Coastal Florida Sports Park (formerly known as Cocoa Expo Sports Center) is a multi-sport complex located in Cocoa, Florida, where athletes of all levels can practice and play in facilities fit for the pros and improve their ability to compete in the game and move to the next level. Coastal Florida facilities include outdoor baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse fields, an indoor multipurpose field, batting cages and a weight room. The complex was the spring training home for Major League Baseball's Houston Astros for 21 seasons.

Coastal Florida Sports Park has also created a college sports preparatory academy, CES Academy. CES Academy is a sports academy and boarding school that will prepare its student-athletes to become successful, confident, and responsible individuals through athletics, academics, and character development.

From January 1, 2021, Coastal Florida Sports Park began consulting sports equipment to help athletes be safer while competing in our multi-purpose sports complex. At, you will find useful information and detailed reviews of products to suit your needs. Let's start!
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