Top 8 Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping 2021

Inside this review informative article, we’ll go over the best volleyball shoes for jumping. As you know, volleyball is an interesting game that displays a lot of skills and boasts numerous advantages. Jumping is vital in volleyball for offensive and defensive purposes. If you are focus in either the offense or defense of your volleyball group, you should think about developing your jumping skills. 1 thing you could do is to utilize the best volleyball shoes for jumping.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Jumping 2021

1. Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoe

The Flywire technology integrated into them keeps you confident without experiencing some discomfort. It supports your bottoms and ankles while leaping so you don’t need to be concerned about pain or shock.

These volleyball shoes match perfectly so that you should order one precisely your size. In case you have wide feet, you should get half more of your own size. It shouldn’t be a hassle when you purchase these pairs on the internet. They’re hardy and firm so it will be durable through the game. In addition, this is essential for volleyball shoes if you require something that could absorb the force when you leap.

This is extremely helpful when you want to jump higher as you need to be mild as far as possible. Lightweight shoes allow for a simpler time in jumping and convenient motion in jumping.

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  • Very comfy


  • Some users report that the ankles of the Zoom Hyperace are high despite it being low-cut and can cause discomfort
  • The shoes also tend to get dirty easily 

2. Adidas Originals Women’s Crazyflight X 2 Volleyball Shoe

It has many color variants and each of those colours available is totally amazing. The shoe two-tone mesh provides ultimate breathability and contains a technology that even prevents feet from sweating.

Adidas Original Crazyflight has the most responsive cushioning and provides ultimate comfort. It also helps in absorbing shocks created during contact. Additionally, the non-making sole of the shoe works superbly on the grip without really sticking on the ground. By means of this shoe, you can move around the court with ease.

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  • High level of energy yield
  • Cozy
  • Comfortably engineered sock liner
  • Toughened artificial structure
  • Boosted artifact


  • Limited in dimensions and color decisions

3. Under Armour Women’s Block City 2.0 Volleyball Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Block city Shoes are a unique type of men’s volleyball shoe. This quality shoe was built to survive; hence the shoe assures the most durability and protection that you will surely like. The shoe has been made with a combination of cloth and synthetic, making it very strong and safe.

Aside from this, it also has the best artificial only, which makes it secure. Additionally, the Under Armour Men’s Block city shoe now features in various colours; hence everyone will always locate the favourite choice. Moreover, the shoe has lightweight and coated mesh.

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  • The additional breathable cloth makes it simpler to run and jump. Prevents foot infections and odor
  • The gum rubber sole is malleable and moves with the toes. Extra flexible and incredibly comfy
  • Very simple design. Easy to lace and maintain your equilibrium


  • Hard to get on. The tongue is stitched into the sides.

4. Mizuno Women’s Wave Voltage Indoor Court Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Voltage is a great volleyball shoe if you’re searching for volatile activity. The midsole is inserted with Mizuno cushioning technologies which reduces the impact of foot landing.

The outsole of these shoes is made up of non-marking rubber. This compound is sticky so it will grip the court effectively. There is a pivot point under the ball which will reduce the friction that will reduce the load for better and faster directional change.

The shoes use a feature called D-Flex Groove that improves the firmness of your foot through quick movements. This is helpful for setting up a fast set or getting ready for a block. This venting system contains vents in the midsole plus it enables air to go inside the foot chamber. These volleyball shoes need to be your pick if you’re seeking the best cost to performance softball shoes for leaping.


  • The top consists of mesh fabric. This material is lightweight which makes it great for reducing load when jumping


  • Not enough info

5. ASICS Women’s Gel 1150V Volley Ball Shoe

If it concerns the relation concerning price and performance for jumping, the ASICS Gel 1150V volleyball shoes would be the best option. It is a durable and comfortable volleyball shoe which are excellent for jumping.

The shoes are really comfortable and they include cushions and pads that keep your feet and ankles safe and protected even through long hours of exercise. Asics have really done its job as the staple name when it comes to volleyball apparel especially shoes. Each release comes with new technologies and also the Gel 1150V is no exception.

The shoes feature synthetic and an air mesh top that also includes a protective toe guard. The toe guard protects your toe region and enhances the durability of the shoe especially for extended hours of usage. The shoes also feature the SPEVA midsole that helps with enhanced bounce back and durability.

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  • Rubber sole that assists your landing simpler and smoother


  • No

6. Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe

The players always deserve the ultimate volleyball shoe, which will offer durability and excellent service.

The Mizuno elegant volleyball shoe is made with the highest quality of synthetic substance; hence a perfect selection. The shoe can also be designed to enhance breathability. This is a result of the fact that it has a mesh upper that makes it ideal for extended hours of usage. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe has the parallel wave plate for offering the best cushion.


  • A good deal of wearers commended its stellar level of comfort
  • The underfoot cushioning system was considered to be very comfortable
  • Provide exceptional arch support


  • Some reviewers found the design to be too bulky and heavy.

7. Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

For those that want a shoe that does not put a lot of weight on their toes, these are the ideal shoes. The lightweight net also enables your toes to air out, which can be ideal once you’re busy enjoying with a tournament daily.

The padded footbed allows you to jump as high as you want. You won’t have to think about a massive effect when you jump. You will feel comfortable once you’re landing on what feels like pillows.

The forefoot has GEL cushioning, which makes the shoes more comfortable to wear. They are designed especially for court use so that you won’t leave behind any markings. It is perfect for those that want a shoe they can depend on to let them play how they want.

The midsole is molded-EVA, making it more lasting, and providing more support when you are wearing them. Even if you have high arches in your feet, then you are able to wear the shoes and be completely comfortable.

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  • The shoes are comfortable
  • The shoes fit well
  • Ideal for volleyball


  • The outsole can Begin to come off

8. Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe

Adidas’ line of volleyball shoes is always stylish and on point also. The Adidas Men’s Ligra Volleyball Shoe has everything you have been on the lookout for. In other words, it is a do-it-all indoor shoe that’s designed for every single court surface.

The shoe is also outfitted with a breathable synthetic and mesh upper to help meet the high individual requirements. The shoe has a rather flexible and durable adiwear outsole that enhances its performance and endurance. Plus it also has thick padding for better shock absorption. Also, the Adidas Men’s Ligra Volleyball Shoe is reasonably priced.

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  • Rubber outsoles
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic stable overlays
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Durable material


  • Difficult to find your size

Buying Guide

Before buying any shoes, it’s very important to know its attributes, so we’ve written all of the important features here. Key factors which have to be assessed before buying the best volleyball shoes for jumping.

1. Size

The size is often the most overlooked thing while purchasing a pair of shoes. As, we all know our size and we stick to what we all know, but it depends on the type of shoes, its materials, and its composition. The size goes hand in hand with the weight as well and aids ultimately with assistance when performing bodily motion and with support comes to grip, another important element.

The dimensions should also be checked in the outside as well as the interior of the shoes. If buying your pair of volleyball sneakers, an individual must test it on and check the comfortability degree. Should they support your toes completely once you walk and leap or not.

2. Cushioning

Cushioning usually comes in the inner sole of this shoe. Padded and padded forefoot and rear footpads are important to keep your feet comfortable and secure during jumping. Jumping puts a lot of strain on your feet so having good cushioning on your own volleyball shoes will lessen any pain or distress.

3. Stability

Jumping in volleyball is not that simple. Sometimes you’re required to perform abrupt side-to-side moves. That is why your volleyball shoes need to be secure during these movements. This is typically done from the balls of the feet and the midsole. Particular layouts give volleyball shoes better stability.

best volleyball shoes for jumping

4. Grip and Traction

In order to continue playing the slick floor of the courts, you will require finding the best volleyball shoes with the best grip and traction. Such kinds of sneakers will keep you from sliding off even if on slippery grounds.

5. Weight

 The secret of fast and quick movement is finding lightweight men’s volleyball shoes. Generally, volleyball shoes are created light so players may move with ease. But, the weight of these shoes is dependent on a lot of factors –the design, the materials, the technology used, as well as the manufacturer, some new shoes are generally heavier than the others because of the plan.

The lightweight shoes won’t ever weigh you up; hence you can maximize the jump. Along with this, the lightweight shoes also allow for elementary jogging on the pitch.


These would be the best volleyball shoes you can get in the market right now for jumping. The best volleyball shoes ought to have good cushioning, stability, and it should be lightweight. This will give you maximum effectiveness for jumping in volleyball.

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