Best youth football shoulder pads 2021

Player safety is one of the most important elements that the NFL along with other football bodies are emphasizing in the past couple of years. That is why the best youth football shoulder pads are an integral component of the kit.In this article, we explore a few of the numerous top football shoulder pads that youth players can use to help them improve their game and feel more healthy.

Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads Reviews 2021

1. Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads

Shutt has been heavily scrutinized for their high excellent shoulder pads and they’re one of the very best brands on the market today. They’ve been made to give a good deal of protection whilst maintaining the weight to a minimal.

The protection area is predominantly on the inside and this features mesh that’s been used to cover the cushioning on the interior. As it utilizes dual-density padding, you do not need to be concerned about anything else for absorbing shock. It also absorbs shock from several angles that will ensure your body was effectively shielded.

Since these pads have been designed for all of the places on the football field, you might note that the cushioning is a little thinner.

The color should not matter, but these shoulder pads are rather stylish and they’ll look great on many students.

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  • Versatile for all rankings
  • Offers large players more maneuverability
  • Fits great
  • Reasonably priced


  • Padding is a little thin for players upfront

2. Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads

The Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads is one of the greatest shoulder pads for almost all youth players out of Xenith, an established brand. This stylish pad has all of the safety features together with the injection-molded plates. Moreover, the use of a belt system helps retain the right position for your shoulder and make certain you are fully protected.

It comes with a pre-installed backplate, however, you can even add a specific backplate for greatest relaxation. Xenith Flyte supplies a vast selection of movement and also absorbs moisture perfectly. This shoulder pad also contains a floating sternum plate to make sure you’re never at risk whilst playing in the field.

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  • Absorbs moisture efficiently
  • Have a stylish look and design
  • Quite durable and comfy every season
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Include anti-microbial removable and foam padding


  • Expensive.

3. Sports Unlimited Prospect Youth Football Shoulder Pads

These shoulder pads are assembled from durable materials, but with a minimalistic approach taken by the producer, they’ve been restricted concerning weight and size.

One of the very best features is that the foam inserts which have been used to absorb the impact. Rather than using big foam pads, 3 stations of smaller inserts are used to make sure your padding on the inside doesn’t deform or lose the ability to withstand impact. The cushioning additionally extends beyond the security of plastic and this will ensure more coverage.

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  • Added protection span
  • Elastic strapping for a comfy fit
  • Good moisture wicking
  • Really affordable


  • Might lack some General durability

4. Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pad

The brand not only features some of the best footballs and gear, but their shoulder pads will also be slowly making waves among them players. The Riddell Sports Surge Youth Football Shoulder Pad is an Superb option for leading players.

Most of the weight has gone into designing the pads and to give you durability, but the injection-molded plates are hard enough to wave off any lumps.

These pads can also be stylish and they offer a range of versatile facets that functions for all the places on the football field. The PVC belt which is used for holding the pads set up will ensure they are intended to perfection for each and every participant.

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  • Velvet collar for low chafing
  • Adjustable PVC belt
  • Multiple features that boost durability
  • Flat design for optimum rotation
  • Reasonably priced


  • Initially they feel bulky

5. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

It is specially designed to lower its weight to a minimum while maintaining maximum coverage and protection. Furthermore, this integrates the moisture and warmth to permit airflow to and from the player and keep its normal cooling. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity can also be designed to be low profile to improve mobility and durability.

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  • All-purpose shoulder pads for playing different on-field positions
  • Maximum comfort and coverage
  • Boost protection
  • Increase the airflow
  • Raised corrugations for enhanced strength


  • The pads are far too short in front and too big for some gamers.

6. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Youth/JV Shoulder Pads

Technology has made the planet a better place. It helped sports attire to maximize function and boost a player’s performance. At number six in our list is your Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Youth/JV Shoulder Pads that stands out for its capacity to keep you looking stylish, while also absorbing most of the impact that comes from any way.

The inner foam was made to withstand moisture. 3D air circulation is another technical quality that will keep your youthful footballer cool when wearing this shoulder pad.

Some of the final features that make this shoulder pad stand out is that the bead selection that has been integrated with the mat. These beads might not mean much to many players, but if we looked at the science supporting it, we found it moves round. As a result of this, your young footballer gains more comfort during shock absorption in certain areas.

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  • Multiple cooling attributes
  • Offers appropriate flow of air
  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Looks stylish and quite durable


  • Lacks sternum protection

7. Riddell X-Force II JV/Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

The Riddell X-Force II JR/Varsity Football place flat-designed all-purpose Shoulder Pads. They’re low-profile shoulder pads and light weighted to permit for maximum speed motion.

For perfect fitness, the pads have Z-Fit belts that are utilized to enhance intact matching by holding the pads in place. The paddings offer you a high degree of protection for your son as they are made of durable rugged and materials that absorb the shock effectively.

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Not enough information

8. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

For a lot of young players who have not developed their back muscles yet, the ribs can be particularly vulnerable, which explains why the Warrior Rabil NXTgoes to such lengths to protect them. The net material is watertight, as well.

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  • Extended sternum plate
  • Caps move with the chest
  • Broad neck may expose collar bones


  • Some remarks suggest that it is too Easy

9. Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad

The Riddell Sports 8053420 Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad has been designed to supply you with the ideal blend of top features while trying to keep the weight to a minimal. They also have added some trendy touches to the shoulder pads.

Since these shoulder pads feature multiple cushioning around the plates and outside them, they could allow the participant to absorb the impact from any location.

The locking mechanism is somewhat different and these plastic connectors will definitely hold the device in place. Riddell hasn’t crushed us with the price and you can easily pick up a pair of those shoulder pads at an affordable price. Ever since your child will be playing some perfectly equipped shoulder pads, it is worth noting that they will stick out.

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  • Numerous pads for optimal protection
  • Decent weight and distribution of weight
  • Injection-molded outer pads
  • Locks into position firmly


  • Might feel a little bulky to a few players

10. Gear 2000 Youth Intimidator Junior Shoulder Pad

Children want something to get used to. Therefore,youth football shoulder pads that have a low-profile layout would be the most beneficial for them. These pads are substantially flatter than many, which enables young players to slip into them and wear for longer periods.

Among its benefits is that the pads will match as expected without worrying about coming off loose on contact with another player. Durable pads have been inserted on the inside with comfortable mesh that is fantastic for moisture management from sweat.

Due to its size, faculty players will not get a comfy fit. This pad doesn’t stretch, so the young player runs the risk of fast outgrowing it while growing at a pace.


  • Retains its size and absorbs impact
  • Contains a moisture control system
  • Durable design for all positions


  • Not enough information

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Youth Shoulder Pads

There are loads of characteristics that football shoulder pads provide that are significantly important to each player.

1. Size

An essential point to note before getting a shoulder pad for a young player is receiving the proper size and fit to avoid affecting their performance adversely.

Finding the proper size for a young child is critical, and while you won’t easily find shoulder pads which cover all the dimensions, you can surely find a couple. We recommend following the directions of dimension that each new brand puts on their site or stores. Once you’ve got these measurements, getting the ideal shoulder mat for the child would be fairly easy.

2. Design

Among the first things which each participant will need to check at is the overall design of their football shoulder pads. They have to be comfy and also fit the position the player is a player. If you take a lot of hits, you may require some extra protection, especially around the trunk and the sternum. This will guarantee that gamers easily absorb all shots.

3. Plate Design:

Not all youth football shoulder pads have the same type of plates they use for protection. Many manufacturers also use bulky plates that will be a little more difficult to move around with. On the other hand, the flat plates are more comfortable to work with and they will make certain that a player can take the impact and the shots without taking the bulk.

best youth football shoulder pads

4. Inner padding

The ideal shoulder pads for youth football is usually designed with all the foam on the inside. Having inner padding allows the pads to absorb large consequences from multi-direction and return to their original form. Foam can also be incorporated with beads which make it stronger.

5. Universal Position Pads

A common trend today is the introduction of worldwide pads. These pads can be bought for the entire team, and this permits you to cover every place. But, we noticed that they cannot completely cover all of the positions since some padding have too much and others using too little protection against impacts.

You might need to contemplate having multiple football shoulder pads for every position. This will surely guarantee that the players are sufficiently shielded for the positions they intend to perform . A running back is one of the only positions that can make use of just about any shoulder pad type irrespective of size.

6. Brands

In the realm of football, many good football shoulder pads are flood on the marketplace. Each brand offers different styles and designs, but only the top brands tend to survive after use for quite a long time. When choosing the best shoulder pads which serve your needs, you need to go for a high-quality manufacturer. Riddell, Xenith, and Schutt are good examples of top-rated brands you can check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are Shoulder Pads Machine Washable?

This isn’t a feature that each and every shoulder pad has. By removing the plates, you can efficiently throw them to the washing machine and they should not sustain any damage.

2. Can football shoulder pads for youth be used in professional matches?

As youth football shoulder pads testimonials, outgrowing the pads will surely happen someday when they grow. Therefore, junior football players will need a brand new one that perfectly matches their size. Although many could have the ability to use their shoulder pads when they cease growing. However, that isn’t always the case. It’s best to locate a professional pad for the child.

3. Are shoulder pads position-specific?

Shoulder pads are generally made to fit every player irrespective of the on-field position. Possessing the ideal shoulder pad offers maximum security during the match. Some pads cater for specific positions, which feature the essential protection required and to boost the participant’s performance.


The world of football is fun and lively, but an accident can occur in a moment. The best football shoulder pads must protect you from these accidents and help to ease a few of the issues with security on the field. Hope you could find the appropriate pad that is perfectly fitted to carry out your best in the game and feel safer.

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