Top 7 Best Tennis Shoes For Men 2021 Reviews

Tennis shoes are a vital part of a player’s gear, and it is worth it to invest prudently to protect your feet and avoid injury. But, there’s a wide variety of considerations while hunting for the perfect shoe, including comfort, durability, and cost, to name a couple, making tracking down the perfect footwear challenging.

Inside this guide, we have pulled together reviews of the best tennis shoes for men, along with tips to remember when purchasing a new pair or replacing your present kicks.

Best tennis shoes for men

1. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance’s assignment is to help athletes reach their noble objectives, and that is what they’ve been doing for at least a hundred years already. They look at their products to match the wearer. The shoe has been fitted with ROLLBAR technologies from New Balance, which prevents excessive movement of the back of the foot. This makes sure you have full control over your strides whenever you’re making those competitive cuts and strides on the courtroom.

The shoe features a full-grain leather upper, giving you a timeless style and appearance. The top was reinforced at the front with extra protection against toe dragging. From the sole to the heel, there is a 10mm drop. This shoe also offers a C-Cap, long-wear drag tip; collectively with a lightning dry liner, to ensure your feet are dry and warm all day long.

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  • It is among the most comfortable, secure and supportive shoes for tennis players


  • No

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

This newest version is the 8th iteration and sees Asics bring a new PU top with mesh using a wider toe box. Their Dynawrap and Dynawall help lock in the foot and provide the maximum level of support and stability. They have also improved the outsole of this shoe with improved pivot points.

Together with first-class service, stability, and endurance, you’re also getting a shoe that’s comfortable, well-cushioned, and fast-feeling. A six-month outsole durability guarantee also tops things off nicely.

Players looking for a high-end tennis shoe that gives them all they want can buy the Gel Resolution 8 with extreme assurance.



  • Very comfortable
  • Offer great support and stability
  • 6-month outsole warranty


  • Perhaps not the most breathable shoe

3. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Hard Court Sneaker

The shoe of choice to Milos Raonic and called Lav because of the Candian’s grandfather lending him that nickname (Serbian for Lion) if he was a child. The vital feature of the Lav is comfort, thanks to the fresh foam midsole, which provides a lot of cushioning.

Interestingly the shoes are quite heavy once you drop them on the scales, but once on, they don’ feel overly cumbersome. That’s probably due to the foam, which gives you a sense of mild footedness.

The Lav’s sole is a one-piece layout that will make you think that they’re not elastic like some of the Asics shoes at the midfoot, however, they are not stiff and extend similar levels of flex.

Despite the burden, the area that the shoes disappoint is durability, but just like a number of the others in this listing, New Balance does offer a 6-month outsole guarantee that offers some peace of mind.

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  • Low to the ground feeling
  • No break-in required


  • Can run lean for a few
  • Subpar durability

4. ASICS Men’s Court FF Two Tennis Shoes

They’re the shoe of choice to Novak Djokovic and feature a mono sock layout that keeps the foot secure and assists how connected you feel to the courtroom.

Not everyone enjoyed the mono sock, but it provided a snug feeling, was easy to get on, and gave a nice attached texture to the court despite them sitting higher than some lighter shoes.

The Court FF 2 are my top pick as they’re a great all-around shoe. Very comfortable, superb durability, and required zero break-in time. Are they much better than the first Court FF? I’d say slightly, I favor them overall, but some players will prefer the softer upper on the Court FF 1 shoe and at the sale, they’re worth picking up.


  • Very comfortable
  • Offer great support and stability
  • Above-average durability


  • Some gamers may prefer a softer / less plastic top

5. Adidas Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe

Adidas is a renowned manufacturer in regard to high-quality footwear. And with the Barricade 2018, you’re receiving an outstanding pair of shoes, which will keep your feet comfortable when shooting your play to the next level. Designed for recreational and professional tennis players, these tennis shoes for standing all day have been equipped with various innovative technologies, to ensure you have sufficient support, comfort, stability, and traction.

The upper features smooth forged mesh, which stretches since your toes moves, to allow maximum versatility. And with the Adiwear 6 outsole, you’re assured of maximum traction, protection, and durability.

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  • Comfortable 
  • Durable construction
  • Remarkable traction
  • Adequate vertical and lateral support


  • No

6. Mizuno Men’s Wave Exceed Tour 4 All Court Tennis Shoe

Mizuno is a brand I associate more with Golf, however, they have been making more of a look on the ATP Tour of late, sponsoring several players with both clothes and footwear.

My recommendation here is your Exceed Tour 4 because it’s more readily available nevertheless, if you’re able to still find the Exceed 3 models in stock, get those instead as they will be much cheaper. Mizuno’s consensus is that they run slightly large, so many players have a tendency to go half down a size.

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  • Very lightweight
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Fantastic equilibrium even though lightweight in construction


  • Some players complain of heel slippage forcing them to lace ultra-tight
  • They are quite rigid so do need a break-in

7. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

If you’re looking for a comfortable tennis shoe, then the T22 might very well be exactly what you want. As previously suggested, this shoe was designed with a generous toe box, which can be roomy and broad. The top is flexible and ventilated for maximum comfort.

The shoe looks pretty solid, which means you might not feel that it could be comfortable. On the other hand, the instant you put it on your toes, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by their good match.

These shoes have a broad base. This makes them quite stable. In terms of stability, they are up there with the best on the marketplace. They are perfect tennis shoes for high arches because they provide such exceptional arch support.

Another outstanding quality of the shoes is that their heels is slightly more increased than the majority of tennis shoes out there. The T22 is also exceptionally durable. The outsole of this shoe will probably last more than many tennis shoes you’ve worn before.

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  • The T22 is a good shoe that offers very significant levels of functionality. The shoe is available in nine different colours, offering you a wide range to select from.


  • Inadequate info

Buying Guide

1. Weight

The weight of a tennis shoe is a characteristic that many players associate with speed. For many players, a lightweight shoe feels quickly, while a heavier shoe might feel somewhat lethargic.

Shoemakers are often earning a tradeoff between stability, weight, and durability to attack an appealing equilibrium. If you remove material from a shoe, then it will end up lighter, but there is usually a sacrifice in the shoe’s stability or durability.

It’s worth bearing in mind that as the size of a shoe change, so does the burden, and yet one factor to keep in mind as you think about moving up or down a size to attain the ideal fit.

2. Comfort

By nature, tennis shoes tend to be stiffer than a number of other types of sneakers since they will need to support a wide assortment of movements, including the lateral movements essential after hitting the court.

Regardless of that, some tennis shoes put a larger emphasis on comfort than others. Ordinarily, you’ll want to search for shoes that offer a generous midsole. On the other hand, the insole may also offer added support, which you might think of replacing if it’s removable for extra comfort.

best tennis shoes for men

3. Durability

The huge majority of tennis players take part in the sport on hard courts, so sneakers have to be durable enough to resist the beating they take.

Among the most critical elements of a shoe’s durability stems from the outsole at the base of the shoe, which can be in constant contact with the court. However, it’s not the only part of the shoe that has to be durable.

The foot of a tennis shoe too frequently comes in touch with the courtroom, and the forward upper section of this shoe may scrape the courtroom periodically during a slide or lunge.

Different kinds of play can result in wear unique aspects of a shoe, and each player has distinct movements that can also lead to wear. For example, some players tend to drag their foot when serving and, therefore, may require a more durable toe cap for their shoes to last.

Before purchasing your next pair of tennis shoes, it may be useful to inspect your current shoes to determine which areas need extra protection and keep that in mind as you assess shoes.


So here are my best tennis shoe selections for guys; I hope you found it helpful regardless of what level of this game you play with.

Proceed to a store (try to support the local tennis shop if you can), try some on, and if you would like the best possible cost, you could always shop on the internet to find the best bargain.

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