Why Do Football Players Wear Black Paint Under Their Eyes?

You may notice black paint or black stickers under athletes’ eyes during sports games. Most commonly football players, softball, and lacrosse players stone this eye black look for matches. While the black beneath the eyes looks cool, you may be surprised that there’s a practical reason to use this for games based on gamers. So does eye black function, or is it a gimmick? Here is the breakdown of why football players wear eye black and much more!

Within this article, we’re going to demonstrate to you why do football players wear black paint under their eyes and how you can too.

What Is The Black Mark Under Football Players’ Eyes?

This”black mark” is popularly known as eye black. Traditionally, eye black is dirt made of paraffin, beeswax, and carbon black. Face strips mimicking the look and function of eye black grease are also offered. These strips are less cluttered and are easier to apply than grease eye black while supposedly delivering similar outcomes.

Eye black is particularly popular in football, but athletes in baseball, softball, and lacrosse additionally wear it. The black paint is super-popular in American sports, but not in similar sports outside the US. Rugby, football, or cricket athletes do not typically wear eye black, for instance.

why do football players wear black paint under their eyes

When Did Players Begin Using Eye Black?

The first known instance of a professional participant using eye black came in the 1930s with Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth started using eye black throughout games to decrease the sun’s glare during day games.

But according to ESPN, the earliest known case of the usage of eye black is Redskins fullback, Andy Farkas. Farkas is considered to have come up with the idea by himself in 1942. As the years went by, you would see more and more players use eye black during games.

Why Do Football Players Wear Black Paint Under Their Eyes?

The primary intention of applying black paint beneath one’s eyes is to, theoretically, reduce glare and improve contrast sensitivity. I say”theoretically” because available studies have been inconclusive concerning the effectiveness of eye black (however there are not many studies, to start with).

Essentially, eye black is considered to consume light, reduce sunlight glare, and consequently considerably improve visibility. When players are racing across the field and require maximum visibility of the ball, each tiny bit of help counts. Eye black may be beneficial not only during the day but also in low-level ailments. This is only because eye black can dampen glare caused by stadium lights.

Performance benefits aside, some could wear eye black to earn a statement or as part of the style. Probably no seasoned football player is going to be intimidated by an especially formidable eye black blueprint, but it is nevertheless a good way of standing out.

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The Way to apply and eliminate eye black

If you’re looking to dive into the fashion of this black eye, you can try one of those two options now available on the market — adhere or stickers. It is possible to rub the stick on your cheeks or utilize prefabricated stickers which are simple to apply and remove constantly.

Generally speaking, eye black is comparable to any lotion or balm you would ordinarily apply on your face so that you won’t need to worry too much about how you set it on.

Eliminate the cap and start at the surface of one of your cheekbones, beneath the border of the eye cavity. For more accurate results, follow the directions supplied on the box of the product.

Decals are even simpler to apply and all you have to do is eliminate them out of their sheet and adhere them to the lips, half an inch below the eyes. Make certain that they are based to protect the whole area under your eyes. The majority of these stickers are designed to withstand heat, sweat, and body oils but that doesn’t mean you have a hard time removing them.

Eliminating this eye black may take a while. Generally, an alcohol wipe or a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol will get it off your skin after some scrubbing, however, follow the directions provided on the box of your particular item.

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Related Q & A

1. Where Can I Buy Eye Black?

We advocate the manufacturers previously, Eye Black since the product to buy. They’ve solidified their place in the market as the very best eye black manufacture. Their product also continues the entire game, without running or melting down your face. You could also locate eye black in your nearest sports merchant.

Eye black stickers are used to repel the sun and ensure that there is no glare brought on by sunlight. They are best used on sunny days or at night with bright lights.

Players will also wear these if they don’t need to immediately paint the eye black in their faces. This might be for skin reasons or if they don’t want the eye black to operate.

2. Where Do You Apply The Eye Black?

Eye black should be implemented 1-2 inches beneath the eye and 1-2 inches outside the nose. It is important to not get the dirt directly on your mind, as it may lead to blurriness and irritation.

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3. Is all eyeblack created equally?  

Definitely not. Traditional eye black manufacturers and sports businesses create eye black and overseas. These companies sell plastic eye black product that harms one’s face and doesn’t use breathable materials. As you can see below, the competition’s vinyl material goes very easily and is not meant to withstand perspiration or undesirable weather conditions. Because of this, sweat easily degrades the plastic glue, causing the product to fall off one’s face within minutes. Please consider and choose a respectable place to buy.


There are a lot of reasons why athletes choose to wear eye during a game. Some wear the stripes for weight reduction, but others use them for intimidation purposes. Other athletes will utilize the black lines under their eyes for both reasons, therefore it comes down to choice. No matter the real aim is to use the black under your eyes, you can expect to come across lots of athletes rocking this appearance through football, baseball, and lacrosse games.

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