Top 7 Best Tennis Shoes For Walking On Concrete 2021

Buying shoes can be a tricky affair if you do not know the intricacies of proper shoe selection. An improperly fit, or even the wrong kind of shoes can’t just ruin your sporting experience but also cause unnecessary complications finally making it a terrible investment.

A fantastic pair of sneakers not only facilitate the experience of walking but also ensures comfortability.

Here we’ve put together a list of the best tennis shoes for walking on concrete so you don’t have to have intimidated by the broad range of choices.

Best tennis shoes for walking on concrete

1. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Anyone familiar with walking or jogging shoes has definitely heard of Skechers. This new specialization in running shoes has been a fan favorite due to its exceptional comfortability and reliability. The Go Walk 3 out of their signature functionality series lives up to the expectation.

Skechers Go Walk is the perfect lightweight walking shoe that you may get for walking on concrete. The shoes have been designed using a high mesh which provides cushioning from the top. Another key feature is that the Goga mat technologies that provide unique cushioning into the bottoms exclusive into the Skechers series.

Overall, these are excellent running shoes certainly worth the price. Though among the gripes we had with this particular one is it is not meant for people with flat feet.

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  • Very lightweight mesh layout
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Slip-on design for easy wear
  • Provides additional comfort for Those Who Have high arches


  • No

2. Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer

As its name suggests, it’s an all-leather constructed slip-on loafer ideal for any formal or casual calls. However, the selling point of the shoes is their durability and long walking comfort on hard surfaces like concrete.

The outsole includes a solid inch of rubber that offers adequate support that you need. The rubber cushioning on the inside wraps around your feet giving a pleasurable walking experience. This is a perfect alternative for anybody outside for long walks with no pain it. However, the drawback with this particular one is that it is by no way that a running shoe and they are a bit on the expensive side.

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  • The Plan and built quality
  • Textured rubber support on the inside and outside
  • High-quality leather for long-term use
  • Crafter from EVA footbed
  • Reduces foot fatigue


  • Not enough information

3. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh

TIOSEBON is a relatively lesser-known brand when it comes to walking shoes. But do not let this get to you since they know their ways with the toes. The brand was able to create a good client base in a relatively short time on account of its durability and comfortability their sneakers provide.

The shoes which we’ve got here are from their sneakers series. These bright-colored shoes are made with a mesh design that offers breathable comfort to your toes. Along with that Tiosebon has perfected the design with a memory cushion all around.

The outsole is also laced with soft rubber exactly like the interior. This leaves walking for a long duration, well, a walk in the park. Overall, this may be an ideal choice for anyone with high arches and an extended walking routine. However one of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t offer adequate support for stability or for people with low arches.


  • Signature Solyte midsoles provide for exceptional comfortability
  • Mesh design for Extra comfort
  • Durable and durable
  • Memory cushion lined insides all around
  • Comparatively cheaper


  • Lesser-known brand

4. New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

When it comes to durability, no one really does it like New Balance. Since its inception, the brand has focused on durability and comfort. Their shoes are renowned for lasting tough terrains and rocky usage. This all-leather shoe not only looks premium because of its cost and purpose but also provides comfortability providing you with the very best of both worlds experience.

The premium leather constructed has tough rubber cushions from the heels, this makes it an ideal choice for individuals with low arches or flat feet since it provides sufficient support and relaxation. New Balance has integrated unique multi-directional traction in its only that provides intense protection against slipping and makes them perfect for walking in concrete.


  • Premium leather built
  • Support for horizontal feet and overpronate
  • Unique multidirectional traction


  • Check size before purchasing

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20

The Asics gel cumulus is quite gentle and comfy on the feet, as they have been made with the propel technology comprising Flytefoam. The latter gives a comfortable bounce when walking, and it also has great shock-absorbing qualities when used on concrete flooring.

The midsole is reactive regardless of how far you want to walk as it does not break down, its stability is due to the organic super fibers utilized that help reduce packing out, a characteristic that is common with soft and low-density midsole. The fore and back foot features the gel cushioning technology, which lifts shock during impact, and enables the feet to move in various planes while transitioning via the gait cycle.

Exactly like other Asics sneakers, the Gel Cumulus is built with materials that will rarely irritate or cause swelling on your foot skin. The conventional seams and stitches inside a shoe are sufficient to create your walk very uncomfortable, most probably you may choose to eliminate the shoes or scratch your feet because of the irritation.

The shoe is also made with the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole, and they’ve been strategically placed to enhance its durability, users with foot complications are also permitted to use an Ortholite sock liner. SPEVAFOAM technology has been incorporated in the production of this shoe, a feature that enhances the platform texture whilst providing maximum comfort.


  • Gait efficiency is enhanced by the vertical bend groove
  • Integrated back and forefoot gel technologies
  • Rubber outsole offers good traction


  • Requires a break-in period
  • Flytefoam not very efficient

6. RYKA Women’s Dash Walking Shoe

The Ryka women’s walking shoes are made with an ortholite footbed that makes them comfortable to be worn out by fitness walkers and women that are always on their feet. The outsole flexes with the foot and has high traction properties. The fur area has integrated a broad room in the round design to comfortably accommodate a player’s feet.

The supply of a broad width will work nicely with athletes that have bunions since the spacing is offered in the back joints. The overlays are made of supportive leather material and the midsole is EVA, which includes good cushioning characteristics. Shock absorption has also been catered for in the midsole, only that EVA tends to crack on high impact.

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  • Accommodate players with bunions
  • Features a breathable upper required for airflow


  • Problem with big sizes
  • Pricey
  • Sole not versatile for different grounds

7. Dr. Comfort Performance Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoe

The Hard floor athletic shoes counter the extended hours of walking; the top part is made of durable leather cloth along with a breathable mesh. The lace closure comfortably supports the tongue whilst offering stability to the foot. A seamless and padded lining has been incorporated in its construction that doesn’t irritate the feet.

The outer rubber sole has been made from a thick and lightweight material that offers great grip on a hard floor. All sorts of feet are accommodated in the shoe first because of the broad toe box and also the broader widths, other small feet gamers are also accommodated.


  • Are lightweight at the foot
  • The mesh upper lets air conditioning
  • Bungee lacing system for feet and tongue support and stability


  • Pricey

Buying Guide

1. Material

They are thus good for equilibrium because they can endure the pressure of an athlete’s foot either in walking or jogging. Polyurethane also abbreviated as PU turns out to be excellent compared to EVA.

PU stands out because for one it is an organic polymer thus its resilience, is also known to be compression resistant and elastic hence offers more support to an athlete’s foot without breaking too fast. In general, stability is exactly what most tennis players look for when walking on concrete, and they can easily locate this feature in midsoles that have been made by rigid materials.

The best tennis shoes for walking on concrete have to be constructed with at least two distinct kinds of rubber for your outsole. Blown rubber is generally light in weight, flexible and provides good cushioning. Other characteristics include the flex grooves, which let your toes bend at its ball and roll into a pure way when walking. A split heel is also convenient as it enables efficient coordination when walking.

2. Comfortability

The first and foremost point to be considered is if the shoes that you are buying are not. This can be a make-or-break deal for many.

For instance, you have to consider the fit of these sneakers, whether it fits you right or not. If you’re somebody who does your walking into a hot or humid environment, then having a mesh is essential too. You also need to consider the insole and outsole since it adds much to the total comfortability of your shoes.

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3. Upper

Some of the characteristics that folks need to keep an eye out for while purchasing tennis shoes acceptable for use on concrete would be its upper part attributes. The upper elements of tennis shoes are manufactured from either heavy-duty synthetic or leather fiber and sometimes equally. The materials are always light but durable, and apart from providing equilibrium, they tend to be comfortable and offer a cozy fit.

4. Design

Tennis shoes are available in various designs, some are curved, along with many others straight or semi-curved, these features determine the comfort levels of your toes, as they conform differently into the diverse foot types. The characteristics of this midsole will also ascertain the level of cushioning and shock absorption.

best tennis shoes for walking on concrete


As you have seen, there are many factors that need to be considered while selecting shoes, particularly if you’re planning to use them for walking on hard surfaces like concrete.

We made a comprehensive list of the greatest tennis shoes that you can definitely consider if you’re searching for a pair. These shoes will not only guarantee great comfort but are also lasting for long-term use and not to mention their specific designs. Ultimately it boils down to personal taste and we hope this article made you aware of things to be considered while making your next buy.

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