How Much Do Football Pads Weigh?

In this article, we will provide complete information to help you answer the question: “How much do football pads weigh“?

How Much Do Football Pads Weigh?

To lessen the probability of injury, almost all organized football leagues need players to wear specialized pads and gear. The exact weight of soccer pads varies dependent on the age level and position of this participant, but for the average player, the combined weight is around 20 pounds.

How Much Do Football Pads Weigh

Pounds of Protection

The shoulder pads and the helmet would be the heaviest parts of the equipment. An adult helmet with a carbon steel facemask weighs between 3 and 5 lbs. The burden of the shoulder pads can fluctuate based on the participant’s position.

Linemen and linebackers wear shoulder pads at the very top range of approximately 6 pounds, whereas wide receivers and tailbacks wear lighter components of about 3 to 5 pounds that are more flexible. Quarterbacks often supplement the pads using a stomach girdle that adds two or three lbs. The joint weight usually does not surpass 5 lbs.

Consider before buying football pads

Security on the football field is overriding. From head to toe, equipping yourself with the necessary gear will give you the confidence to perform at your very best. Besides the football helmet, no other piece of gear is much more important than the shoulder pads. 

Designed to protect the upper body from the rigors of full-contact football, shoulder pads turned into the first line of protection when inserted into a tackle. Like other protective gear, football shoulder pads come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. It is imperative that you receive the right soccer pads to your ability level and position, as you will want to make certain that you have the right policy without restricting your skills.

To help inform you on what you might be looking for in a set of pads, we have produced a Football Shoulder Pad Buyers Guide to assist in the decision-making procedure.

The first and most important step to picking a set of shoulder pads is figuring out what size pads you’ll need. Without the correct dimensions, you possibly exposing parts of the shoulders or back that could lead to potential injuries. To remove this stress, we have prepared a Football Shoulder Pad Sizing Guide to simplify the procedure. This step-by-step procedure demonstrates how you can measure yourself to make certain you have the appropriate size.

Once you know what size pads you’ll need, you’ll have to decide what additional attributes are important for you. Depending on the situation you play in, you may want a pad that offers a greater range of motion, or maybe extra protection. Some players prefer lightweight pads that provide more liberty on the field, while others look for additional coverage on their bodies to stand up the heavy flashes.


1. What pads do soccer players wear?

Players are required to use hip, thigh, and knee pads, but at the N.F.L. rule novel hip pads are only”recommended.”) “Nobody wears hip pads in the N.F.L.,” a laughing Eric Weddle, the veteran Ravens safety, said.

How much do football pads weigh

2. How are football pads measured?

Stand straight with your arms at your sides. Measure your shoulder width around your spine from one AC joint to the other (these are the joints between the tops of the shoulders), and record that amount. Round up with a half-inch to ascertain your shoulder width size.

3. What do football shoulder pads protect?

Shoulder pads protect players by absorbing some of the energy of an effect through deformation of the outside shell, while at the same time dispersing the energy through a larger place so that there is less pressure in the point of effect.

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