Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Cleats 2021

Baseball is a sport that is adored by so many and has come to life. So the younger generations play too so as to maintain the baseball dream alive. For maximum comfort and protection, you need to make sure that only the best youth baseball cleats are worn out with the kids as they play with.

Baseball cleats are very important since they define your game in a large way. Without the right baseball cleats, you may struggle with posture, grip, and speed in the area.

Now that the marketplace is saturated with choices, it’s somewhat tough to decide on the ideal pair. This article will analyze eight of the best youth baseball cleats in the industry. You can refer to choose.

Best youth baseball cleats

1. Under Armour Unisex-Child Leadoff Low Jr.. Rm Baseball Shoe

All these really are a molded style. The cleats seem comfortable to every player I’ve talked to. They’re lightweight, elastic, and make movement easy. The Leadoff are among the highest-rated shoes on the market. One caution I would offer is these cleats seem to be cut somewhat thin. If you’ve got wide feet, you are going to fight to wear these professionally.


  • Low-top or mid-top
  • Comfortable
  • High Breathability


  • Some kids with wider feet may not have the ability to wear them.

2. New Balance Unisex-Child 4040 V5 Molded Baseball Shoe

Made to be as close to a running shoe as possible, this design by New Balance is set apart by its lightweight design. They are made out of faux leather and also have metal cleats. These cleats also have an insert at the front to protect your feet from chunks or collisions. The New Balance youth baseball cleats are made of mesh materials to improve breathability.

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  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Look stylish


  • Not enough information

3. Adidas Unisex-Child Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Shoe

As the name suggests, these cleats are made for speed. They are lightweight, but do possess an abrasion-resistant outer layer which should boost durability.

I’m also a big fan of how nicely the cleats are distributed out. Due to the equilibrium that these cleats provide, they’re terrific for all areas. When these shoes aren’t listed as being wide, some reviewers have stated they run a bit wider than the usual shoe.

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  • Eye-catching design
  • Great balance
  • Light-weight and minimal design


  • Lacks ankle support because of the low-cut design
  • Some testimonials the sizing is not accurate

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse 2 Baseball Cleat

One of the more recent entrants to the market, these are very affordably priced considering the newest and materials used. They are made of high-quality nubuck leather on top with a synthetic toe overlay. The entire series is constructed with functionality in mind, further enhanced from the rubber outsoles.

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  • Durable
  • Look Good
  • Lightweight


  • These Adidas run narrow.

5. Under Armour Kids’ Harper 2 Jr. Rm Baseball Shoe

These cleats have strong designs and are available in many distinct colours. Most young gamers will believe they are the coolest kid on the field if they walk out with Bryce Harper cleats. Additionally, these are most likely the best high-top youth cleats on the industry. You can’t go wrong when your equipment makes you feel great and raises your safety.

Despite having a high-top, these cleats just weigh about 9 ounces, meaning they should not take away from the player’s speed. They also have lots of cushioning around the ankle and also at the midsole for comfort. The Harper two RM Jr. is my top-rated high-top youth cleat on the market.


  • Best ankle support on the market
  • Great design
  • Great balance of support and weight


  • The velcro strap wears out over time

6. Nike Vapor Ultrafly 2 Keystone Bg Big Kid Baseball Cleats

The Nike Boys’ Vapor Ultrafly Keystone BG Baseball Cleats features Flywire technologies for supplying you with a secured fit in a lightweight design. Nike Boys’ Vapor Ultrafly Keystone BG Baseball Cleats.

Introduced in 2008, this technology makes use of several Vectran filaments which are placed only in certain key parts across the upper of those cleats. These filaments work similar to that of these cables on a suspension bridge since they wrap around your foot before developing a lock design. Thanks to this type of minimal construction, the Vapor Ultrafly Keystone accomplishes this a precise match without affecting the overall weight of the shoe.

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  • Flywire technologies creates a superior lockdown fit
  • Flex grooves enhance the natural motion of your feet
  • 12-cleat design gives loads of traction


  • Available in just a limited set of designs

7. Mizuno Unisex-Child Baseball Cleat

Mizuno has been producing cleats for more than 90 years now. They began in track and field from 1928. They had been the first organization to develop 9-point baseball cleats in 1996.

These cleats are an excellent shoe that offers a comfortable fit for your participant. You’ll discover that there is a full-size midsole and a padded tongue. With the positioning of the cleats, it is acceptable for any position on the field. Mizuno is not revolutionizing the game as the first 9-spike cleat failed, but they are definitely keeping up.

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  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight design
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Padded tongue for additional relaxation


  • Standardized design limits client’s options.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Youth Baseball Cleat

Just as we wish that we could give you one suggestion for the best youth cleats on the current market, the fact is, it is dependent upon a range of variables. You and your child must sit down and decide the next before you acquire a new set of cleats.

1. Style of a baseball cleat

Through the review of the variety of baseball cleats, the style was mentioned repeatedly. This is because style is critical in choosing the ideal baseball cleat. There are 3 main trends of cleats, high-top, mid-top, and low-top.

  • High-top cleats

The ankle of a high-top cleat reaches high to offer more support and protection. They are normally not lightweight and very great for gamers concerned about hurting their ankle.

  • Mid-top cleats

A mid-top cleat as the name suggests is neither high nor low. It meets at the center and allows for great balancing.

  • Low-top cleats

They are completely low and don’t provide as much aid as high-tops. They are exactly what most players go for these days. But everything depends on the player, the position and the variety of play. Additionally, note that low-tops permit for better rate during play.

best youth baseball cleats

2. Material

The substance your cleats are created out of impacts the flexibility and durability of the shoes. Normally, baseball cleats are made from genuine or synthetic leather and each has pros and cons.

The advantages of genuine leather cleats are that they’re more breathable and durable compared to their counterparts, however, they’re also more expensive.

Synthetic leather gives the advantage of additional support across the front part of the ankle and foot and benefits from a lower cost point.

3. Types of Cleats

There are various materials used to create cleats. These materials affect performance of baseball cleats on the area. They are plastic, metal, or plastic stuff. Additionally, there are hybrid cleats that allow you to change between rubber and metal, but they don’t come highly recommended.

  • Metal Cleats

In the past, metal cleats didn’t offer you the best protection on the field. Some were overly sharp which resulted in its ban. Metal Cleats have been enhanced in contemporary times but aren’t entirely safe. Yet, metal cleats offer you very good grip and balance on the field.

  • Rubber/Plastic Cleats

They’re molded with rubber or plastic and are not as likely to injure other players. They are also stronger than metal and flourish during play on soft fields. They may not be able to dig as great as metal cleats, but they are generally less costly.

  • Training Cleats

Turf and coaching cleats are meant only to be used on turfs. They have smaller spikes than other cleats and don’t offer very good grip on subjects. They are suitable for playing indoors or during soft practice.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats coastalfloridasportspark 1

4. Price

Budget is a frequent aspect that parents especially think about. Most of the high-quality baseball youth cleats are expensive.

Another motive for price concern is your children’s growing feet size. Most of us know that kids nowadays grow up really quickly. Therefore, most shoes just last in one season. To spare, you can purchase shoes having a little larger toe room. In that case, your kids can use their baseball cleats for a more extended period.


So far, we have covered the top 8 best youth baseball cleats you ought to purchase for your children. Deciding on a proper pair of cleats is vital, that’s why, as parents, you need to think about which product meets your children’s requirements. We do expect you are able to have the best choice.

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