At What Age Can Kids Use a Treadmill?

At What Age Can Kids Use a Treadmill? What about getting hands and palms in rollers or belts? It’s true that there are inherent risks in using any exercise equipment, it’s best to utilize discretion and discernment when deciding on an appropriate age.
We suggest that children can use treadmills safely whenever they have a level of understanding of their usage of the machine and the risks. In addition, we propose adult supervision.

The Dangers of the Treadmill 

The scratches children may get from the treadmill belt could be sufficiently extreme and need skin grafts or other medical processes.

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Motorized treadmills are extraordinary threats to children since the belt will keep moving before the treadmill is switched off. If a child gets their fingers trapped into the treadmill accidentally while on, this can cause significant damage that may be irreversible.

The best thing to do would be to watch children closely whenever they’re on a treadmill. It is also suggested to unplug the treadmill anytime it is not in use. This will prevent the child from inadvertently turning on the treadmill as you aren’t around. Most of us want our kids off electronics and to be fitter. Exercise is extremely important. So the big question is, can kids use treadmills?

At What Age Can Kids Use a Treadmill?

  • Below age 11

Any child of these ages should be well away from a treadmill. There are hundreds and hundreds of visits to the emergency room each year from children who have had their hands caught. Some palms have needed to be amputated all because a child got near a functioning treadmill. The information is the same for manual treadmills as well as electric or motorized ones.

Children of a young age have curious minds. They prefer to pick things up or put their fingers into the smallest of openings and holes. The last thing you want is the accident that might affect a child for life, especially one that could have been prevented. Once you’ve purchased a treadmill that you want to think about where you are going to place it.

At What Age Can Kids Use a Treadmill

  • Ages 12 to 13

Ideally, you want the treadmill to have its own room and the door to have a lock. Failing that you could put a gate up in the door to prevent access.

I managed to utilize our treadmill at home when I was this age was constantly supervised. That is where I think your judgment about your son or daughter is a telephone. How mature are you? Disregard what other parents are doing. How mature is your child and are they exercising are the questions only you can answer. This is just to ensure they do not use it when your full attention is not on them. If you feel your child of this age should not use the treadmill in any way, be a company, they could play or exercise outside. 

  • Ages 14+

It is 14 and up that, I think a child is mature enough to use a treadmill. Even though I could be confident that they’re using a treadmill correctly, I would still want to be in the same room. Treadmills can be quite useful for young people.

If your child is obese or does not get much exercise in school. If your child does not go outside because perhaps there are not any parks near. Then a treadmill could be really helpful. I used to adore exercising when I was a teen so that our treadmill got a great deal of usage. I represented my school in many sports so I was happy to maintain my exercise levels in the home.

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If there’s absolutely no other option, then there’s no real threat for a child of this age to use a treadmill, provided it is completed under supervision, throughout the time that the kid is on it. But I have my reservations too. It is a time in the life span of a child to play outdoors and indulges in activities that he/she loves.

The treadmill may not attain that standard for a child. Therefore, use your creativity and help construct activities for your little one. Let them do what they ought to do at this precious time of his life.

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