Best Volleyball Shoes 2021 [Updated]

Being an athlete, the choice of shoe pair is a part and parcel. The same as other games there are specially made shoes for Volleyball. The choice of the best volleyball shoes not only accelerates the sport in fact but also raises the chance to win it.

Before making a buying transaction, the wise way is to read out the latest reviews about athletic shoes. The review study not only saves cash and time, but also supplies a smart awareness of decision making. This manual contains the most recent reviews for Best Volleyball shoes 2021.

Best Volleyball Shoes 2021

1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 Volley Ball Shoe

For rough and tough volleyball matches, Mizuno women’s wave is the ideal volleyball shoe set, this shoe brand supports the gamers of different positions such as hitters, setters, and libero. These shoes are highly secure and long-lasting.

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  • Textile and Synthetic Imported Rubber sole


  • Appears are too bumpy

2. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

ASICS is understood by people in the healthcare sector as one of the greatest sneakers to be on your feet in for twelve-hour changes, but they also make leading volleyball shoes too. This lightweight pair was made to reduce–and nearly eliminate–all drag when going around on the court. They are easy to clean and breathable, but the cost range gets a little dodgy.

The non-marking rubber outsole and synthetic design make ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoes durable and comfy for extended stretches of time.

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  • Light design 
  • Wide range of sizes available


  • Heel cup imperfections are common (does not makes shoes unusable)

3. Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace Volleyball Shoe

High-top volleyball shoes aren’t the most common thing that you’ll notice, but Under Armour is not about what’s common; they’re all about what’s extraordinary. The performance you are feeling while your toes are in the Highlight Ace sneakers is stupendous, but because these are high shirts, they are likely to experience more stress than low-top sneakers.

The padding in the ankle gives a two-way stretch that grants extra stability during use. Fantastic functionality, just not a five-year pair of sneakers.

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  • Ankle cushioning and cushioning to get two-way stretch and support
  • Quick-lacing system provides the perfect fit in under ten minutes


  • Short lifespan; no more than 18 months
  • Need to purchase a half-size upward; not true to fit

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-rocket 8 volleyball shoes are the best for you that you should buy it.  It allows the shoes to complete with all the volleyball courts for long hours. You will feel comfortable carrying them for training or fun.

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  • Synthetic Imported Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures roughly low-top from arch
  • Weakens shock during the impact period
  • Reduce the burden of the sole unit while retaining the physical integrity of the shoe


  • Lace closure
  • Difficult to wear in

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 6 Volleyball-Shoes

Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 6 Volleyball is a perfect shoe set to perform lateral movement in the volleyball court. This volleyball shoe manufacturer is ideal for the libero.

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Good breathability


  • Bulky looks
  • Limited color

6. ASICS Kid’s Upcourt 3 GS Volleyball Shoes

Joining a volleyball club is a great way for kids to stay active and make new friends, but when they’re not wearing the right shoes, they are at risk for pain and distress while playing–making it less likely they’ll stick with their new healthy habit.1 ASICS offers this set of youth volleyball shoes that will fulfill your kid’s needs whether they are blocking, hitting, or serving.

This pair provides relaxation and a secure fit so that your child can concentrate on their game. They have got the cushioned construction and padding to prevent painful calluses, and the full size plastic outsole means your child will have better grip on the court. Thus parents, go with this pick for matches, practices, and volleyball camp.

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  • Very comfortable
  • Breathability


  • Not enough info

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

The GEL-Rocket 9 from Asics features a mesh upper for improved breathability to keep your feet cool while you play. It’s more lightweight than lots of the company’s other shoes, which goes a very long way in reducing foot fatigue as far as possible. The top also offers a padded tongue and heel collar for better comfort on the court.

The midsole includes Asics’ Trusstic System which is just another reason why this volleyball shoe is so lightweight, as it is made up of a molded component in its own design rather of any separation. Cushioning is striking, especially at the forefoot area of the shoe.

Grip is also quite good with this shoe thanks to its specially made NC Rubber Outsole that consists of far more natural rubber than can be found on many different shoes designed for volleyball.

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  • Excellent cushioning system
  • Good stability
  • Lightweight


  • Inadequate info

8. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas will make anything seem fantastic, and that is precisely what they’re achieved using the Dame 5. There is multiple styles to choose from, each emblazoned with a different variant of the exact same logo on the exterior of the tongue. That emblem’s going to be the first symptom of degradation on those shoes following a year or use, but what won’t fade is the exceptional rubber outsoles and suede upper collar.

Breathability is not, however –the upper provides a little too much insulation, and so your feet won’t feel that cool breeze as frequently as we would have liked to see. Made of textile and synthetic substances, Adidas Men’s Dame 5 are constructed to last for decades, and the bounce cushioning process is thee to guarantee support for each of those years to come.

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  • Highly cushioned collar for maximum stability and comfort
  • Superior rubber outsole for maximum traction on and off the court


  • Gets very hot, not ventilated properly
  • Logo on out of tongue deteriorates easily

9. Adidas Women’s Ligra 6 Volleyball Shoe

Adidas Ligra 6 would be your best volleyball shoes for women. Adidas Ligra 6 includes all the design attributes for volleyball that help you to grab, set, and spike comfortably! These volleyball shoes are lightweight and are suitable for a huge variety of indoor sport.

These women’s indoor volleyball shoes offer a breathable mesh top with a pure leather cover for additional comfort and stability. In addition they feature a cushioned midsole that’ll keep your feet relaxed and will prevent shocks.

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  • These indoor volleyball shoes offer mesh liner
  • It provides the perfect fit


  • It’s a stiff volleyball shoe

10. Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoe

You cannot now find a brand name more iconic than Nike and their Nike Women’s Zoom Hyperace two Volleyball shoe is ideal for the court. This style of women’s Nike volleyball shoe was available for quite a while and there is the rationale for that. Without being inflexible, the shoe offers maximum protection to the ankle and is excellent for those with ankle problems.

The upper part of these shoes is made with a breathable mesh that’s very lightweight and will keep your feet comfy and comfortable throughout the game. Additionally, it offers a rubber compound to offer maximum grip so that you can play without the fear of slipping.

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  • It’s rubber spikes out and provides enough traction.


  • The shoe is big and bulky.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider When Buying Best Volleyball Shoes

Before you go out and buy the first decent-looking set of volleyball shoes you visit, you need to think about the following aspects. Every fantastic volleyball shoe ought to tick a lot if not all these boxes if you want to have the ability to play to the best of your skill.

1. Fit

There are a whole lot of volleyball shoes on the listing and while each has the very same specifications, the plan and the fit of the shoe actually make a big difference and can allow you to select the perfect one for you. When choosing the proper shoe, you want to remember that a perfect volleyball shoe will supply a vast selection of moves for your foot, without having the ability to slip or fall within the shoe.

The perfect volleyball shoe should fit perfectly and also should not be too tight. If you’re having broad feet then search for a shoe that provides broad width. The exact same is true when you have problems with your ankle or foot. If you’ve got a weak or sensitive ankle, it is essential to search for volleyball shoes that offer ample ankle support.

It’s always a fantastic idea to pick out a gender-specific volleyball pair. Shape and dimensions change between men and women’s feet and a common men’s size 7 doesn’t necessarily fit a girl properly.

2. Durability

Though there have been some huge strides in the past decade in improving the durability of shoes, it’s still common to have to replace shoes taken for volleyball every single season.

That is taking into consideration wearing them 5 days a week for training and match purposes. Obviously, if your program isn’t quite as intensive as this the shoes may last more.

It is generally pretty easy to tell if you need to buy a new pair of shoes. Besides not getting the same functionality from them, especially concerning cushioning, grip, and stability, the wear and tear of these shoes themselves become obvious.

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3. Comfort and Cushioning

All-round comfort is of course very important of any shoe, especially one which is worn when participating in such intense action. It is perhaps cushioning, however, that can be considered to be the most important aspect — particularly cushioning in the heel area.

Volleyball needs players to be constantly jumping on every point, which means you wish to make certain your feet land as softly as you can on the hard wooden surface each and every time. Not only to avoid tiredness, but also injury.

4. Breathability

It’s typical for volleyball sneakers to feature mesh uppers. This is to make sure your feet are given lots of room to breathe so that they do not get all hot and sweaty when you are playing.

5. Stability

Stability is the preface to support. You can not have one without the other. A stable shoe will offer great grip, but also ensure that you’re confident in your measures and cradled throughout every movement you confront while playing volleyball. Stability can also result from the collar and heel guard. Reinforced rubber or additional cushioning on the collar may make a major difference.

6. Weight

Contemplating that Biking requires lots of running and jumping around it is important to look for a volleyball shoe that’s designed to be as lightweight as you can. This will make sure your feet don’t fatigue as easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can volleyball coaches be used for other sports?

But it may be better to consider technical footwear if you begin playing with the sports more than once every week. Just like volleyball coaches, they have a low-profile silhouette. On the other hand, they’re constructed lighter, without cushioning and lateral support because the footwork in badminton is not as aggressive and there aren’t any vertical jumps like in volleyball.

2. Can I wear volleyball shoes outside?

The primary reason being the outsole of those trainers is tender, which helps it stick to indoor flooring. The problem is, they’re not constructed to withstand abrasion from walking on rough surfaces.

It would be smart to use your volleyball shoes just during practice or games. This ensures that the tread pattern stays intact to be able to give grip on indoor court flooring.

If you’re searching for something to use for fitness walking or walking for daily errands, then check out our listing of comfortable walking shoes.

3. What’s the best way of cleaning volleyball sneakers?

One of the best ways to keep your shoes clean would be not to let any dust and dirt put in the first place. Therefore, in the event that you maintain a moist towel close to your bench, you can give them a quick wipe down between sets and time-outs.

In addition, we expect you’re only wearing your shoes indoors! This alone will not simply minimize any grime but also make sure they will last as long as you can.

best volleyball shoes


The most crucial point that has to be considered before buying is that what’s the playing place either indoor or outdoor. The completely specified pros and cons of every volleyball shoe brand help in purchasing the best volleyball shoes for both indoor and outdoor matches. Whether the research is made for high-heeled, secure, breathable, or another kind of volleyball shoe, this inspection manual will provide the reader with the best help in this issue.

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