Best Youth Batting Gloves 2021

Batting gloves are an essential part of the baseball starter pack for young players, as this small gear can give your kid an edge over the competition. In this article, we will share with you the best youth batting gloves available on the market and the criteria for choosing the best pair of gloves.

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What Makes a Good Batting Glove?

A batting glove with a one-piece palm can offer premium grip and it may also prevent ripping at the seams, which creates blisters and painful contact.

Another very important quality to look for in a good youth batting glove is proper padding and relaxation in the wrist region.

Does the glove need to be able to adapt to the dimensions of your youth player’s hand, but in addition, it needs to prevent rubbing or chaffing the hand and wrist.

A good glove won’t only aid in a fantastic swing, but it could also prevent injuries by providing protection for areas of the wrist and hand that are typically subjected to contact.

How To Choose A Best Youth Batting Glove?

1. Size

A good fit facilitates a fine grip, which is extremely critical in baseball. To be able to find out the dimensions, you can check the graph included in this article.

2. Materials

Many gloves are made of good-quality materials to facilitate the ideal flexibility and comfort. For instance, spandex can encourage flexible hand and wrist movements. Lightweight materials, like mesh fabrics, help to offer better comfort when sporting and prevent hand perspiration. For optimal comfort, most gloves are made up of premium leathers or sheepskin.

3. Padding

Many batting gloves feature extra padding designed in the back of the hand. This design will help to protect the wrist and back of the hand better when picking up the pitched ball. While the glove might be a bit bulky, it ensures that the best safety.

best youth batting gloves

4. Wrist Style

Deciding on the wrist closure of this glove can also be significant. Nearly all batting gloves use Velcro straps so that they may be worn easily. This also gives you a option to tighten or loosen the wrist strap depending upon your comfort level.

Well, various technologies are employed in securing the wrist cuff. Some manufacturers use elastic bands to keep up the flexibility of the gloves. Additionally, there are numerous sizes of neoprene bands to guarantee they can match your palms.

Best youth batting gloves 2021 Reviews

1. Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting Gloves

As this glove is preferred as an official batting glove of the famous Major League Baseball (MLB), its quality and reputation are undoubtedly outstanding.

The glove features a heel patch made from premium real leather. Not only does it give comfort to the hands, but it is also quite durable. For the utmost grip, the palm is composed of both digitally-etched microfiber, which is tear-resistant with exceptional gripping quality.

The exclusive Tri-Curve technology facilitates a perfect snug fit. Therefore, the glove can flexibly fit your hand while providing the best relaxation when playing.

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  • Great grip
  • Comfort for hands
  • Flexible shape with a snug fit


  • May be uncomfortable if your hands are wet


If you want extra comfort qualities, this is the ideal glove for you- the Eastern VRS (Vibration Reduction System Boost) Batting Series.

The VRS padding in the palm has been created to reduce vibration, whenever the bat makes a sweet swing this results in quivering that would give rise to a zing to your hands.

A power increase heel pad has been also added to guard the hamate bone- the one situated on the exterior area of the wrist- to result in a more comfy swing. Indeed, protection and comfort are predominant in this type of sport and this glove happily provides it to you and this is what I like most about this product.

Additionally, it has a flexible Lycra Spandex added with silicone to promote structure to keep the flexibility. This permits the player’s body to move more freely particularly in the center of a sexy yet exciting game.

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  • Palm padding that reduces blisters and vibrations
  • Has a power increase heel pad to get a Wonderful swing
  • Uses goatskin leather
  • Comes with a elastic Lycra Spandex
  • Molded wrist strap


  • Stitching does not hold for extended

3. Mizuno MVP Baseball Batting Gloves

This Mizuno baseball glove features a perfect anti-slip palm with a superb grip. The strategic points were created with additional contact materials, improving both grip and durability. During the match, you won’t have to think about hand slippage or abrupt tear at all.

The neoprene wristband is also a plus of this childhood glove. Together with the high quality adjustable strap, this glove provides both comfort and a secure fit for gamers.

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  • Excellent grip
  • Non-slip palm
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Excellent fit
  • Breathable air mesh design


  • May run for some users

4. Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves

What’s special about this Franklin Neo batting glove is the Shock-Sorb padding design. With this glove on your hand, you don’t need to be worried about bat sting anymore.

The glove utilizes the floating thumb technology to give flexibility and control to gamers. Along with this, strategic points are precisely positioned to guarantee the smoothest performance with no limitation.

Another highlight of the item is smooth leather. Under any circumstance, it is still very tactile to support youth players in the field. Thanks to the premium leather, the clasp is also of excellent quality.

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  • Shock-absorbing technology helps prevent bat sting
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Smooth leather palm
  • Fantastic grip


  • May appear to encounter tear after rigorous uses

5. Under Armour Boys’ Youth Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves

This is just another fantastic type of glove for you to choose from. Under Armour Youth Clean Up 19, Batting Glove guarantees you 100% polyester.

This type of substance, its casing allows your hands and it would be quite simple for the player to have a tight grasp to drymoist, or oily material, only ideal for any match. Could it be sunny or rainy, this glove just does not mind in any way.

As it’s built with headgear cloth, your palms will surely be cool, dry, and light feeling throughout the game. Sounds nice? Its style definitely brings a different kind of comfort to anyone wearing it. And the addition of synthetic overlays added really a fine touch to the glove.

Under Armour additionally added some perforation holes under the fingers so that it might be more breathable which would result in less sweating of the palms and fingers and would certainly bring comfort to the player.

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  • 100% polyester which allows the substance to be more breathable
  • Imported quality
  • Keeps hands dry and cool during the sport
  • The synthetic overlay also added for support
  • Holes made over the palms for the purpose of breathing


  • Not correct leeters color occasionally

6. DeMarini CF Batting Gloves

The gloves feature sheepskin material with digital embossed technology, providing a firm grip for players. Aside from that, they are very comfy to use, thanks to this pin-dot mesh cloth construction. The venting system on the backhand does wonders for creating the gloves breathable.

Fitting is just another outstanding point of this merchandise. It includes an elastic wrist cuff having a pull tab. With this layout, players can adjust the glove for their wanted secure fit.


  • Firm grip
  • Comfortable with all the pin-dot mesh cloth
  • Breathable
  • Outstanding fit


  • Pricey

7. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

This CFX Pro version is one of the most effective favored batting gloves preferred by the professionals of MLB.

Among the greatest features of this product is relaxation. As a result of this high-grade Pittards sheepskin structure, the glove offers both comfort and responsiveness. Besides, it provides a comfortable fit that perfectly covers your hands.

The tectonic match folds are just another selling point. Thus, this Franklin version is of the top choices for flexibility and relaxation.

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  • Great grip
  • Extreme comfort
  • Responsive and flexible
  • Fantastic fit


  • Expensive


A good pair of gloves will provide good protection and help you increase the performance of the game. With so many choices on the current market, you deserve the best batting gloves for youth. Hopefully, this guide helped you pick the perfect item for your sport. 

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