Top 10 The Fastest Player In The NFL

If you are looking for the fastest player in the NFL? Then this article is for you.

Speed alone doesn’t create an excellent NFL player, but an amazing top speed will always catch our eye. It really is remarkable to see a football player depart other elite athletes in the dust.

Even though the league has exceptional technology and shares some info, simply record the fastest times listed on NFL Next Gen Stats isn’t fair. That particular group does not include a high speed from a person not directly involved in the drama. Plus, others have set down a scorching 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine or elsewhere. We are, nevertheless, nonetheless confident in saying the following players are certainly one of the fastest in the NFL.

the fastest player in the NFL

The fastest player in the NFL

1. Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers

Even though his immediate future is unclear, Marquise Goodwin remains about the San Francisco 49ers roster. He’s spent the previous 3 seasons with the NFC West club, totaling 91 catches for 1,543 metres.

Goodwin, though, reached 22.56 mph last season in a special manner: punt coverage, per ESPN’s Nick Wagoner. Whether he returns to San Francisco or is traded, Goodwin, who represented the United States at the long jump at the 2012 Olympics, is very likely to hold a normal role in 2020.

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2. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR/KR, Chicago Bears

Although he’s listed as a wide receiver, Cordarrelle Patterson is still in the league due to his returning ability. Through seven seasons, he ranks second in NFL history with 29.9 yards per kick return. His seven touchdowns route just Josh Cribbs and Leon Washington, both of whom tallied eight.

Incidentally, Patterson’s fastest second in 2019 happened throughout a 46-yard rush. He peaked at 22.23 mph, finishing second on the season chart behind Matt Breida.

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3. Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace came to the league prepared to produce. He completed his rookie season directing the entire league in average per reception with 19.4 yards.

This past year, he had a standout second season with the Steelers, establishing himself as among the NFL’s elite wideouts with 1,257 yards receiving (third-most in the AFC) and 10 touchdowns. In the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine, Wallace finished second overall in the 40-yard dash with an official 4.33-second time.

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4. DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson has become one of the most dangerous receivers and return specialists in the NFL. He has been selected twice to the Pro Bowl in his first three years in the league. He has over 3,100 getting yards and has scored 17 TDs. Jackson ran a 4.35 40-yard dash at the 2008 NFL Combine.

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5. Dante Hall

Among Dante Hall’s nicknames said it all: The Human Torch…Watch out! He will burn you. Hall was a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team using 12,397 complete return yards, 1,747 receiving yards and 21 TDs (12 Returns and 9 Receiving).

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6. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

Donte Jackson and Curtis Samuel equally deserve a shout, but Christian McCaffrey had the fastest NGS time on the Carolina Panthers. Last season, he awakened at 21.95 mph on an 84-yard touchdown run against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

McCaffrey put together an All-Pro effort in 2019, racking up 1,387 yards and 15 scores on the ground. He also caught 116 moves for 1,005 yards and four touchdowns, becoming the first running back in league history with multiple seasons of 100-plus receptions.

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7. Champ Balley, Ath,Georgia

This man was special at the University of Georgia. There was little doubt he’d be an impact player in the NFL after dusting off a 4.28 in 1999, but two years later, he’s retired from the game as a Pro Football Hall of Famer. In Athens, Bailey starred on the Bulldogs’ track and field team also and set a school indoor long jump record in 1998 of 7.89 meters to finish third at the SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships. He ran the 55 and 60 meters too during his time at Georgia.

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8. Fabian Washington

Washington was drafted by the Oakland Raiders with the 23rd overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft following his draft stock rose after rocketing into the fastest 40-yard dash in the 2005 NFL Combine with some time of 4.25 seconds. In his six years at the league, Washington has recorded 222 tackles and 6 passes.

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9. Darrell Green

Darrell Green was among the most amazing athletes to play in the NFL. Not only was good for its first several years of his career, he continued to play with at the highest level into his forties at a position that few make it in their mid-thirties.

Green allegedly recorded a period of 4.09 in the Washington Redskins’ training camp in 1986. Green ran down from important distances a lot of the fastest running backs and receivers to play at the NFL. He has said in interviews that the fastest time he has been conscious of conducting is 4.15.

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10. Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson was among the most amazing athletes of the time. He not only played in the NFL, but he also played major league baseball also. At 6’1″ 227 pounds, Jackson had been an unreal physiological specimen. He conducted a blistering 4.12 moments (hand-timed) 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, which is still the quickest verifiable 40-yard dashboard time recorded at any NFL Combine.

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