How to Set Up a Wall in Soccer

There is an old saying in sports that says, “defense wins championships.” That is true in soccer and is particularly fitting when your team is facing an inevitable free-kick. It might come at any time, and the result could change the momentum of the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to set up a wall in soccer. Use these tips to support your goalkeeper and thwart a free kick by developing a wall using a solid foundation.

What is Set up a Wall in Soccer? 

Assembling a defensive”wall” in soccer is the placement of a range of defenders, shoulder-to-shoulder, so as to block the aim by a nearby free-kick.

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The wall is generally 10-yards closer to the goal from the spot of the ball. The ball is often just beyond the Penalty Area. Defensive walls begin to become important when youth players advance in abilities and maturity sufficient to be able to shoot accurately and strongly on a free-kick close to the objective.

A well-placed shot on-goal from this space, to an upper- or lower-corner, can be extremely difficult for a goalkeeper to stop. On a full-sized field, this skill usually starts around 13-years old so, if coaches haven’t already done so, they will need to present wall building around this time. 

The wall effectively blocks roughly half of the goal, supplying the goalkeeper with greater reaction time to pay the other half of their target or to reach a slower-paced shot going around or above the wall. Defenders set the wall to cut down the angle on the other hand, closer to the ball while the goalkeeper covers the angle onto the fireside, farther from the ball. Attackers must exhibit excellent shooting skills to score right or produce a”set play” made to take advantage of the circumstance.

Assembling a soccer defensive wall isn’t a haphazard undertaking. It is planned, it’s methodical, and it takes an increased level of urgency and endurance on the part of all players. Defenders must always be aware of any circumstance during the conduct of play that may require a wall to be built and to immediately react if one is guided. In case a set play is used, a well-built wall is extremely effective in reducing the odds of a goal being scored.

How to Set Up a Wall in Soccer

The Purpose of the Wall

The wall is primarily utilized to cut the shooter’s angle to the pole closest to the place of the free-kick. This allows the keeper to shift over to the far corner and then cover the other half of their goal. That’s not to say that the shooter can not kick the ball over the wall to the near corner, it only allows the goalie some wiggle room to dig just a bit in the expectation that the wall serves as a deterrent.

We have seen direct free-kicks win games in both skilled and youth games, but a well-placed wall may cut out a quite large proportion of goals from free-kicks at the youth level. That is what you should aim to achieve with this session.

When to Use the Wall?

The wall ought to be utilized whenever the goalkeeper feels that they can’t easily access any point of the target that could possibly be attained from the spot of the free-kick. The formation of a wall is at the discretion of the goalkeeper. If the keeper asks for a wall, then make one as swiftly as possible.

Use these tips to strengthen your goalkeeper and thwart a free kick by developing a wall using a solid base. That holds true in soccer and is particularly fitting when your team is facing an inevitable free-kick. It might come at any time, and the end result could change the momentum of the game.

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If your competitor is rewarded with a direct free kick on your team’s end of the field, setting up a solid wall is essential to aid your goalkeeper to keep the ball from the net.

A wall is made when defensive players line up in an effort to set a limit on the shooting angles of a competitor who’s attempting the free-kick. It can effectively block a part of the goal and give the keeper a considerably better — and smaller — window to shield.

To set up your wall, use a few players. All but one ought to confront the player taking the free-kick. The other will face the goalkeeper to relay directions to the remainder of the wall on which way to move. Your last guardian should line up with your objective to stop the ball from going into the short corner.

Your main priority here is obstructing the ball, so setting up to shield yourself is vital. Have one arm moving down your body to help safeguard your groin and position the other across your face. By creating a strong wall, you can help your goalkeeper keep the shutout moving the rest of the match.

How to set up a wall in soccer

  • Set up

Utilize the penalty region of your pitch. We’ve used six players in addition to the goalkeeper for this particular session. Place two cones outside the D of this penalty area, one on each side. You need cones, balls, and a goal.

  • The Way to do it

You want to use players that aren’t afraid to maintain a wall and try to pick the tallest. Use between two and four players for the wall. Amount them one to four in the order they should stand at the wall. Use one of your free-kick takers. Players should stand on the target line and on their telephone conduct to get into place. Play six free-kicks three to every side.

  • Technique

By following this session groups are less likely to get punished from quick free-kicks or by direct shots in the goal. The positioning of this wall along with the keeper is key to successfully safeguarding free-kick set bits.

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The Way to build a wall

  1. When a free-kick is given, a participant stands in front of the ball to prevent a fast free-kick.
  2. The goalkeeper communicates with the first player in the wall to position it properly.
  3. The primary player in the wall must place himself eight paces from the ball in a direct line with the close post.
  4. The wall along with the goalkeeper should pay for the whole of the goal between them.
  5. Young free-kick takers will find it difficult to get the ball over the wall and dipping into the objective. Any nonshots will hit on the legs of gamers at the wall.

Breaking the Wall

The players at the wall should keep their shape till the minute the ball moves them. The best way to assist your group is by standing your ground until the shooter either deflects off you or clears your position. Now, the players at the wall should immediately rush to the keeper’s aide by choosing players up or clearing any deflections.


In this article, we have shared with you how to set up a wall in soccer. We hope that you have grasped the necessary information from this article. In addition, we have a lot of interesting information on the website. You can discover more.

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