Outside Hitter Volleyball Position – Traits of a Great Outside Hitter

Volleyball is a sport that requires everyone on the floor to be on the exact same page. The staff should move as one and the players should make intelligent team-focused decisions to set the entire set in a position to succeed. One of the most important positions to achieve team success is the outside hitter volleyball position

Outside hitters in volleyball are famous for being the go-to offensive players at times of trouble. Every once in a while they get a planned offensive set from the setter, but there are lots of times when the setter ends up scrambling to compensate for less than perfect moves.

Also, know as the powerful side or power hitter, they are tasked with a lot of responsibility on both defense and offense. The following tips may help out hitters be the hero their team wants through crunch time.

Traits of a Great Outside Hitter

The outside hitter position is one which most volleyball players at a higher degree will have played at any stage throughout their volleyball profession.

It’s a desirable position for younger athletes as most of the game’s action will run through the powerful side in the lower levels. As an athlete matures, there are lots of traits that reveal themselves as secrets to being a great outside hitter.

Outside Hitter Volleyball Position

1. Height

While they are not generally the tallest player on the team, the outside hitter does locate themselves attacking very frequently. Height helps by providing the ability to strike over blocks and find the best angle to attack. The strong side is often hitting against a block from the competitor’s setter and any height benefit is beneficial.

The exterior hitters also become involved in several blocking scenarios defensively along with also a taller player has an easier time defending the opponent on the internet.

2. Agile

They could be obstructing one minute and then suddenly digging the following. To go from one responsibility to the next fast requires elite athleticism.

3. Intelligent

The strong side and middle have to maintain constant communication talking about what their competitor is trying to achieve offensively.

The outside hitter is responsible for informing the middle of where opposing hitters are and where they are going. This degree of communication can simply be done through an intelligent outside hitter who’s great at studying the competition. With quality advice, the exterior allows the center to expect attacks and provide the most effective help on the block.

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4. Right-Handed

While being ambidextrous isn’t a set-in-stone requirement, it’s definitely a benefit for the strong side to strike with their right hand. This allows the ball to be hit in a natural movement with no crossing the body of the batter. The hitter can then actually crank up the energy and the opportunity for the kill increases.

Outside Hitter Volleyball Position – Marks Of A Great Player

 1. Always be Super High Energy

The outside hitter must learn to be a human spring of types. This means it is definitely advantageous to get an outside hitter to work on their flexibility and explosiveness alongside their volleyball skills.

When developed over time, this can make it possible for outside hitters to distinguish themselves from the rest of the athletes on the ground.

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2. Communication

A player who is in a position to play among those outside hitter volleyball positions well is in continuous communication and is determined by their teammates instead of simply their trainer.

Certainly, an outside hitter needs to communicate with the setter, considering that is the participant who sets the ball up to be struck. This is done by letting the setter understand the hitter’s strengths and weaknesses, such as being able to hit the ball off a higher set or setting further back from the net increases proportions, providing the team a better chance of winning the point.

3. Athletic Ability

Athletic ability is such a significant part of the sport in any way levels. It is actually at the faculty level and beyond, but once the possession of electricity and a good vertical jump are what separate good outdoors hitters from great ones, particularly as at this point players are more or less entirely grown.

The benefit of getting more energy and a great vertical leap cannot be overstated, as these attributes with a direct correlation on increasing percentages and finally playing a huge role in winning more matches for the group. Also, be sure to have the ideal pair of shoes that can help your vertical leap and minimizing any shock absorption.

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4. Playing Smart

We only mentioned how important a quick arm swing is at generating as much power as possible. However, a fantastic outside hitter manages to perform this position strategically also. Frequently a finesse hit rather than a power strike is the better option to maximize the chance of winning the purpose.

It also makes a great change-up that can catch the opposition off guard and mess up their timing, especially if concealed well, ensuring that the opposition never knows what to expect when the ball comes your way.

Sometimes an outside hitter should not even be concerned about winning the purpose either; sometimes it is necessary to keep the ball in the courtroom via hints and roll-up shots. This is dependent on the position of the ball on the net in addition to the set.


The outside hitter isn’t simply responsible for all facets of their volleyball skill set, but they’re anticipated to be great at all of them.

An outside hitter who shines can accomplish any task the flow of the game needs and is ready to pass, hit, or block at any given moment. Playing close to the antenna requires external hitters to be in a position to effectively attack the line. This can force the other team’s blockers to cover more space.

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