting gloves might help increase the quality of the grip either a wooden or metal bat and decrease the amount of sweat on a participant’s hands. By keeping up a tight and controlled grip, players can increase their outcomes on the plate.

Batting gloves also provide a degree of protection during the drama. They could decrease the sting and vibration felt during a hit and can lessen the odds of creating blisters throughout the entire year.

A set of batting gloves can also be beneficial while running the bases as they can shield your hands from friction burns during a slide. Some gamers even prefer to wear a batting glove beneath their mitt. The additional barrier can provide better traction and eliminate sweat inside their mitt.

Batting Gloves Sizing Guide

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To locate the size of the batting glove to match your measure from the bottom of the hands towards the peak of the middle finger. This is a general guide and there might be some variation between brands.

Whether you’re buying new batting gloves online, knowing that the correct way to measure your hands is essential to finding a pair of batting gloves that match perfectly. Below we have provided the measures to measuring your palms in the attempts to create finding the best-sized batting gloves a bit easier.

Step 1: Place the hand palm side up on a level surface, along with your fingers straight and firmly pressed together.

Step 2: Using a tape measure or ruler, measure from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

Step 3: Using the dimension you have from measuring your hands in step two, decide your batting glove size by comparing that dimension to the dimensions in the size chart above.

Step 4: Once you have your perfect size figured out, it is time to test on some batting gloves. You’ll want to be certain the gloves are not that tight and confine hand motions at all. They ought to be form-fitting into your own hand, but not to the point where you can not move your hands and palms like regular.

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Consider To Choose The Batting Glove 

Baseball and softball players hit a lot during practice and games, so it is important to find a pair of batting gloves that will last through lots of wear and tear. There are two distinct materials utilized for the hands of batting gloves: leather and synthetic. Both offer clear advantages.

Leather batting gloves may offer a pure feel and may offer a better grip than their artificial counterparts. By contrast, synthetic batting gloves offer comfort and flexibility and may also be readily cleaned.

Padding: Helps reduce sting and vibration when making contact with a pitch

Tack/Grip: The longer tack/grip about the hands of the batting gloves, the more management you can get when swinging the bat

Long/Short Cuff: While most batting gloves have a short cuff that goes around the wrist straight up to the bottom of the hand, long cuffs which move partway down the wrist are getting more popular; this is completely personal taste, but can be something to consider.

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Some gloves offer an articulated thumb, which can add to the mobility of the glove. Pre-curved palms will create a natural curve of the head and will lessen the amount of bunched fabric beneath your knuckles. Some styles are designed with additional protection in your mind, including extra padding at the hands, though others are going to have a custom-molded handguard that fits into the rear of the glove to shield against a pitch into the palms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does glove sizing switch with various materials?

Work gloves are created using many different glove materials, such as synthetic and natural fabrics, to provide warmth and/or protection against the elements and threat of injury. Providentially, the properties of these substances are factored in during the manufacturing process, so Cestus’s sizing chart is accurate for all the gloves we offer.

2. Should I go up a size for gloves with liners?

If you’re purchasing Cestus gloves with a built-in liner, you can depend on our sizing guide. If you have your personal detached glove liners that you plan to wear under your work gloves, then think about going up a size or 2, based on the depth of the liners you’ve got.

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3. How do glove cuffs affect sizing?

Some gloves are designed with longer cuffs to fit loosely over jacket sleeves for extra forearm protection. Others have brief cuffs that are thought to fit closely over the wearer’s wrist to stop debris from entering.

Cestus gloves are created with various cuff styles to meet your wrist, while also matching the sizing guide. If your purposes require a tighter, more specific cuff size, consider opting for gloves that have an elastic/spandex cuff, like the Deep III Barrier gloves, or are elastic, like the HandMax Black gloves.


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