Real And Fake NFL Jerseys

In this article, we share information about NFL football jerseys. How to distinguish real and fake NFL jerseys.

Buying a new NFL jersey may be a trying decision. Loads of websites out there promote “authentic” jerseys for cheap, but in reality, they are far from authentic or official. Counterfeit NFL jerseys are definitely tempting to fans who crave the lower cost point and best bargain, but don’t get burnt. 

Let us examine your options before you call that play and buy an imitation NFL jersey at wholesale price. If you plan on staying a fan past this year – yeah, we thought so – then it is worth it to put money into the actual deal, rather than cut corners on a $20 jersey that falls apart after a wash. When it is a scarcity of fabric quality, color schemes being away, sizing issues, or other difficulties, so much could go wrong when you buy that imitation NFL jersey. 

real and fake nfl jerseys

Real And Fake NFL Jerseys

What NFL Jersey is better quality?

There are lots of degrees of quality and cost in jerseys. The maximum quality jerseys are authentic jerseys that appear like match-worn jerseys and feature stitched on letters and numbers and durable fabrics. Nike enhanced the caliber of all of the NFL Jerseys today so really the decision comes down to what you want.

 If you’re an absolute die-hard enthusiast the Elite jersey can not be beaten in quality since it contains all the best features the experts gain from on the area. Little and Game jerseys are a more affordable choice and should do the trick for most football fans who plan on just getting rowdy in the racks in their jerseys, not handling people inside them. 

The limited jersey provides all of the looks of the Elite jersey including flexible premium twill numbers and tactical ventilation in key zones but in a less expensive price. Game jerseys are the cheapest NFL jersey accessible from Nike and comprise published letters and numbers when compared with the twill ones on the other jerseys. The jersey you buy depends on your finances, but the maximum quality jerseys in manufacturing are Elite 51 Uniforms.

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Common Issues with Fake NFL Jerseys

  • Low-Quality Stitching

Most counterfeit sites only offer poor-quality pictures of the jersey for sale, which is a tell-tale indication the stiching quality will probably be lacking. Beware when you see this; they use these images on purpose so that you can not see the low caliber of the sewing and lettering. Start looking for up-close detail shots of this embroidery, like you’ll see on Fanatics or even NFL Shop jerseys.

  • Bad Color Schemes

Possessing the ideal color scheme on your jersey is not exactly a little detail. Teams are often times longer synonymous with their colours compared to anything else. Official NFL jerseys ensure your threads have the perfect colours that will not fade after a couple of trips through the washing machine. But rest assured, even the slightest difference in color is going to be seen by fellow fans in the arena.

  • Non-Durable Materials

Fabric designs on official NFL jerseys will vary based on the style you select (Limited, Game, Elite, etc.), but any officially accredited threads are built to last. In addition to the above faulty colour schemes and issues with the stitching which are prevalent among fakes, fabrics on fake jerseys do not typically wash nicely and will wear down much faster than an officially licensed item.

There’s nothing better than breaking that decades-old jersey for a big game, but that will not likely be possible using a counterfeit.

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  • Inconsistent Sizing

The sizing on inexpensive jerseys is typically far off from the typical sizing chart too. There are loads of examples available online that compare a genuine size large jersey to a size large bought from a discount jersey store, and the difference is shocking. Not only are the jerseys much larger than they should be, but the hem could be trimmed unevenly or feature a fall tail in the back which is not consistent with authenticity.

  • No Authentic Tags or Holograms

A tag on your jersey should have a hologram sticker with the official NFL shield on it. If it doesn’t have one, it is not official. Even if your counterfeit jersey does possess a hologram, it will often all be just one colour rather than multiple glistening colors such as the official NFL stickers.

Final Thought

You buy from an illegitimate website and never get your order. Make sure the site is legit. You receive a nice-looking jersey, but it disintegrates after a few items of washing. Treating it as an anomaly, you order a different one, and so on, until you have spent the cost of an NFL Nike Limited jersey before the end of football season.

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