Top 10 Best Catches In Football History

There’s no need to visit Cirque Soleil to watch high-flying feats, just go to a football game. The best wide receivers in football have the ability to place on stunning acrobatic displays, such as these ten grabs that are regarded by many to be the best catches in football history.

Best catches in football history

1. Odell Beckham’s Impossible Contortionist Catch

The New York Giants newcomer was well-known in football circles throughout his initial season with the team in 2014–but what he did against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football made him a worldwide star overnight. After a play-action fake, quarterback Eli Manning started the ball down the ideal sideline from just beyond the 50-yard lineup to a streaking Beckham and the rest has been history–perhaps the best catch in football history.

best catches in football history

Many fans feel this play is easily the most remarkable physical effort ever achieved by means of a receiver. The ball is thrown a little too high, and he’s facing the wrong way. Somehow Beckham leaps up, twists part of his body around while the rest of him remains facing another direction, then extends his arm behind him so much it looks as if he’ll dislocate a shoulder. He does all this, then catches the ball while managing to stay in bounds. Regardless of Jerry Rice’s said not he might have made this sort of freakish catch.

Despite Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr tugging in his jersey and getting flagged for a punishment –Beckham showed off some insane body control: He fully extended his right arm, made the catch with one hand, somehow kept his entire body in-bounds, and fell into the endzone to score a touchdown. Replays showed that Beckham never even put his left hand on the globe, making one of the most athletic, unbelievable, and stunning captures in NFL history.

2. Franco Harris and the Immaculate Reception

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No list of best catches in football would be respectable without mentioning the pristine reception that happened from the 1972 divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. It was fourth down. Situated in the 40-yard line, they needed 10 yards for a first down.

The Raiders rushed Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw who fired the ball across the center to John Fuqua. Fuqua and Raiders safety Jack Tatum reached the ball at precisely the same time and the ball popped out. While the Raiders began to celebrate, Franco Harris had plucked the ball from the air just before it struck the ground and started running down the left sideline. Some Raiders chased him but could not stop him from building a touchdown.

3. Chris Moore, Western Washington University

This catch was created in 1993, and still stands, debatably, the best catch ever caught on camera. Chris Moore of WWU would go on to win the award for Best Catch at the inaugural ESPY Awards. See as Moore used every portion of his body to keep the ball off the ground before securing it as the sideline approaches.

4. Edwin Baptiste, Morgan State

Few knew the name of Edwin Baptiste before ESPN aired a video of an unbelievable catch produced by a Morgan State receiver. Instantly, the video was scrutinized for authenticity before viewers realized the catch was just simply amazing. Scrambling at the end zone, Morgan State’s QB unloads, also Baptiste would turn just in time to jump backward, parallel with the floor, to make a one-handed grab without the guidance of his body or another arm.

5. Jermaine Kearse’s Amazing Bobble Catch

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Back in Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 if the Seattle Seahawks played with the New England Patriots, Jermaine Kearse left a Vital clutch catch close to the end zone. At first, as he jumped up to catch the chunk, it slipped out of his hands and it looked like a fall. However, as he fell to the floor the ball bounced from his knees, around his lap, and straight into his hands without touching the ground, and it had been ruled a catch. It was such a gorgeous pass it made Tom Brady shake his head in disbelief.

6. Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers

Holmes’ tremendous awareness and body control would be the topic of countless replays and reviews before being upheld with only 35 seconds on the clock. The Steelers would assert the Super Bowl success.

7. Antonio Freeman’s Unbelievable Catch 

In what must be one of the most amazing enthusiasts captures in NFL history, Antonio Freeman dives for a ball thrown from the legend himself, Brett Favre. A defender seemingly knocks it down, and the broadcasters unceremoniously call it incomplete. But Freeman climbs back to his feet with the ball and then runs in for a touchdown. The replay shows the ball bouncing off the defender, rolling about Freeman’s rear without touching the floor, then landing neatly to Freeman’s hands.

8. David Tyree, New York Giants

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In what’s now known as “The Drive”, that the New York Giants fueled a remarkable comeback in Super Bowl XLII, emphasized by a huge scramble, throw and catch. The catch would put up a Super Bowl-winning score to the Giants, and the sport became an instant classic.

9. Greg Camarillo, Miami Dolphins

Watch as Camarillo mixes European futbol with American football while utilizing his legs to keep the ball from touching the floor. The movie does a great job of zooming in on the ball showing it never hitting the turf. The Falcons were pleading their case to prevent a pass interference penalty before realizing Camarillo was on his feet and going to the house.

After review, the catch was upheld, but the ruling placed the ball where Camarillo made the catch. The Falcons would find the last laugh, collecting the win.

10. Tyrone Prothro’s Catch Against Southern Mississippi

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College football should not be left out. Recognized as the best college football catch ever caught on camera is Tyrone Prothro’s catch behind the defensive player’s helmet. He holds on to the ball as he is treated and flipped, lands on his throat and somehow does not drop the ball. Besides being frequently ranked as the best college catch ever, Prothro’s catch against Southern Mississippi was the official winner of this closing Pontiac”Game-Changing Performance” of the Year.


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