Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet 2021 [ Reviews & Buying Guide ]

Flat feet should not keep you out of the sport and activities you enjoy. Flat feet are a foot type at which the arch is much lower or completely fallen than a standard arch.

Flat feet can but don’t always cause symptoms and issues which may affect your tennis match, and so a suitable supportive tennis shoe specific to their foot type is suggested. Here we listed the top best tennis shoes for flat feet 2021. You can easy to consider them when buying them. 

What to Look For In Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

The perfect solution to having flat feet but still having the ability to play tennis safely is to get a set of the best tennis shoes created for horizontal feet. Here’s a guide to choosing the tennis shoes for you which can allow you to remain on the court longer.

best tennis shoes for flat feet

1. Arch Support

One of the essential things to look for is that there’s lots of support for the arch of your foot. The shoes must be assembled in such a way that they give your foot the arch that it lacks naturally when on. This will signify the horizontal footedness and symptoms related to it are eliminated.

2. Arch Cushioning

In precisely the same manner as you require a shoe that can support the arch and give it shape, you also need more protection to absorb any shock or effect when playing. All of the best tennis shoes for flat feet will have lots of this and the specialist foam kind materials they are made from will help keep your feet comfortable and safe.

3. Motion controller

Shoes that have standard motion control have the same technologies as stability with the incorporating of upper construction. That really is there to lock the toes safely and provide more support. The use of tough materials also helps support the arch, thus keeping it in a properly placed position.

Though, there are individuals who do not enjoy the tough and high arch, locating it not comfy even if it is short walks. As a consequence of the high need in flat feet shoes, companies are making it more convenient with time. A flat-footed player may keep up the speed and agility of players with regular feet. Be sure that you try out the shoe that you want to purchase in person to get the perfect match.

Best tennis shoes for flat feet coastalfloridasportspark 1

4. Design

Just because you are purchasing a tennis shoe to aid with a particular problem, does not mean that you have to have something which looks ugly! You’re likely to perform for months (years should you choose our selections!) In those tennis shoes. You have to make sure they look great. Fortunately, that’s not an issue since there are a number of products available now in a range of colors and styles.

5. Comfort

In the exact same way as you desire a great-looking shoe to wear, you need something which feels good to move in. Make sure you try them before you purchase if possible and walk around in them to be sure they’re ideal for you. Buying tennis shoes that don’t match nicely will only make the issue worse, not better.

Best tennis shoes for flat feet

1. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

These shoes have a designed lightweight synthetic upper that helps to offer more protection and support to your toes. No matter if you are a thoroughly competitive or mildly defensive player, you can get the arch and support stability needed for you to play.

The mid-foot shank serves as a resistance to some unnecessary twisting and allows more room for confidence on your own moves. On one end, you would be probably be expecting to get instantly out-of-the-box relaxation; you will instead find that it might take you a bit of time until you can enjoy the relaxation of these pairs of shoe supplies.

The shoes also contain the advanced KSwiss signature Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole chemical that has been known to be better than the majority of the bottoms of additional lightweight shoes you’d find available on the market. The first thing I did not like was the weight.

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  • High-quality materials utilized
  • Enriched gel cushioning for comfort
  • Tour-level technologies used
  • Very comfortable and soft footbed


  • Quite Costly

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

If you’d like the ultimate comfort and protection on the court then these Asic Gel Dedicates are a terrific choice. They have a leather upper area with a built-in mesh panel to make sure your feet stay cool when on the tennis court.

No worries about comfort though! I love wearing the ASICS Gel Dedicate tennis shoes plus they permit you to go in a pure manner.

The major element of this shoe is the quantity of cushioning it gives to your own bottoms. The midsole has plenty of soft memory foam to help your arches and reduce any pain you would normally feel. Asics has rather a range of great tennis shoes for flat feet in many different styles but these are one of my favorites.

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  • Comfortable and soft


  • Not enough information

3. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

Prince T22 Lite Men’s shoes are among the comfiest and comfy shoes you’ll ever find. If you’re someone who sweats a great deal, this shoe is ideal for you since it gives excellent ventilation. The shoe has exceptional cushioning from the sides of the heels into the ankle collar.

The shoe rankings high instability and support. You won’t find this shoe slipping on the courtroom or inside the shoes. It offers predictable traction when playing.

If you are looking for a shoe that is luxurious in comfort, Prince T22 is your shoe. It does not need a break-in interval and you’re all set to go the instant you put it on.

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  • Very comfortable to use
  • Good Support


  • No

4. Adidas Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe

Adidas has continued to utilize Boost in the plan of the shoes to provide their clients a little bit of more comfort while at the same time gaining feedback from the gamers. This special edition has a sleek mesh top offering you a more locked-down fit.

As a preceding Barricade user, I am confident you’d want to know how the 2018 model steps. Stability was reported to be a constant trend realized from the 2018 Barricades. Just like other versions, stability as a characteristic was significantly highlighted within this shoe.

As this is a shoe designed for durability, we’d all expect that cushioning would likely make them somewhat thick. Though these shoes feel lighter than previously, they also permit you to move more naturally and efficiently around the court.

The Boost technology provides for great support to ensure your feet would not necessarily feel so much pain anytime you place your toes on the ground. Also, the Adiprene+ technician gives you the help you need in the forefoot region so you can burst out of the floor.

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  • Highly durable
  • Offers immense support and stability
  • The midsole gives you excellent protection and responsiveness
  • Comfort and shock absorption are highlighted


  • The shoes Aren’t so breathable
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Feet Begin to sweat easily
  • Cushioning were a little difficult

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 11 Tennis Shoe

A characteristic that’s peculiar to ASICS shoes is that the GEL technology located in the midsole.

Gel challenger includes a forefoot GEL cushioning system plus a rear-foot that makes it capable to control the shock during impact. It also gives enough electricity to the foot when there is a toe-off. Another characteristic is the presence of Solyte midsole substance; a lightweight chemical that increases the sneaker’s strength.

The combo of Solyte material and GEL technology empowers the sneaker to be lightweight and at the exact same time providing shock absorbency and quality cushioning.

Additionally, it has Trusstic System technology in order for it to be lightweight and also maintaining structural integrity. GEL challenger 11 has an upper comprising synthetic substance, textile, and mesh. The components above form the ASICS’ proprietary blend, which is known as Flexion Fit. It weighs 9.8 ounces, which is lightweight. Its weight allows you to move swiftly around. It comes in about 3 distinct colors, namely; pink, white, bold blue.



  • Adaptive and synthetic rubber
  • Rubber outsole
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning System


  • Not so breathable
  • Size could be narrow

6. Babolat Men’s Tennis Shoes

A really interesting feature from these tennis shoes is the lively response system built into them. This helps encourage your feet and the ball of your foot through movement. The shoes also contain a special cushioning design that supports the whole foot in a comfortable fashion while reducing impacts to an arch. This is precisely what you will need to help reduce the side effects of having flat feet.

Another fantastic touch with Babolat is the four-point service supplied by means of a chassis-style foot belt. This keeps your foot in the correct alignment and provides it excellent protection that means that you can remain out on the court for more with no pain to cut your match brief.

The Babolat Propulse tennis shoes are a terrific choice for all tennis players having horizontal feet if you’re a casual or more serious follower of the sport. The arch support and total coverage they provide is superb and make them highly recommended on our listing of best tennis shoes for flat feet.


  • High Arch Support
  • Look great


  • Not enough information


Flat feet can be a real issue if you have them but it does not mean that you can’t play tennis or there’s nothing you can do. Picking out the ideal sort of tennis shoes which were designed specifically to take care of flat feet will help tremendously and get you playing again quickly.

The relaxation and relief they provide will really help in reducing leg and foot pain. Hopefully, after reading this article you will choose the shoes that suit you best.

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