Best Tennis Shoes For Women 2021 [ Updated ]

Today, we will be discussing the best tennis shoes for women.
Women’s tennis shoes have come a long way over recent years. At first, there have been few alternatives available especially for ladies. The majority of the time, tennis players needed to find smaller-sized men’s shoes and hope they match properly.
Tennis is popular in the modern world that girls do not have that same problem. Actually, some firms have particular shoe versions for women’s tennis only.
When there are many options on the market, these six are the best tennis shoes for women out there right now.

Best tennis shoes for women

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

The most recent version of this has a few updates which have folks excited. Above all , it is still one of the best for gamers who pride themselves on moving around the court. The women’s model is almost the exact same exact item as the men’s version, but with a slightly more narrow fit for that locked-in texture.

The upper on the shoe is just one of the best an individual could see in tennis right now. It employs a polyurethane top that is extremely comfortable and supportive. The heel fit technology helps a lot, as so many people struggle with not getting a locked-in feel all of the time. By stabilizing the heel, people will feel very comfortable overall.

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2. New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

It’s hard to find a pair of tennis shoes for women with wide feet. Fortunately, the WC806 in New Balance offers widths up to EE in women’s sizes.

This shoe is intended for avid women tennis players searching for superior support for their wide feet. The ROLLBAR post running the length of the shoe adds motion control, whilst ABZORB midfoot cushioning provides exceptional shock absorption.

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3. Nike Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe

If you’re just starting out with your tennis match, you’ve got a few things to buy–a good racquet, balls, and tennis skirts can add up fast. Nike’s budget-friendly Court Lite matches the shoebill without breaking the bank. This shoe’s Phylon midsole provides lightweight underfoot cushioning, plus a durable leather and mesh upper means these shoes are built to last.

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4. ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF Clay Tennis Shoes

Women looking for the ideal tennis shoe in the marketplace need to look no farther than the Asics Gel Solution Speed FF. It incorporates some of the best design attributes from Asics Gel-Solution Speed 3 along with their Gel-Court FF, such as FlyteFoam midsole engineering and Twisstruss support platform for the ultimate in service, rate, and endurance.

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5. Wilson KAOS 2.0 Tennis Shoes Women

Wilson understands a lot of things right with the Wilson Kaos 2.0. With added stability in contrast to the previous version, players can play and competitive kind of tennis without worrying about any difficulties. It has been one of the very underrated tennis shoe models out there right now for both women and men.

Apart from the additional stability, the other major distinction is just how elastic the match is. People have the chance to obtain the precise feel they are trying to find so that they could stay comfortable while playing the entire match. The prior model was just a little too stiff for a few folks, frustrating them at times early on.

It doesn’t come with any type of outsole warranty, but the Kaos 2.0 is very durable. It’s a herringbone pattern which makes it suitable for both hardcourt and clay court play. With a considerable amount of durability, it gets the shoe that far more valuable as it can persist for a while.

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6. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

Women tennis players with low arches or flat feet need to find the right balance of support and cushioning if looking into tennis shoes. With no impact-absorbing gel cushion, you’re going to be placing a lot of pressure on the inner portion of your foot, which could result in some serious aches and pains afterward.

Japanese apparel designer Asics crafted the Gel-Game 6 to get women who want that kind of effective protection. The Trusstic System reduces weight on your only without sacrificing the structural integrity of the shoe.

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Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Before you search for tennis shoes, here are a couple of things to think about:

1. Surface

  • Hardcourt

Shoes provide more durability at the outsole and cushioning in the midsole, to shield in the larger impact of hard court games.

  • Clay court

Shoes offer added grip without damaging the court surface. Grass court shoes offer you additional grip against slippery grass.

The court surface also impacts the way the ball bounces, and consequently your body movement during gameplay. If you regularly play on multiple surfaces, consider an all-court shoe, however when your game is centered on a particular surface, it is far better to wear shoes that are specialized.

2. Fit

They should hold your feet firmly without grasping or constricting. Be attentive to any slipping in the heel. Heel slipping will affect your game during abrupt starts and stops. The shoe should firmly hold your heel without binding.

Have a thumbs-width of room at the toe. You ought to have the ability to move your toes within the toe box, and also have space beyond the tip of your toe for forwarding motion.

Room in the toe box protects your toes in abrupt stops and lunges, and distance in the toe box is vital for serve-and-volley players.

best tennis shoes for women

3. Brand

There are quite a few distinct brands that make tennis shoes for ladies. With many distinct layouts and prices. Make certain to choose the best brand you prefer and that fits your individual needs and preferences.


There are many distinct options available on the marketplace. Hopefully, with this specific guide, you will easily evaluate, compare and make a much better choice for yourself.

Please carefully consider the criteria for picking the best tennis shoes for women that we have shared to decide on the right one.

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