Mobility Exercises for Swimmers Shoulder

Warm weather is right around the corner and with this burst of sunshine comes pool period. One of the very best full-body exercises that you can perform, but as with any repetitive movement, you may begin to come up with an injury from overusing your own muscles. In cases like this, the most obvious injury swimmers encounter is swimmers Shoulder.  In this article, we will discuss exercises for swimmers shoulder

What is a Swimmer’s Shoulder? 

Swimmer’s Shoulder results when the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles become swollen or inflamed, leading to weakness in the torso, decreased range of motion at the shoulder, and finally pain when swimming or engaging in any activity which needs overhead movement.

exercises for swimmers shoulder

While swimming comprises many muscles, the biceps tendon and rotator cuff muscles require the brunt of the force. Fortunately, irritation and impingement can be counteracted by performing exercises that help stabilize the shoulder blades and strengthen the muscles around the should.

Reasons For Swimmers Shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder usually presents as impingement involving the rotator cuff tendon, biceps tendon, or subacromial bursa (the small fluid-filled sac under the acromion). Principal impingement involves compression of those structures involving the acromion (finish of the scapula) and greater tuberosity (top of the humerus). The cause of primary impingement is generally a tight posterior capsule (back of the shoulder) or abnormal acromion shape.

The mechanism of secondary impingement happens through a string of impairments. Shoulder range of motion in swimmers typically has excess external rotation and limited internal rotation. This shift in motion towards improved external rotation is an adjustment to the demands on the shoulder joint. The acquired laxity permits excessive external rotation, but places increased demand on the rotator cuff.

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Failure of the rotator cuff as well as the scapular stabilizers to keep up the correct position of the shoulder can lead to increased stress on the joints or compression of the tendons at the peak of the shoulder. This problem usually starts with muscular fatigue and stiffness.

Symptoms that develop as a consequence of exhaustion can also affect stroke mechanics. In swimmers with painful shoulders, then the other hands can enter further from the midline using the elbow dropping closer to the surface of the water. This change is generally designed to avoid an impingement position of full altitude with internal rotation and horizontal adduction.

Mobility Exercises for Swimmer’s Shoulder

Increase strength and freedom on your shoulders to get improved performance.

Many swimmers have missed some amount of time away from the water as a result of some kind of shoulder injury, either minor or severe. Some shoulders are too tight and many others aren’t strong or steady enough.  Easy Exercises to fight swimmer’s shoulder.

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  •  Seated Rows:

Put feet on the vertical platform, securing straps. Slide hips back, positioning the knees with a slight bend.

To pull on the cable attachment: Pull the cable attachment to your waist, while massaging the lower spine.

To return the cable attachment: Return until arms are extended, shoulders are stretched forward, and lower back is flexed forward.

Repeat 10 times, 3 sets total.

  • Standing Double Arm External Rotation

Holding a resistance band in front of you with both hands, move your hands away from the body, keeping your elbows tucked close to your side and pinching your shoulder blades together. Slowly bring your hands back in front of you, relaxing the shoulder blades. That’s 1 rep.

Repeat 10 times, 3 sets complete.

  • Plank Hand Step-Ups

Assume a push position together with your hands before a very low box or step. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, keeping your core tight. Move one hand at a time up onto the step and then down again. That’s 1 rep.

Repeat 10 times, 3 sets total.

Try these simple exercises to Prevent Swimmer’s Shoulder and also to strengthen your muscles. Should you continue to experience shoulder pain, then you should immediately contact a physical therapist for a test so that you can begin a personalized rehabilitation program.

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Swimmers need shoulders that have:

  • Mobility

Raise one arm over your head and bend your elbow, pointing your hands down the center of your spine. Bend the other arm behind the center of the back and try to touch the flip side. If you can not touch your hands together in this position, you may be able to make some mobility profits on your shoulder joints.

These shoulder mobility exercises might help improve the range of movement available on your shoulders. Throughout all these exercises, be certain you breathe and can smile–if you can’t, then it’s too intense and you have to back off. Your body is only going to make lasting changes that it is familiar with your facial expression and breathing are strong indicators of this.

  • Wind-up elongate:

Stretch your leg (the one on the exact same side as the arm that’s holding on the wall, chair, or whatever steady item you’re using for support) around behind you and lean toward this side with your torso.

  • Power

Are you able to perform five pull-ups with complete extension without kicking to get on the pub? If you can not, then you’re able to make some gains in power to stabilize your shoulders. Try these shoulder strengthening exercises to help improve strength in your shoulders.

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  • Pull-up

Grasp the pull-up bar and begin fully extended and pull yourself up till at least your chin, neck, or even chest reaches above the bar height. Lower to full extension.

If you’re not able to do any pull-ups, read Pull-Ups Are Possible, in which you will find an exercise progression to get you to your very first pull-up.

Seek the advice of an experienced coach for aid in performing shoulder exercises. If you are already experiencing shoulder problems, ask your physician before starting a new workout regimen. Possessing powerful and cellular shoulders can help swimmers find more success and longevity from the pool.


A swimmer’s shoulder is a frequent injury for high-level or committed recreational swimmers. The shoulder has great freedom compared to the other joints in the human body, but such distress sacrifices stability. Any impairment of motion or dysfunction of the shoulder can lead to harm. In case you have shoulder pain from swimming you should have your shoulder checked by a physiotherapist before attempting any exercises. 

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