Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet 2021 [ Reviews & Buying Guide ]

Whenever you have wide feet, then choosing a wide tennis shoe that covers your requirements is never a simple undertaking.

A period of adjustment is essential to ensure that the shoe no longer causes discomfort and perfectly matches to the unique contour of your foot. A large majority of sneakers are designed with a mean width. But a number of them will retain enough space to offer maximum comfort to the widest feet. 

Prepare for the tennis season with our range of the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

Best tennis shoes for wide feet

1. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

Are you looking for a tennis shoe that’s capable of offering grip, balance, relaxation and weight at the exact same time? This shoe will give you all that is necessary to do excellently on the court at all times. The superior support and wider fittings of this shoe make a superb choice for people with flat or wide feet, thus making it part of the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

The outsole of the New Balance Men’s MC806 Tennis Shoe is made of non-marked rubber, and it features a herringbone design that allows for pivoting and traction. The Rollbar Technology and drag tip of this shoe help to reduce movement in the back of the foot and safeguard the foot area.

The C-Cap insole consists of EVA so as to give flexibility and support. In addition to all these, is your Abzorb, which is a mix of foam and rubber offering exceptional cushioning.

Additionally, the Lightning Dry moisture-wicking fabric of this New Balance Men’s MC806 Tennis Shoe helps to keep your feet dry. The rubber compound is found in high-wear areas; this leaves the shoe enduring.

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  • Fantastic traction and stability
  • Toe protection
  • Supportive
  • Great cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Ability to keep your toes dry


  • Tends to be small for some people

2. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss has been popular on the tennis court for several years. They’re known for making shoes that have a wide toe box acceptable for feet. They have a faux leather top with a cloth collar liner.

Cushioning and assistance from a molded EVA midsole and sock liner help keep feet comfortable. The non-marking rubber outsole has a classic herringbone layout or clasp and slips resistance. This version seems very popular with individuals playing pickleball in addition to tennis.

Some believe the ventilation in this shoe can be improved as the toes might get hot. They might also take a brief time to break-in.

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  • Styles for men and women
  • EVA midsole for support and cushioning
  • Herringbone sole for traction
  • Lightweight


  • Could have more venting for feet
  • Might need a rest in the period

3. Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

The Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro is a tennis-style sneaker that eliminates all of the unrequired weight that accompanies traditional court sneakers. Coupled with its lightweight is the capacity to provide flexibility, cushioning, and ergonomics. Its lightweight makes you feel tremendously comfortable when you have it all on.

Additionally, the rubber pods of the heel and forefoot of the shoe help to provide a better grip in addition to prevents the shoe from becoming slippery. The fabric that’s used to cover the footbed of the shoe provides extra comfort; also allows air to pass to improve breathability.

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  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic grip
  • Breathability
  • Good Appearance


  • No arch support

4. New Balance Men’s Made in Us 990 V4 Sneaker

This tennis shoe provides stability, cushioning, and breathability, and this creates the shoe all-surface tennis footwear which will keep cool when the temperature of the court rises.

The New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe is created of a combination of synthetic and fabric, and this also offers a natural match to the shoe. The outsole of this shoe is extremely durable, which makes it ideal for individuals with long drag hints.

The midsole of the shoe is made from REVlite; this style of the midsole allows players to enjoy the lightweight of the shoe when playing the tennis game. This shoe offers excellent cushioning because of the design of this insole.

The rubber compounds are found in high-wear regions of the New Balance Men’s MC1006v1, consequently, raising the enduring capacity of the shoe.

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  • Light in weight
  • Good cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Stability is ensured
  • Durable


  • The laces are not long enough
  • Absence of collar service

5. Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe is a wonderful tennis shoe that has a beautiful appearance, offers a supportive ride and excellent comfort. The exceptional 4E design of the shoe makes it extra broad and consequently, suitable for people with wide feet.

The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe features Adiprene and from the forefoot and heel. The Adiprene and from the forefoot maintain propulsion and efficiency while the one under the heel offers exceptional cushioning at impact.

The 3D Torsion of this shoe provides flexible midfoot support. The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E has an Abrasion-resistant Adituff that wraps around the toe and medial forefoot. This quality of the shoe can help to protect the foot from drag, which occurs throughout serves, volley, and extreme lateral movements.

The midsole of the shoe features EVA technology which gives more cushioning and support to the foot. On the other hand, the outsole is made up of Adiwear 6 rubber using a modified herringbone tread pattern which improves its durability. It also provides more grip irrespective of the type of court surface.

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  • Improved support
  • Enhanced propulsion
  • Excellent layout
  • Higher efficiency
  • More breathability


  • Quite Costly
  • Lacks ample back service

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

The Gel-Dedicate 6 attributes a rubber outsole that offers sustained durability. These shoes are outfitted with a gel cushioning system designed to reduce the influence on your heels. They’re designed to withstand shock from rapid movements and feature higher durability than competing shoes. However, due to the heavy construction, breathability does become a problem leading to”hot feet”.

The sizing can run a little tight, so it’s recommended for you to go half up a size when buying these shoes. Additionally, they do require some time to correctly break in. However, in spite of these variables mentioned, the Asics represents one of the best value-for-money shoes on the market. They are high-quality tennis shoes for wide feet that are extremely durable and suited for vigorous tennis games.

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  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • Flexible after broken in and supply adequate levels of cushioning


  • The fit is somewhat tight and narrow. Recommended to go half a size up
  • Shoes demand breaking in before using them onto the courtroom
  •  Reduced breathability Because of heavy construction

7. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

The Prince T22 Tennis Shoe comes with a wide toe box and provides excellent arch support, thus, suitable for gamers with wide horizontal feet. This shoe comes with attributes that help to improve one’s stability and performance.

The uppers of this Prince T22 Tennis Shoe are made from mesh and breathable synthetic substances. This makes this shoe flexible, comfortable, and in the exact same time supportive. This tennis shoe offers excellent shock absorbency for the reason that it features EVA midsole with a unique ShockEraser heel insert and SoftSpring Polyurethane forefoot.

There is enhanced reinforcement midfoot and exceptional arch support as a consequence of these features and also because of the wishbone shank of the shoe. This shoe comes with an outsole that is made from PRC 1000 durable plastic compound.

Ventilation can be improved as a consequence of the mesh added to the upper of the shoe, support and durability of this shoe are as well preserved by the upper mesh.

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  • Good cushioning
  • Durable
  • Great arch support
  • Shock absorbing capacity
  • Stylish design
  • Efficient ventilation


  • The Issue of incorrect sizing

8. New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

It has a hardened rubber sole that is fairly durable and offers exceptional wear protection. The shoe prioritizes stability and is, therefore, tailor-made for demanding Tennis gamers. The standard New Balance cushioning helps by providing good support for extended gameplay.

This is a high-heeled shoe that’s suitable for any serious player. The breathability is also great on this shoe thanks to perforations on the toe box and side panel. The toe-box is pretty elastic; however, it’s slightly narrow which can pose an issue for those who have wider feet, hence we advocate going half a size to get a broader toe-box. The MC1006v1 also offers less cushioning than comparable tennis shoes making it more suitable for an indoor court rather than a clay court.

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  • Highly durable for even the most demanding play
  • Good mixture of stability and support
  • Upper is airy and breathable


  • Poor insole
  • Less cushioning than rival tennis shoes

9. Nike Men’s Revolution 3

Locating the perfect shoes for wide feet couldn’t be a lot easier than that on the grounds that the NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 is the appropriate decision for you. You will love the incredible manner pleasant these shoes are and will not cost you a fortune to receive them.

Regardless of whether you are a non-tennis participant, these are as yet a nice alternative that you try. It includes a normal elastic outsole with profound flex grooves, providing a smooth shift. Additionally, it has a Phylon padded only that really makes these shoes agreeable. The padding around there’s amazing and does not feel squishy by anyway.

In exactly the exact same way as other of Nike’s tennis shoes, it also comprises an engineered function upper and is the most amazing component. It keeps your feet cool and dry by permitting the appropriate progression of air.

Generally, these shoes are genuinely light, amazingly agreeable, and have valid ventilation for incredible playing knowledge.



  • Surprisingly pleasant
  • Highlights firm padding
  • Wide toe box
  • Lightweight


  • No curve support for high curves
  • The insole can not be evacuated

10. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2 Wide Tennis Shoes

These shoes are structured both to recreational and pro players.

The engineered calfskin material combined with work in its upper provides you a customary feel and fit with valid ventilation, keeping your feet dry all through the tennis session. It likewise utilizes Adiwear elastic outsole which is made to last more and provide pleasant footing on the court.

As a consequence of this fabricated calfskin and work team in its upper, your feet remain nice and breathable for whatever period of time which you play tennis. The EVA padded sole alongside the Adiprene padding in its forefoot protects your feet from those pesky arrivals.

While the outsole using Adiwear elastic alongside herringbone track design which results in more noteworthy durability and footing on any type of court surface.

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  • Material and engineered materials for sturdiness
  • Elastic sole with astonishing stun engrossing characteristics
  • Wide 2E strategy for wide feet
  • ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot for push and more productivity


  • The primary thing you’ll loathe is paying the high cost


There are a few vital qualities a tennis shoe should have. Thus, these attributes are what you ought to watch out for when buying a tennis shoe to your wide feet. Also, there are a number of things you should consider before getting a tennis shoe. Below are some of the qualities/things:

1. Materials of the shoe

The materials used to design the different parts of the tennis shoe needs to be taken into account. For the upper element (top) of this shoe, the preferable materials to be used are mesh, leather and synthetic. These materials are lightweight and also offer airflow due to the holes.

The midsole, which’s the part of the shoe that cannot be observed from the exterior but supplies a cradle for your foot, is most commonly of EVA material. It’s required that the substance used for this part to be reassuring and be able to decrease shock.

It is essential for any substance used for the outsole to be flexible enough to be responsive to movement. It should also provide exceptional traction that’s suitable for the court where you’ll be playing.

2.  Style of play

You should always select a Tennis shoe according to the kind of your own gameplay. If you’re a baseliner subsequently your shoe must support your lateral movements and offer you outstanding cushioning. For many courters, the shoe ought to be responsive and lightweight. And for opportunity striker, a shoe with a durable toe cap serves the greatest

3. Surface You Play

It might be clay, grass, carpet or hard courts and there are a variety of shoes to match those particular grounds. But, you will find all-court or even multi-court tennis shoes that you can use on hard courts, grass and clay and are usually used by entry-level and recreational players that like practicing on different kinds of surfaces.

Knowing your playing surface can help you in buying your tennis shoes created with the right materials for that specific surface.

best tennis shoes for wide feet

4. Comfort

The normal quality which produces a tennis shoe to be among the very best pick acceptable for wide feet is comfortability. You can reach the summit of your performance when you are comfortable when playing. Comfort also helps to reduce the prospect of suffering an injury. It so essential that the tennis shoe you select guarantees one of optimum relaxation.

To get a shoe to be comfortable, it must be breathable. Breathability helps you to delight in inventing, and proper ventilation guarantees your feet are dry regardless of how long you play. Also, the burden of a tennis shoe has an immediate influence on the relaxation you derive from such a shoe. A lightweight shoe enriches your speed without disrupting your own convenience.

On the flip side, a heavyweight shoe will ask you to exert more effort in your moves. Also, the shoe needs to have a sound lacing system. And has to have the ability to produce your foot secure and stable (lateral support) and must provide exceptional cushioning to derive comfort.

5. Insole And Heel Support

Perfect tennis shoes should offer support to your heel when playing keeping it firmly on the ground rather than rotating. To protect the ankle, collar padding is inserted in different thicknesses. The insole cushioning ought to provide enough foot shock absorption.

Ordinarily, the insole is made of airbags, dense foams and silicone-based gels to protect against any possibility of feet injuries and discomfort and protect the toes from impact.


1. If I Buy Extra Wide Shoes?

If your toes run broad and you’re in pain with regular widths, you should absolutely buy extra-wide shoes. Especially when playing such a challenging sport like tennis, you’ll have to have your toes well-aligned to be able to play well.

Best tennis shoes for wide feet coastalfloridasportspark 2

2. A having broad feet affect my performance on the court?

Provided you are wearing tennis shoes that fit your feet correctly then your performance shouldn’t be hampered by your broad feet.

If you wear shoes that are too narrow, you could be placing undue pressure on the sides of the feet. This may lead to distress and pain and affect your game. When you get right down to it, then you are going to focus more on your distress than your game.

Another variable of sporting tennis shoes that are too narrow will be the limitation on your movements.

3. Why broad shoes really are better?

Squeezed or Narrow shoes can cut blood flow in the feet and feet. This can lead to serious and painful foot problems. Wide shoes permit blood flow and support the foot. Thus, broad shoes are constantly recommended.


Hopefully, this guide has given you all of the info you need to learn about broad tennis shoes to make you educated before starting the purchasing procedure.

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