How to String a Lacrosse Head?

Impress your lacrosse team with your stringing skills! Stringing your lacrosse stick can save you from having to pay an expert to do it for you. It’s also a convenient ability to know in case you need to restring your stick in a game. In this article, we share how to string a lacrosse head. Let’s start! 

How much time does it take to string a lacrosse head?

It varies by person, depending on how long you’ve been doing this, and how great you are at the precise movements and adjustments needed.

Assuming you are a newcomer who has not got an idea about how to string a lacrosse head we’d estimate that you’ll be able to finish the task in 30- 45 minutes as soon as you’ve followed all of the steps in this guide. And you will definitely improve on that with exercise.

How to String a Lacrosse Head

Be patient. As you’re learning, getting the technique correct is much more important than completing the work fast. Stringing your lacrosse mind can be an intimidating undertaking for new lacrosse players. But with those stringing tips and a small bit of training, you’ll have the ability to receive your pocket the way you enjoy it.

What You Need

  • Unstrung lacrosse head.
  • Basic stringing kit.
  • Needle nose pliers – Help really tighten those strings.
  • Scissors – Cut any excess chain.
  • Mesh — The bit of material that holds the lacrosse ball and makes the pocket. The mesh advocated is 10 diamond tough mesh.
  • Pocket — The basket shape that will control the way the ball will probably sit at the mind, these directions will make a mid-pocket.
  • Sidewall — The long side of the mind will be strung with a few of the two longer nylon strings which come with the kit.
  • Twist — The top of the mind.
  • Shooters — Shoelace-like strings which will handle how the ball comes out of the mind when shooting or throwing, hence the name shooters.
  • Whip – A widely used term to explain how ancient the ball comes from your mind.

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How to String a Lacrosse Head

1. Preparing the mesh

Prior to getting to stringing your lacrosse mind, you will need to prepare the net. First, make certain you have your internet-oriented properly. You should also make sure the rougher side of the mesh faces; this helps with grasping the ball and also adding power to your shots.

Now, extend the net to its whole scope. You have to do this before stringing; differently, the net will stretch further once you string it, along with your lacing will sag in certain areas. If you’re using a hard net, you might discover that running it under warm water while you’re stretching out makes it easier to manipulate.

Once you’ve stretched the mesh, fold across the upper row of diamonds so the holes match up with the second row of diamonds under. Now you are all set to get started stringing.

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2. Set to Pocket and sidewalls

Now you have the net chosen, the next step is determining where you would like your pocket to be placed. If you’re a younger player who is just getting into the sport or playing at a level in which you are playing all of the rankings, just proceed with a mid pocket. This is the best all-around pocket and will help younger players actually hone in and develop their own skills.

If you are an attackman, we recommend either a low or even a mid pocket. If you are an attackman who performs within the crease and supporting at X, proceed with a pocket. The rationale being this pocket provides you the most grip, making your life a lot easier when cradling with one hand and carrying the extra punishment that comes in the defense when you are playing on the crease.

If you are an attackman who wants to perform the wings and shoot from the outside, go with a mid pocket. This will allow you to blow the ball from the goalie when you’re taking a step-down shot.

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If you’re a very long pole we say proceed with a tall pocket. Among the most difficult elements of playing defense is receiving the ball off the turf fast and settled in your rod. Employing a high pocket can help solve this issue as the chunk is scooped up and sits at the pocket straight away.

This may make your life easier when throwing the long cross-field passes on the transparent, as there is less whip when projecting with a high pocket.

If you’re a man who likes to push the rock in transition, go with a mid pocket. This pocket will give you more hold and help you run through tests from the riding attackman. If you perform middie, proceed with a mid-sized pocket. This is the best all-around pocket and is perfect for the do-it-all type of drama that is necessary from midfielders.

That is exactly what you need if you’re a player who goes from defense to offense, as it provides you with a fantastic hold, and lets you really measure into your shots on crime and fire the ball past the goalie.

After picking a place to pocket, You should first a couple of diamonds must be pulled down tightly in the head. This will produce a flat area near the top, which will be referred to as the channel and can help the ball release down the middle. It’s possible to make the pocket looser at the bottom by bunching the diamonds.

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Remember there’s a legal limit to pocket thickness. If you place a ball into the pocket, then you shouldn’t have the ability to observe any air over the ball.

Finish by installing the bottom string and the last row of diamonds. With this step, if your pocket is too deep, you can pull your pocket tighter.

The next step is to install the shooting strings. Remember that all shooting strings must be inside the upper four inches of the head measured from the surface of the scoop. Weave the shooting string across the mesh lightly. The string closest to the ball ought to be the loosest. As you work your way upward into the spade, the shooting strings should become tighter.

Many lacrosse series kits have additional string so lacrosse players can use different techniques when stringin.

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g their head. Because of this, you may wind up with several inches of extra string. Cut that down to two inches or less with sufficient to tighten the strings if necessary.

Stringing a lacrosse mind is a skill many lacrosse players wish to master. Follow these instructions and you’ll be well on your way to crafting the ideal pocket.


You have successfully strung your first lacrosse head. It is possible to loosen your shot strings if you are feeling that the ball is coming out too early (has a lot of whips) or tighten them if you do need the ball to come out quicker. Get out there and practice using a wall ball to break the pocket and get your stand-up skills.

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