Tennis Websites and Blogs on the Internet

Tennis is a very popular sport, practiced and followed as a hobby by millions of people worldwide. Tennis implies a great deal of physical effort, focus, and stamina in any way times. It is a well-respected sport and not everyone can practice it, as it requires great ability to be effective at accomplishing great results.

Here’s a list of the best tennis websites and blogs on the internet that able to check out the Most Recent news about this game, follow your favorite tennis players, find out where you can purchase quality tennis equipment, and show your support for the game on comment sections, sites, and others.

Tennis Websites & Blogs on the Internet

1. Women’s Tennis Blog


They cover women’s tennis from all kinds of angles including event photos and information, tennis style, photos of tennis experts as young girls, hints by tennis coaches, and much more.


This is the favorite Tennishead magazine’s online presence. Tons of tennis coverage from each angle. Stay tuned for more of the best tennis sites and sites.

tennis websites and blogs on the internet

3. USA Today — For Your Win — Tennis


Take it or leave it.

4. BBC Sport — Tennis


The BBC has excellent coverage of tennis, and you can find everything in the Tennis section of the BBC Sport website.

5. Baseline (by


Baseline is a tennis site brought to you by It is a sort of lifestyle meets tennis’ website. Worth a read.

Ultimate Tennis Coaching Websites

Tennis is best learned on a tennis court with a tennis coach. Kids can frequently get trained in tennis groups at school, and of course, for the more privileged, you will find tennis clubs with private coaches. Sadly, however, not all of us have the time, or even the budget, for tennis courses that may be costly.

tennis websites and blogs on the internetcoastalfloridasportspark 2

Luckily, we have the internet and you can discover amazing tennis coaching websites online. These online tennis websites aren’t only great for new players though. They are brilliant for tennis players who want to tweak or up their game, beat the competition they have never managed to overcome, enhance their forehand, work on their backhand slice, or perfect their serve or volley just brilliantly.


The reason is our number one pick for a tennis instructions site at the moment is that they provide something different from the majority of the rest. Unlike the rest, tennis coaching with isn’t to do with learning techniques online from a certified coach alone.

TopCourt offers monthly access to more than 30 professional players and coaches who have been videoed talking from experience on the numerous aspects of the game.

The likes of Aryna Sabalenka, Iga Swiatek, the Bryan brothers, Nick Kyrgios, Andrey Rublev, Sloane Stephens, Belinda Bencic, Amanda Anisimova, Petra Kvitova, Paul Annacone, Casper Ruud and Reilly Opelka have been signed up by and also you can get all these movies as Soon as You take up their subscriptions.

Once you sign up with them, here’s the way your dashboard will appear with an option to scroll down and choose the player you want to learn from.

tennis websites and blogs on the internetcoastalfloridasportspark 3

2. Essential Tennis

You will find a great deal of online tennis training videos on his website, each one more entertaining, efficient and beneficial than the next.

Ian started off with podcasts before moving on to video. On his website you won’t only locate educational videos however — you will find sites (the most bothersome tennis players is among our favorites), masterclasses, classes, drills and, pretty hilarious captions. Ian and his team keep tennis pleasure, but they have something in mind — to make you a much better player.

Ian believes in strategy and you’ll see online manuals developed to help you with your own tennis plan. You’ll find as much info about how best to acquire the perfect serve as how to play with the ideal mental game. The excellent thing about this site is that there’s so much on offer, therefore many bonus courses too, and needless to say, fantastic video courses.

tennis websites and blogs on the internetcoastalfloridasportspark 4

3. Optimum Tennis Instruction

This is a great website. You’ll discover a plethora of free online instructional tennis videos, you will be able to find a virtual tennis trainer, and if you would like to find out more and actually improve your game, you will find sound and video courses which you can sign up for.

The information is actually good — take a look at this part of fitness and nutrition by way of example and you can really learn a great deal. The more you read and the more you watch, the more you learn and the better your game becomes more.

Each is hand-selected for their expertise and ability and will see you reach new heights of your tennis. Online videos, or classes, comprise Serving A to Z, Breakthrough Tennis, Play Out Of Your Minds Package (adults), and a Lot More. You can have a look online. The videos focus on serious tennis for the professionals, fun tennis for beginners, doubles and singles strategy, and fitness too.


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