Top 7 Best youth soccer shin guards 2021

Soccer is not a dangerous game but naturally, sometimes injuries happen. It’s not surprising that legs and notably shinbones are prone to injury. Therefore it is very important to protect them as far as you can.

Shinguards are mandatory in soccer since they are protective equipment against harm to the shin and to some degree the ankle too. Buying the Proper Kind of shin guard is important to ensure your child is secure and can appreciate the match with confidence

If this is the first time shopping for a pair, you will soon learn there are lots of styles to select from and, depending on that place your kid plays, some may provide better protection than others.

To find out more, read our shopping guide with helpful tips for picking the best youth soccer shin guards. If you are ready to purchase, take a look at our top choices.

Best youth soccer shin guards

1. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

These shin guards from DashSport are perfect for your beginner. The ankle guard/sleeve provides great protection to your child during games and practice. It comes in a basic white colour but does not fall short when supplying what your child needs for ultimate protection:

It Offers complete and total protection that shin guards without the ankle guard don’t have.

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  • Ankle protection
  • Available in different sizes
  • Cheap price


  • The strap under the toes can be uncomfortable
  • Some people reported that it’s Somewhat small compared to the dimensions

2. Champion Sports Youth Sock Style Soccer Shin Guards

For people who aren’t acquainted with it, it is basically a sock but has a pocket inside where you are able to add the shinguard pad. They claimed that it’s an ankle pad however according to the photographs they provide in the description it does not have any.

However, it does have a plastic-shaped shinguard with EVA foam padding inside to give comfort and impact absorption that is what we expect it to do.

1 benefit of the type of shinguard is that they stay in position throughout the game compared to other kinds that occasionally slipped into the side of their legs.

This shinguard is comfortable for young children since there are not that many moving parts and doesn’t affect performance on the area. This is a good product for kids of all age groups and particularly for those who want lightweight equipment.

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  • Easy washing since the shinguard is removable
  • All-in-one. No need to buy socks


  • No cons mentioned

3. G-Form Pro-S Compact Shin Guards

The G-Form is a sleeve design shinguard similar to sock-style but just covers the shin region rather than the feet of the player.

The G-Form shinguard shell is made of a special technology that makes it soft and more flexible — you can actually wring the shinguard. At the point of impact the shinguard hardens and dissipates the energy and then it returns to its initial form.

The shell is sewn onto a watertight sleeve that’s body fitting to decrease heat and sweat. The sleeve also ensures that the shinguard does not slide to the side of their leg or down to the player’s feet.

Best of all it is machine washable so mothers will love this item.

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  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Look stylish


  • Can be hard to take off

4.  ActionEliters Youth Soccer Shin Guards

The ActionEliters Youth Soccer Shin Guards is lightweight and breathable so it’s a very comfy product to use.

The tough shell along with the ankle protection cushion do provide great overall protection to the thighs. Even though the strap is at the trunk I am impressed with its layout and contour-shaped hard shell.

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  • Good General protection policy
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Velcro strap closure at the back

5. Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

The Franklin Sports Superlight possesses a slim profile that won’t have any difficulty fitting beneath tight-fitting socks; nevertheless, they are a bit wider than other models to offer decent protection and coverage for gamers with thick legs.


  • Attractive two-tone design
  • Lightweight


  • Just One strap on the small size
  • A bit overpriced

6. Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

However, this California-based firm makes a pretty good job in manufacturing soccer equipment. In a fair price, you will receive all the protection your child need. Vizari Malaga Shin Guards have the lightweight plastic used for front shell and foam padded backing for relaxation.

Shin guards will remain as glued throughout the match or practice thanks to the top and ankle straps. Moreover, Malaga Vizari protects are produced in 10 different color combinations and pricing is quite friendly.

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  • Cheap price
  • Comfortable


  • Inadequate information

 7. Adidas Performance Ghost Youth Shin Guards

Adidas Ghost shin guards collection is aimed at youth soccer players. The protection is procured by a challenging front shield made. The comfort is provided by EVA cushioning foam.

Adidas Performance Ghost comes with adjustable strap closure on the peak of the guards. In combination with the ankle strap, the shin guards will remain at their location for all practice or games.

Adidas Performance Ghost shields are produced in 6 distinct colors and 5 different childhood sizes.

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  • Maximum comfort and protection


  • You need to check the size carefully

Soccer Shin Guard Buyer’s Guide

Shin guards are an essential part of every soccer player’s gear. Your legs are your main tools in soccer, and shin guards protect them from potentially severe injuries. Finding the best soccer shin guards for kids is sometimes a difficult choice.

While shopping for shin guards, it is important to identify the ideal qualities for your requirements. Below are a few purchase factors you may want to look closely at.

1. Types of soccer shin guard for kids and youth

While shopping for the right shin guards for the youth player, it’s helpful to understand the 3 distinct manners of shin guards.

  • Ankle shin guards

This is great for novices because the majority of the other players are going to have less accuracy on the ball, and this also provides more protection.

  • Slip-in shin guards.

All these types are the easiest to keep, but normally are bought (or include ) sleeves or some sort of method to maintain them stable. Usually used when your child is currently used to wearing shin guards

  • Socks with shin guards:

Another fantastic alternative for young players who might balk at wearing shin guards is that a set of socks with guards built into them. This type of sock has the shin guard stitched right to it or has a pocket for another shin guard, making them more comfortable for gamers. Parents do not need to think about the kids forgetting the shin guards in the home when the guards are sewn into the sock.

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2. Sizes

Picking the proper size of shin guards is the most important for the comfort and protection of soccer players. You have to be aware that sizing can differ for every brand and that is different from jersey sizing. The larger sizes of shin guards are longer and wider to accommodate larger leg diameters.

If you don’t know the shin length compared to the height of the player is the most important parameter. If you aren’t sure about the height then you are able to use age as a rough rule for your decision.

3. Materials

Most advanced and pro-level players utilize carbon shin guard as it’s lightweight yet very powerful. On the downside, they are the costliest. A good compromise for most players is the polyurethane guards. They offer decent protection whilst still being priced and not too heavy. Foam-based shin guards are great for toddlers and kids looking to play quietly.

  • Outer

The outside of the shin guard needs to consist of hard material. This front plate frequently will include a tough plastic or carbon-fiber material. Outer plates normally are one bit, but some may consist of two or three interconnected pieces for versatility.

  • Inter

The material on the bottoms of the shin shield will probably be thicker to give cushion if another player hits the front of the shin guard. It also absorbs the effect of the attack, shielding the shin. Foam is a standard inner substance for the shin guard. Some players will wear a thin sock below the shin guard to protect against abrasions.

best youth soccer shin guards

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does my child need shin guards every time he or she plays soccer?

If your child is just practicing in the backyard, shin guards are not really needed. Practices where there is no chance of your kid colliding with another player probably don’t require shin guards either. Shin guards are a necessity during competitive matches or practices.

2. How much of the lower leg if the shin guard protect?

It’s important to select the proper size of shin shield for a youth player. An ill-fitting shin guard will likely be uncomfortable and restrict motion, and it won’t shield the player correctly. The shin shield should stretch in the surface of the ankle to just a couple of inches beneath where the knee bends. Many manufacturers use the child’s overall height to assist you to find the ideal size.


Soccer is a physical game. Whether you’re a professional or a parent of a budding soccer star, you wish to purchase the very best set of shin guards to your requirements.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this youth soccer shin guards review and made up your mind on which one to choose for your child.

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