Top 10 Best Volleyball Knee Pads 2021 [ Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

We looked at several volleyball kneepads to obtain the ones that provide the very best fit, comfort, respect, and offer sufficient padding and protection for your knees.

In this article, we examine the top 10 best volleyball knee pads to be on the lookout for, in addition to some tips on trying to find the best one.

What is a volleyball knee pad?

Many sports require large demands of their physical movement, which can be taxing to your knees and body generally. In fact, volleyball is among the most active, with players dodging the ground fast many times.

The physical effect of their jumps is quite intensive, and also the manner of landing on the knees can make their weight attack the ground quickly and painfully. It doesn’t matter what the surface is, strikes injure the knees, and they need protection from harms that may cost the athlete valuable moments.

The fantastic news is that volleyball knee pads aren’t only for volleyball players; they could be useful in basketball (another knee-demanding game ), football, jogging, hockey, skateboarding, in addition to tennis and even dancing.

All knee pads outer part consists of many substances, including nylon, cotton, neoprene, and cotton. All of this is to add comfort to the consumer. The inner part of the knee pad may consist of memory foam or gel to give shock absorption component to the mat, it also determines the durability of the pad itself, and the choice you make is dependent upon how long you would like to use it.

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Benefits of Using Volleyball Knee Pads

1. Knee pads reduce injuries

The volleyball game involves a whole lot of movements. Diving for the chunk might make a knee injury. The pads keep your patella from serious and minor injuries.

2. Support your knee

The pad features support to a knee reducing its odds of over-extending or falling through training or exercising. Most knee pads have a stretchy sleeve that stretches across the leg to cover the rear of the knee for complete support.

3. Increase performance

The hard flooring of indoor volleyball courts may limit the participant’s capacity in the long term. Knee pads will give you the freedom and confidence to play without having to worry about knee damage.

Best Volleyball Knee Pads 2021

1. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

A frequent volleyball knee pad criticism is that the accessory slipping during the drama. Most of the time cheap velcro would be to blame for this issue. As a result of this, we recommend a tight-fitting, velcro-less product like the Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads.

The Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pad is made of 45% polyester, 25% rubberized and 30% EVA. It comes in two different sizes and measures out to be 13.5 inches

No-slip design invisibly into the knee so that you won’t have to readjust. It remains on without taking up Your Whole leg.

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  • Protects against bumps
  • Very comfortable


  • Individuals who prefer lightweight pads may find these to be overly bulky

2. Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

Just take a look at the padding in the front of these knee pads. The cushioning covers the patella and the medial side of their knees, so it ought to provide all-around protection.

The LR6 knee pads are amazingly flexible for their protection level as well thanks to the grooves at the cushioning. These seem to earn the knee pads more mobile.

These volleyball knee pads are very stretchy as well since they contain 28% elastic material (Mizuno does not specify the name of this substance ).

This isn’t that big of a deal on the court, but it is still noteworthy because many other knee pads around the listing only come in 1 color — black. In the end, if you want excellent knee protection, Mizuno LR6 knee pads must be ideal for you.

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  • Very stretchy
  • Surprisingly flexible for its security level
  • 3 colour options


  • Not moisture-wicking.

3. Mueller Multi-Sport Knee Pads

If you’re a beginner or just have a very limited budget, then the more Mueller multi-sport knee pads are a nice choice. These knee pads are extremely inexpensive, and even though the quality is so weak-ish here, they’re a steal for the price.

What’s especially impressive in those knee pads for me is his or her protection. The padding is really dense and thick, and in addition, it covers the entire front of the pads. But the padding is also going to slightly restrict mobility in the knee.

As a result of its one-size-fits-most layout, the Mueller knee pads must work for most people too. However, I really don’t feel they are an optimal selection for really big or very smallish players. In summary, if you aren’t that demanding and only want something inexpensive, the Mueller knee pads must do the job just fine.

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  • Super-inexpensive
  • Great for beginners
  • Rather nice degree of security
  • One-size-fits-most


  • The quality here is weak-ish.
  • The one-size-fits-most design probably won’t work for quite small or large players.

4. Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

The Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads includes a simplified outer layout for a streamlined and minimalistic look and with a high-density protective foam pad.

The Dri-FIT knit construction keeps you comfortable and cool on the court as soon as your game begins to heat up. You’ll get the durability and security you need when dashing and diving around the courtroom wearing those pads.

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  • Improved outer knit stands up to high-speed play
  • Great cost
  • You’re guaranteed to experience the highest standard of comfort


  • It is not as successful as hard-bodied knee pads
  • They are appropriate Just for volleyball and similar sports

5. Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads

If you’re searching for volleyball knee pads for your kid, then these knee pads from Bodyprox ought to be a wonderful choice. Bodyprox offers two size options for all these knee pads — for 8-13 years older players and 13-18 years old gamers.

What I also like about the Bodyprox knee pads is that they are fairly breathable thanks to their mesh-like cloth. The rather thick padding in the front should offer lots of security also, while the non-slip interior lining should continue to keep the knee pads protected on the knee.

1 issue with the Bodyprox knee pads is that they may run little, but this is expectable for a one-size-fits-all item. This should not be that large of an issue though since your kid is very likely to need more advanced knee pads shortly anyhow.

In the end, if you’re searching for junior or youth knee pads, then the Bodyprox knee pads are nice for getting started.

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  • Affordable
  • Excellent for novices
  • Junior and youth sizes available
  • Rather breathable


  • Might run small.

6. Mizuno T10 Plus Volleyball Knee Pads

If you are especially looking for a set of kneepads for kids look no further than the Mizuno T10 Plus. They’re designed with smaller gamers in your mind with an adjusted sleeve length and width to accommodate shorter and thinner legs. The cut-off point is gamers that are not any older than 12 years old.

The T10 pads feel tender on the knees so your kid won’t whine about comfort when providing great protection for security in every area.



  • Cozy


  • Not Perfect for Individuals with bigger legs or legs
  • Merchandise Might Be too costly for beginners or casual players
  • The knee pads may be too thin for individuals who want thicker protection

7. ASICS Setter Knee Pad

ASICS Setter knee pads are perfect if you want something low-profile.

The highlight of these Setterpads is their low-profile design — they are noticeably shorter than many other knee pads on the listing. Thanks to their distress, the Setter knee pads should be less restrictive than traditional knee pads.

The padding here relies on precisely the same GEL technology used in ASICS footwear. If you’ve ever worn ASICS GEL shoes, then you will know how good their impact absorption is.

The cushioning at the Setter knee pads isn’t too thick, but it offers a fantastic level of security without limiting the knee joint considerably. The caliber in Setter knee pads is excellent too — like in ASICS goods in general. In the end, if you would like to stay more mobile on the court, the ASICS Setter knee pads are an excellent option.

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  • Low-profile and light
  • Employs the ASICS GEL cushioning system
  • Pretty nice knee protection


  • Nothing to complain about.

8. Under Armour Unisex-Adult Armour 2.0 Volleyball Knee Pad

The Under Armour Volleyball Knee pads have some exceptional qualities to deliver a comfortable way to protect knees while on the court. Designed to be minimalistic, the pads offer optimal protection. This kneepad will work nicely with the positions that require mainly lateral jumping and movement.

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  • They are built with a moisture-wicking material that doesn’t allow the sweat remain against skin
  • A lightweight terry fabric makes up the body of the kneepad


  • The UA padding was not thick and the material over the front part of the knee may rip after a couple of games.

9. Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad

When sporting gear for a lot of hours, comfort becomes a characteristic worth considering over other capabilities. Constructed of Dri-fit cloth, the Nike wicks moisture away while preventing skin from rashes. The fabric used in the Nike allows players to play without distraction from uneasy kneepads.

The mat itself is made from shock-absorbing EVA foam to protect the exposed areas of the knee located on the sides of the knee, over and under the patella, and lateral place.

The cut and design of this mat also give this knee pad a fitted look. Players searching for a knee pad that integrates the best technology will be satisfied with this choice.


  • Soft brushed interior lining provides additional comfort for a lengthy period of time
  • Back-of-knee venting zones for breathability


  • It can be used only for volleyball and similar sports
  • It cannot be washed in a washing machine

10. Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

Should you slide on your knees frequently while playing volleyball, then you may find yourself going through knee pads faster than other men and women.

The McDavid 6440 Hex Knee Pad is made of synthetic fabric and HexPad substance. It comes in seven different dimensions and varies in length depending on the size. The flexible layout can also be used as an elbow or arm sleeve.

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  • Hexed foam cushioning design lasts longer than loose straps
  • You can machine clean it without worrying about the pad falling apart


  • Might be too pricey for some budgets
  • The products just come with a single knee pad, so you will need to buy another if you want full protection
  • Sizes may run one or two sizes smaller than listed

Buyer’s Guide

While purchasing a knee pad there’s a huge variety of Volleyball knee pads in the market. You need to decide on the best one for yourself. While buying a knee pad there are some quality steps that the buyer should note in knee pads.

1. Protection

The main purpose of a volleyball knee pad would be to encourage and safeguard your knee from impact. Besides, knee pads will protect your knees from scratches and bruises, though this is secondary to affect protection.

2. Padding

The amount of padding is one of the most significant elements to take into account. The entire point of purchasing knee pads is to guard your knees, so make certain that there is the right quantity of padding to get the job finished.

3. Breathability

You’ll sweat a lot throughout the game, so also consider breathability.

Knee pads are typically made from polyester. It is a durable substance, but it is not that breathable. More cushioned knee pads come with mesh panels across their face, as well as might have port holes in them. Apart from that, note that more protective knee pads will likely be less breathable.

Moisture wicking is a nice thing to have in knee pads too. Moisture-wicking knee pads will draw sweat away from the body, making you feel dry and cool. This is a really nice feature if you would like minimal distraction on the court.

4. Size

On the other hand, they shouldn’t be too loose also. Large knee pads will not offer adequate protection and will often flaunt the knee all the time.

Brands typically offer size charts to create sizing knee pads easier. You’ll need to assess the circumference above and below the knee to make the right option.

best volleyball knee pads coastalfloridasportspark 1

5. Position

Based upon your situation, your requirements might be different. Should you dive more you may require more padding than other players around the court. Also, consider how this could affect whether you need protection for the entire knee area or just the front or sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need Knee Pads for volleyball?

To remain protected from any injury during a volleyball game each player should wear protective equipment like knee pads. The Knee pads maintain the knees secure from any potential injury during the game. This protects the patella and kneecap against injury or hitting during exercise or game.

2. What Size Knee Pads Should I Get?

This depends upon the circumference above and under your knee. Each manufacturer has its own size charts to get knee pads, so you should consult with them to make the ideal option.

3. How Do I Clean Volleyball Knee Pads?

No one wants to be playing in filthy, smelly knee pads. Not only is failing to take care of your knee pads that an opening to bacterial growth, but it can also damage the integrity of your equipment. Knee pads can consume a good deal of sweat and dirt in a match.

Lay them out, rather inside out, so that the moisture they’ve consumed during the match can dry. This is a great way to keep the pad from building an unfavorable odor.

It’s a good idea to launder knee pads a few times throughout the season. Knee pads are not picky, you can throw them in with almost any load of laundry on the cold cycle. However, be certain that you check the manufacturer’s directions first. Never put them in the drier, but instead lay them out to dry at least 12 hours before you intend to use them again.

best volleyball knee pads coastalfloridasportspark 3


No matter what, make sure to understand your wants and choose knee pads accordingly. If your knees are prone to injuries, then definitely buy something which provides additional protection. On the other hand, if you need freedom, then go for as little defense as your knee wellness allows you.

In the long run, recall — knee pads are a must for long-term knee health. Make certain that you purchase knee pads as soon as possible to safeguard your knees and prevent injuries.

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