Best Yonex Badminton Rackets 2021

You are here because you understand how important it is to have a fantastic badminton racket. Yonex is a powerful brand when it comes to manufacturing quality, also it’s a great brand to think about. So read on if you want to learn which is the best Yonex badminton rackets.

This specific brand has many models with various features, and a few are better than others. Let’s Start!

Things to Consider When buying the best Yonex badminton rackets

1. Weight

The longer U, the lighter the racket. Yonex badminton weight are classified from F — 2U, check below for the detailed classification:

F: 70g – 74.9g

5U: 75g – 79.9g

4U: 80g – 84.9g

3U: 85g – 89.9g

2U: 90g – 94.9g

A hefty racket will add greater momentum into the swing. Meanwhile, a lighter racket will be better in controlling the ball.

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2. Hand Grip

When it comes to the handgrip of your babel, there are two main kinds:

Towel Grips: These are soft grips that immediately absorb the sweat and keeps your hand dry. You will feel quite comfortable playing babel having towel grips. But a drawback is an accumulation of germs and bacteria through the years and you Might Need to replace them

Synthetic Grips: These are the favorite sort of grips located in the majority of the babel nowadays. They’re slick and less messy but they lack perspiration absorption

Other than the kind of badminton grip, they come in four different sizes. Players who enjoy a tighter sense to generate more power love the bigger grips while those who use deception in the matches elect for the smaller ones and this allows better maneuverability.

3. Flexibility

One thing that determines the comfort of employing a badminton racket is the flexibility of the badminton racket, i.e. how simple the racket could be flexed. Both flexible and rigid racquets have different functions. The elastic racket has a good bounce throughout the crush. Meanwhile, a racket with a rigid bar will help you in creating quick attacks.

Generally speaking, a novice should pick a flexible to medium racket since it is more pliable, and for advanced players, they can opt for the stiffer one since it might generate more powers.

4. Balance Point

Apart from weight, rackets can be categorized by their balancing stage, or in which the burden of the racket is largely located. To determine the sort of balance your racket has, set a finger only slightly below the head of this racket to determine how the racket stinks.

There are 3 categories of balance:

  • Head-Heavy Balance

A head-heavy racket has more mass to the head of this racket. All these rackets can boost power from the strokes and are acceptable for gamers that like to play with a highly effective game from the rear of the court. This sort of racket is particularly helpful for rallies because they can create quite prolonged clears so it’s definitely a weapon for people whose sport revolves around long trades.

best yonex badminton rackets

  • Head-Light Balance

Consequently, it’s much easier to swing and control the racket and are popular amongst doubles player that should react quickly against competitors smashes. This form of racket is a lot simpler to control and swing, thus reducing reaction time. Additionally, it offers considerably more speed at the world wide web and lets you kill a game in front court.

  • Even Balance

Even equilibrium badminton racketImage: Gary Yang/ Sport Singapore.

If you’re not sure which kind of playing style you are looking for, then an even balance racket is the most appropriate in this instance. If you are just starting in the sport, then this racket will be the ideal one to begin with. As soon as you have established your kind of play, then you can then move in the Head-Heavy or even Head-Light variations to boost your overall game.

Best yonex badminton rackets

1. YONEX Astrox FB Medium Flex Badminton Strung Racquet

We have picked the Yonex Astrox FB among the best badminton rackets for novices! Mainly because this is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market and yet it works great! Even an absolute beginner could manage this racket well since it is so simple to control.

Because of the isomeric shape, this racket also comes with a bigger sweet spot in all directions because of its equivalent span of main and cross strings.

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  • It’s created with”Nanomesh + Carbon Nanotube” plus it’s lightweight and durable


  • No beautiful 

2. YONEX B-350 Badminton

For school beginners and players, Yonex B-350 badminton racket is one of the greatest rackets. Its weight, composition, and shape are excellent for physical education. Due to its advanced durability, many schools and schools utilize it to get their biological/physical classes. Its strings and frames are well powerful and durable.

Yonex B-350 is light weighted and well-shaped. Its oval-shaped head makes it possible to get recreational shots. It has enough strong string and tension which makes it much durable.

Its design does have a traditional look. It’s an oval-shaped head and lightweight (100 grams approx.) badminton bat. It’s pre-strung with a tight tension and long-lasting string.

It has excellent durability. And, that is why we use it mostly in schools and schools for physical education classes. Students may play it to the long-term as Yonex B-350 has durable strings and frames.

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  • Lightweight and oval head
  • Pre-Strung badminton
  • Excellent product for educational sport classes


  • Too little to mention.

3. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

If you’re searching for a lightweight badminton racquet this Yonex Nanoray Z Speed review is for you. YONEX Nanoray Z-Speed Badminton Racquet is a well-shaped and good one for your best performance.

Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed has a remarkable smash speed. It has exceptional frame construction to repel the shuttle with explosive speed. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed racquet was designed to increase swing speed.

Frame article is of H.M Graphite and created in Japan using Sonic Metal. The isometric shape of 3U (85-89 grams) makes it an excellent construction. The 26.5″ racquet has a balanced weight to perform in management.

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  • Fastest badminton racquet ever
  • Used the best technologies for perfect construction
  • Lightweight and designed to get a powerful shot


  • Do not be disappointed with the lack of YONEX Logo


Now that the article has come to an end, there are high chances that you understand what you would like. Moreover, you’ve likely learned a couple of things that can help you reach the best decision quickly.

Consider whether you want to find power, control, speed, or a combination. For the best results, a participant should go for a racket that delivers a mixture of these features.

Hope which you may pick the best Yonex badminton rackets that suit you.

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