Passing Footwork – How To improve your passing footwork

Volleyball is a dynamic game that needs high levels of speed and agility. A volleyball player needs to have the ability to start moving quickly in any direction on the court anytime. That usually means that an athlete’s leg muscles have to be well prepared to react to the opponent’s actions along with the ball. On the flip side, a volleyball player must jump through a match on multiple occasions.

Obviously, the game of volleyball requires a great deal of motion. That usually means that the better footwork is – the faster an athlete is. In other words, volleyball footwork drills need to be part of a participant’s training program. Today, we’ll discuss the drills that how to improve your passing footwork

Volleyball Skills Passing Footwork

The trainer can spread the players all over the court having some distance between players. Then players will move simultaneously around the courtroom according to the indications (left, right, backward or forward) of the coach, changing direction rapidly.

The trainer may also add a dive to the shuffling exercise. After the sign is heard, the players need to dip to get up as fast as they can to continue shuffling.

How To improve your passing footwork

Keys For Proper Passing Footwork

Read which path the ball is moving. This will dictate your very first step along with also the way the ball will travel.

Keep your movements as fluid and simple as possible. You need to beat the ball to the place with both feet and keep your equilibrium when the ball arrives.

An efficient method to stay easy, balanced, and quickly is by implementing a step-hop. In this motion, you will require 1 step and then hop or shuffle with both toes in the path of the ball. This ought to be a fluid, controlled motion. You ought to have the ability to make quick adjustments on chunks into your left, right, front or rear. By beginning balanced, you are in a position to make these adjustments easily in all directions.

Great passing footwork will let you increase efficiency, which can ultimately result in more scoring opportunities for your group. Along with footwork, a strong pass will need a solid stage. A strong passing platform may provide you more surface area to make angles and guide the ball to teammates.

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How To improve your passing footwork

Some exercises that volleyball players must do to improve their own footwork.

  • Stair Jumping

Stair jumping is the type of drill that delivers multiple vital benefits to volleyball players of all skill levels. It is important to understand that this drill offers a good way of improving volleyball player’s footwork.

A volleyball player can strengthen his leg muscles significantly and learn how to property with stability by performing stair jumps. In addition, practicing this kind of drill on a regular basis has a massive positive effect on athlete’s agility, balance, and endurance. In fact, stair jumping is the total body exercise. Now, we will explain to you how a volleyball player may benefit from stair jumping. The workout can be accomplished by an athlete with or with a team.

All that you need to do is to jump and then go down. And needless to say, you have to do everything possible to be fast when doing the drill. A stair jumping drill can also be done by a volleyball team. In this case, the drill demands 6 hurdles. Every athlete of a group has to practice leaping during the drill.

The job of a volleyball player would be to jump hurdles. On the flip side, an athlete needs to understand how to land properly. A volleyball player must push his toes on the floor and keep up a good place when jumping. By doing so, you will be able to get the maximum from this stair-bound drill.

  • Wall Jumps

A coach must indicate a line to get a volleyball player on the wall using chalk. Afterward, he/she must jump high and try to reach the line. Initially, a coach marks a line a volleyball player is likely to reach easily. Afterward, a trainer must make a task more complex by marking the line higher on the wall. A volleyball player has to run towards the wall and then jump as large as possible. Evidently, an athlete has to perform his/her best to reach the line on the wall. The undertaking of a volleyball player is to touch the wall with their hands.

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  • Running Jump Rope

As you are probably aware, this kind of drill is particularly popular among boxers. However, running jump rope exercises may also be used in many different sports. Volleyball players can also gain from performing this drill.

This drill needs to be completed in a traditional way. All that you will need to do would be to jump with a jump rope. Plus, you need to alternate right and left feet when leaping.

  • One-on-One Competitions

This drill needs to be practiced by 2 volleyball players. The 1-st participant goes to one side of the court and the 2-nd participant goes to a different side of the courtroom. The drill begins whenever the 1-st player serves the ball into the opposite side of the court.

After a function, the ball could be obtained anywhere on the opposite side of the court. The duty of the 2-nd player is to reach the ball immediately and try to return it back to the 1-st player. Additionally, you should understand that this softball drill can be also practiced two-on-two. Remember that 1 — 1 and 2 — 2 contests help volleyball players develop their defense and offence skills.


We hope you get useful information from this article. And you will know how to improve your good passing ability to help you improve your performance in volleyball matches.

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