Why Does My Skin Turn Red When I Exercise?

In this guide, we will allow you to answer this question ” Why does my skin turn red when I exercise?”

If you are red-faced after running, you aren’t alone. This is a common problem, particularly in girls and individuals with fair skin. When you are running, your body is producing heat. Sweating helps cool you down. Your body also increases blood circulation to your skin to help regulate your own temperature. Your blood flow so more blood can flow through them and radiate extra heat out through the skin. 

Why Does My Skin Turn Red When I Exercise?

Do you ever wonder how some folks may walk out of a gym looking like they just walked right in? If you are reading this you then personally, probably, are among the lucky ones whose face turns beet red following the shortest exercise.

Why Does My Skin Turn Red When I Exercise

A reddish face from exercise may look like a cause for concern, however, more often than not it’s simply the body’s way of tackling the additional heat created by exercise. When you exercise, many changes happen in your body:

  • You will breathe faster to maximize the quantity of oxygen in your blood.
  • Your little blood vessels will expand to deliver more oxygen to your muscles and take away carbon dioxide and other waste products that build up.

It’s this widening of the blood vessels that causes the flushing of your skin through exercise. If you exercise, your body temperature increases and conveys the blood to the skin’s surface, causing you to cool and sweat off. This natural body mechanism may cause a flushed, red face, which is especially more noticeable in fair-skinned people.

Most facial redness during exercise could be considered ordinary nevertheless, if you are exercising in extreme heat, then a red face might be an early indication of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

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Here are some powerful tips which can get rid of the redness on your face:

  • Splash or spray your face with cold water in a workout.

Rather than scrolling through your telephone mid-workout as a fracture, splash some water on your face to help fight redness. Once you do your cool-down routine which includes walking or running slowly for five to ten minutes, then just splash some water on your face or take a cool shower. Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after your workout, as water helps regulate your body temperature.

  • Use a cold compress and moisturizer after a workout.

Apart from additional hair ties and deodorant, consider packing a washcloth in your workout bag.

  • Use a cleansing wipe.

The next time you’re searching, make a quick stop by the skincare aisle to get a package of wipes.

  • Avoid alcohol and foods that are spicy.

It is not merely your workouts that are causing facial redness–it’s also exactly what you do once you leave the gym.

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  • Add aloe vera to your skincare routine.

Having aloe vera-infused cleansing wipes might help fight redness after working out, but adding the soothing plant into your everyday routine may do wonders, also.

  • Try not to exfoliate too often.

Yeah, yeah–moisturizing makes your skin feel amazing. Regrettably, if you cope with facial redness frequently, it is best to keep it to a minimum.

  • Exercise in cooler surroundings.

Going to get a run beneath the hot summer sun might appear to be a fantastic thought but high temperatures will only make things worse for your skin and may even lead to heatstroke. Exercising at a cooler environment and drinking plenty of fluids so as to reduce facial redness can be useful. Thus, do not forget to keep a bottle of cold water in your bag next time you head to the gym.

  • Try out laser or light treatment.

While natural remedies are superb, you might also combat facial redness with laser or light treatment. It only requires a couple of treatments to see results.

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When to Talk to Your Doctor

Although a red face while conducting is usually harmless, you should still mention it to your physician, especially if you’re new to conducting. If you have other symptoms like diarrhea, wheezing, hives, or difficulty breathing, it might be a sign of a more serious illness. Note if you’re going through flushing in other conditions. Can it be worse with certain foods, or when you drink alcohol? Discuss any connections you’ve noticed with your doctor.

Some medicines, including eczema creams such as benzoyl peroxide and a number of antibiotics, and high blood pressure medications, can lead to flushing or make it even worse.

In addition, phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE 5) such as sildenafil (Viagra, Revatio), vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), and tadalafil (Adcirca) can also cause flushing.

You may speak with your physician about this negative effect. It also can help to avoid topical remedies that irritate the skin (like retinol or chemical peels) the evening before you have a long run or extreme exercise intended.


Typically, a red face following exercise is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. It’s more prevalent in people with fair skin and is just part of the genetic make-up. The quantity of time it takes for your face to return to normal also varies between people. Factors like fitness level and the strength of the exercise will also affect the amount of redness.

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