How Much Do NFL Mascots Make ?

Sports mascots represent the soul of their teams and supply a symbolic figure behind which fans can rally. All these mascots tend to be as beloved by fans as the group itself. Actually, only four teams in the NFL don’t have mascots as of publication: the Giants, Jets, Raiders, and Packers.

NFL mascots transmit the power and momentum of the crowd upon their costumed shoulders and also may receive five- or six-figure salaries, based on their performance and also the team’s achievement. If you want to ask “How Much Do NFL Mascots Make?” Take a look at this article now.

Requirement for Mascots

If you’re likely to be an NFL mascot, there are few major requirements you need to meet. Below is the list of requirements that needs to be passed by those That Are qualified:

how much do nfl mascots make

1.  Must Be Energetic 

We’re all aware that mascots must be athletic because they need to have intense heaps of energy. It doesn’t matter whether the person inside the mascot costume is bashful or not, just as long as he could do his very best and amuse a lot of people. This is only one of those perks of working as a mascot; you get to execute anonymously.

2. Must Possess A Friendly Attitude  

Having a friendly attitude is a plus. If you are planning to become a sports mascot, you must be good at interacting with people of all ages since you’ll probably experience different kinds of lovers. You ought to have the ability to mime and gesture too for mascots don’t talk when in costume.

3. Experience Is Key 

Possessing experience on this subject can raise your likelihood of becoming an NFL mascot. So if ever you have an encounter being a mascot before, don’t forget to highlight it.

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4. Apply To The NFL.Com Career Center 

Most of the teams encourage potential applicants to use online, to begin with to be considered. Additionally, in this manner, you can get accustomed to the job description along with the likes.

5. Update Your Resume

As stated before, experience is essential. In this section, you’ll be able to market yourself and your expertise, and why you’re the perfect candidate for this position. Get your resume and cover letter ready and perfectly summarized.

How Do I Become An NFL Mascot?

The mascot is a highly physical endeavor and you have to prove through auditions which you’re the best performer for the position. Mascots need to be athletic, physically coordinated and can create entertaining choreography and patterns that enthrall fans. Some optimistic mascots will even attend a mascot boot camp to hone their own skills.

In conclusion of the afternoon, becoming an NFL mascot can pay a good salary for under half a year worth of work. At the exact same time, it is a physically demanding task and there are always other people who are auditioning and attempting to take away your prized position with your favorite NFL team.

If you don’t like your current job, try out for your group’s next open place. If nothing else, you’ll have some wonderful sideline perspectives as you entertain your fellow team lovers.

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How Much Do NFL Mascots Make

If you are a huge sports fan or just like to entertain, being a professional sports team mascot might be your dream gig — and it can actually pay well also. Mascots usually begin working in the minor leagues, where they earn a starting salary of about $25,000, but after you make it into the positions of a mascot for an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL franchise, the average salary shoots around about $60,000, according to ESPN.

1. Dallas Cowboys’ Rowdy

Pay: $65,000 Each Year

At $65,000 a year, Rowdy makes slightly more than the average NFL mascot, that earns $60,000 a year, and over the typical American. Rowdy’s salary was revealed in a lawsuit brought from the group by a single of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, who stated that she was less than half what the male mascot made, which her lawsuit claimed violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Equal Pay Act, The Dallas Morning News reported.

2. New Jersey Devils’ NJ Devil

Pay: Up to $800 per 40 minutes for appearances ($1,200 per hour)

The NHL’s NJ Devil charges exorbitant look fees, but electricity, gifts and dancing moves are included in the costs. Fees start at $125 to get a 30-minute appearance at a fundraiser and go up to $800 to get a 40-minute look at a corporate occasion, including vacation celebrations, grand openings and take-your-kid-to-work days, based on the Devils website. The NJ Devil’s overall pay hasn’t been reported.

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3. Minnesota Vikings’ Ragnar the Viking

Purchase: $1,500 per game (approximately $500 per hour).

The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings had the exact same man portray the Egyptian Viking character at games for two or more decades — Joe Juranitch, that was earning $1,500 per game as an independent contractor as of 2015, ESPN reported. But, Juranitch subsequently asked for a big pay bump — to $200,000 per match — and the team wasn’t eager to pay this high price. Even at $1,500 per match, with the average NFL game span at about three hours, that amounts to $500 per hour.

4. Montreal Canadiens’ Youppi!

Youppi! Made professional sports history when he switched from Major League Baseball to the National Hockey League in 2005, making him the first mascot to modify leagues. The ambiguous orange-furred monster was the Montreal Canadiens mascot since. Youppi! ‘s rates range from $300 to $1,000 per look outside of hockey games, based on the kind of trip and whether it is a personal or public event.

As for Youppi! ‘s overall salary, it hasn’t been reported.

5. Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty

Estimated pay: $3,000 per hour appearances.

Gritty became a media sensation the moment he debuted as the NHL Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot at 2018. Media policy of Gritty reached 70 million people during his first 30 days on the spectacle, and he garnered 5 billion opinions online, AdWeek reported. With his enormous popularity, it is no wonder Gritty charges a pretty penny to produce personal looks. A spokesperson for Gritty advised the Philly Voice that appearance rates start at about $3,000.

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6. Vancouver Canucks’ Fin

Pay: $350 per 45 minutes for appearances ($467 per hour)

Fin makes over 100 appearances each year out of Canucks matches and makes good money for doing this. The rate for appearances is $350 to get a 45-minute appearance, although season ticket holders get a discounted rate of $300, based on the Canucks website. Fin’s base salary has not been reported, however, at those rates, this mascot could earn $35,000 just from looks.


It’s greatly known that NFL mascots transmit the energy and momentum of the audience upon their costumed shoulders, and they are able to be handsomely paid with five- or six-figure salaries due to this. Still, it all depends on their performance and the team’s achievement. What do you consider NFL mascot’s annual wages? Do you think they’re getting only enough or too much? If you have any comments, let us know.

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