Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches 2021

Individuals facing such conditions have to face more stress on the heel and ball of the foot when they’re walking, running, or even standing. Well, sports players that are facing such circumstances are definitely going to require a separate pair of shoes we are bringing the best tennis shoes for high arches within this list.

Since tennis is a game that is extremely energy demanding and requires a great deal of motion and agility, the large arch condition can be very problematic for tennis players. If anybody of you have experienced this type of arch instability, then you would understand how much it’s painful to deal with such a circumstance. We’ve researched and during our site we all intend you to supply some fantastic tennis shoes for high arches.

As usual, we’ll be attracting in-depth reviews of all of the products on the list describing the characteristics, quality, functionality, making, and pros & cons of buying a particular item. Of course, the factors of quality and performance will be counted over that of cost and others.

Best tennis shoes for high arches

1. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas brings us tennis shoes that have elastic midfoot support from their patented 3D torsion. The new proprietary Adiprene also cushions the complete length of your toes and rebounds power to prevent fatigue. Mesh uppers make the shoes lightweight and breathable.

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to use


  • No

2. New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

The Women’s WC1005 Tennis shoes are made out of high-quality synthetic material and significantly accommodate female tennis players with high arched feet. The shoe is equipped with a versatile foam Acteva midsole and also the technology generates a midsole that is lighter than the typical midsole foam. The pillow technologies is reactive and shock consuming thus allowing good functionality.

Since the New Balance Women tennis shoes should be used in high wear; they’ve been created having a Ndurance rubber compound that ensures durability, as it has to contend with strong grips while still providing balance to this player. The S-curve stability technologies enable.

The player to perfect their cutting motions, and in addition, it ensures support to the midfoot, medial heel as well as also lateral forefoot.

The collar cushioning provides comfort creating the shoe wearable for extended hours, and also the upper mesh part allows air circulation thus making them breathable. The toe box is spacious enough and might also be employed from the toe draggers. What’s more, is the midrise ankle service protects players.

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  • Sole has a good grip
  • S-curve technology Provides support to the feet
  • Acteva midsole supports high arched feet
  • Collar cushioning Provides comfort


  • Could only be used for golfing sports

3. K-Swiss Ultrascendor Low Mens Tennis Shoes

The k-Swiss Men ultrascendor is a creation of distinct technologies, the upper part is constructed of leather, which is a durable cloth and flexes with the participant’s feet. They are light in weight, comfortable and players may have them on their toes the whole day.

The K-Swiss tend to adapt to the foot of the participant once they place them on. The Spring Shock technology has also been incorporated in the forefoot and heel area, a quality that offers good shock absorption to the participant upon a rebound.

Unlike other tennis sport shoes, the K-Swiss Men Ultrascendor does not ask for a break-in period. High-heeled gamers are accommodated inside this shoes it has arch support thus obliterating cases of unnecessary pain and injuries. Regular and higher arch tennis gamers will discover the shoe comfortable because besides stability and support additionally, it succeeds with the player’s foot.

The shoes might not serve a participant nicely in a bud court but will do a great job in a clay or concrete court. The outer sole is made from rubber that provides good traction in the courtroom given it is suitable for hard courts as well as the shoe also encourages swift motions without letting the player slide, fall or rolls the feet.

K-Swiss has been designed for players who play hard, the leather Tec Toe top wrap is resistant from a player’s drag. The parts of the shoe which are very likely to be damaged by intense activity have been fitted with DragGuards and that is on the toes and the heel.

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  • The upper part is Made from durable leather
  • Outer sole made of high-density Aosta 7.0 rubber
  • Midsole made from shock spring for cushioning
  • Drag guards integrated in high-intensity Places


  • Not suitable for narrow feet

4. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

For playing tennis, you will need shoes in which features like the extra-lateral service is much. Well, as we can expect from a brand like Adidas, they have come up with a special wrapped-up layout that provides the required extra-lateral support for volleys and other lateral movements. These shoes fit perfectly around the toes providing the required efficacy and propulsion and also, never for the abrasion resistance of this pair.

Well, in the upper place, these shoes have some fantastic excellent mesh which permits proper airflow making the fantastic things possible. The medial forefoot will protect you against foot drag which is a problem that’s quite common and provide extreme lateral movements.

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  • These provide you a great sense when wearing
  • For golfing, this is the ideal pair
  • A lot of sizes and variety is available
  • These are durable and breathable


  • Some sizes are very uncomfortable
  • Expensive 

5. K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

While playing with different sports and especially those where you are required to be quick and flexible, many shoes do not have a good anti-slip design which costs players a whole lot. Therefore, the outsole of these K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II SR Duty Shoes is certified to for optimum resistance against slipping where the synthetic only can also be adding to the grip. The upper is made of leather material which makes them durable, however, not quite breathable.

Also, you’ve got to be a regular athlete with great stamina in the courtroom to bear the heavier size of those shoes that we do not like personally. On the other hand, to increase the safety of the athletes, these shoes have got a reinforced toe, as well as the collar and tongue, are padded to make them comfortable and safer to wear. These are sending constraints in many regions which affects the availability of the shoes.

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  • These are the most durable shoes
  • Also, these are rather comfortable
  • You will be in for maximum security
  • They have an excellent anti-slip design


  • The size fitness ratio is rather narrow
  • These are heavier
  • You can’t wear them 


Whether you would like to play with tennis, pickleball, or some other racquet sport, or just want tennis shoes for walking and casual wear–here are some features to look out for.

1. Arch support

 Look for shoes that offer support for your arches like memory foam or those designed to conform to the shape of your foot. Alternately, think about shoes that have removable insoles so you can replace them with custom orthotics or other insoles. Should you supinate, you can find out about the top insoles within this article.

2. Heel support

Cushioning and padding in the knees and support from the heels help hold your feet in the correct position. They’ll provide stability and keep your feet locked down in your tennis shoes.

Start looking for midsoles, heels, and forefeet that include those features. They’ll buffer your arches and will help prevent foot fatigue.

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3. Breathability

Materials like mesh and leather that let air circulate, or linings that wick away moisture from the feet keep them dry and cool. This can help prevent blisters or fungal infections


1. Do Skechers shoes have arch support?

Skechers shoes do not have greater arch support but Skechers provides good cushioning with sleek leather upper and shock absorbing midsole.

2. What are the best insoles for high arches?

Insoles for high arches need to be firm enough to support the arch and have sufficient cushioning to absorb impact. If you think about the way your foot hits the floor, when your arches are high, there is less surface area in contact with the ground to absorb impact

Our ultimate guide to the top insoles for top arches will provide you more information.

best tennis shoes for high arches


These best sporting shoe for high arches examines provide you some excellent example of some of the outstanding athletic shoe that is easily available on the market today.
Keep an eye out for the shoes which have the very best assistance for those arches. More company midsoles ensure that Shoes will loosen up the effect that your toes produce with the ground successfully.
It’s possible to discover a few fantastic tennis shoes that have lightweight, artificial uppers. Lighter tennis shoes likewise indicate that you can keep quick efficiency in the courtroom.
Hope that you will choose the best tennis shoes for high arches that suit you.

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