Why do basketball players wear arm sleeves?

Why do basketball players wear arm sleeves?

If you see the NBA or perhaps school basketball, there is no doubt you have noticed some players wearing a sleeve on one or both arms. These sleeves are not attached to their jersey or even a part of the uniforms. Have you ever wondered what they are for? “Why do basketball players wear arm sleeves“?

Arms sleeves which also may be called shooting sleeves or compression sleeves have become very popular over the past few decades. Let’s take a quick look at a Few of the history of arm sleeves in basketball.

why do basketball players wear arm sleeves

History of the Arm Sleeve in Basketball

The first time I remember seeing an arm worn in basketball has been back at 2000 — 2001 NBA season when Allen Iverson started wearing one. Iverson began wearing the arm because he apparently had bursitis in his knee and this also was a proposed way of relieving pain and reducing the consequences of bursitis.

After Iverson became known for it, many fans took to the fashion side of the sleeve and started to buy and wear them. Iverson continued to put on the sleeve even after his bursitis went off. It may have been to keep it from coming back or it may just happen to be one of the things where he had been comfortable wearing it while playing and it made him feel more secure when shooting.

Following Allen Iverson, I recall Carmelo Anthony wearing sleeves on each arm once they played for the Denver Nuggets. Together with many players hearing of the curative benefits of sporting arm sleeves, they turned into a remarkably common trend across the league.

Many other popular players have worn shooting sleeves, such as Ray Allen, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and the list goes on. You see them in more or less every NBA game now and in college basketball.

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Benefits Of Wearing Arm Sleeve In Basketball

1. Compression help

Among the main reasons players decide to wear arm sleeves would be to assist in compression of the arm muscles. Made with cloths offering elasticity to squeeze the muscles they aid in allowing blood circulation to the arms.

Basketball may be harsh on the arm muscles; gamers put themselves through strenuous physical strain which can easily lead to injuries. During a game, the arms can sustain minor injuries, wearing arm sleeves can help the stability of their arms if these happen.

Getting the proper arm sleeve is imperative for this purpose. Wear anything that’s too tight and you’ll restrict the blood circulation inducing muscle aching and strain. If the arm sleeves are too loose they’ll roll down that may be distracting and may cause you to lose contraction during the match as you constantly pull them up.

2. Warmth

Basketball players need a warm temperature to remain active within the court. Shooting sleeves help to keep the participant’s arm warm. Possessing hot arms will help out basketball players to take the ball consistently. Warmth can also ease the pain felt by a player because of the injury.

3. Helps Blood Circulation

It’s normal for athletes to get hurt, and when they had it can cause poor blood flow in the injured area. Bad blood circulation can cause swelling, and inflammation in the injured area. One significance of wearing arm sleeves is to help blood flow. Wearing one can also stop swelling and swelling.

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4. Protection from injuries

Some arm sleeves come with extra padding at the elbow. While accidents are typical in a game, a blow to the elbow might be the end of their sport season for a participant. Therefore, for them, it’s well worth it.

5. Placebo effect after injury

After an accident, an arm might be required to aid in recovering and offer additional support. But even after the injury has long since cured, some players still continue to wear their own sleeves. Preventing an accident can be a traumatic experience from which is can be difficult to recover both physically in addition to mentally.

For this reason, some gamers will still insist on wearing a sleeve since it makes them function normally with the blanket effect’ that this offers. This ‘placebo’ effect can help players to perform better and with more confidence.

6. Protection from the sun

If you play outside in the sun, donning a set of arm sleeves can help to protect your arms from the harmful UV rays in the summertime. And besides that, it might assist in preventing injuries if play gets a little rough and you hit the deck.

7. Covering tattoos

Having a tattoo, or several tattoos, is not against the rules but gamers need to be sensitive to the men and women who might be watching and may readily be offended by particular words, symbols, or graphics. Wearing arm sleeves is a simple and powerful way of covering any tattoos and avoiding causing offense.

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8. Confidence

Most basketball players utilize arm sleeves to look cool and gain confidence. Confidence is essential and employed in our everyday life. Some people used their confidence to get a job, get the guy/girl they enjoyed, etc… In basketball, confidence can allow you to play to the highest degree, and confidence is also an essential part which each player needs to have to be a good basketball player.


Arm sleeves, also known as shooting compression or sleeves are very popular for basketball players today. They can provide many therapeutic benefits as well as provide a participant the confidence to play at the top of their game.

Hope that this short guide helped broaden your knowledge and you now know that arm sleeves go way beyond just an aesthetic attachment. Next time you see a match or someone asks why the best players now wear arm sleeves, you’ll have the ability to give them the low down on exactly why they do.

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