Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions 2021

In case you’ve developed bunions in your feet that would certainly impact the size of them. It is essentially a painful bony bump that might be developed in the big toe joint inside your own feet. On our site, you have to come looking for the best tennis shoes for bunions. You do not need to think about that because we are bringing the very best tennis shoes from the top brands in the marketplace after some good time spent on the research.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 8 best tennis shoes for bunions 2021. As usual, we’ll do the reviews of the products and rate them based on their brand value, price, quality, performance, and best features as required by the buyers.

What is Bunions?

A Bunion is a swelling on the joint of your big toe which can be exacerbated by sporting incorrect fitting shoes, which are either too tight or overly narrow. The skin that’s currently under friction will become tender and might even change its color.

Bunions, therefore, develop after continuous exposure to stress or abnormal movement, in which you will observe that the first fur has bent towards the others leading to the creation of the hallux valgus, the scientific name of this bump that forms at the side of your big toe. To this end, tennis players need to purchase shoes that will not promote the development of a bunion or exacerbate the existing condition.

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How to Choose Tennis Shoes For Bunions

1. Opt for the Suitable Size of Shoes

We believe you do not need to be a professional athlete to understand how important it’s to have right-size shoes when playing sports. And if you’re a tennis player with bunion bumps, size becomes the vital factor.

In this case, you need to pay more attention to the width of this shoe. You need to choose the set of shoes that have enough space for your toes since it can help to relieve tension around your toes. Obviously, it can’t help you to take care of the problem, but at least it will not create your bunions worse.

So, the width of these shoes, especially at the forefoot aspect is critical. It must fit your toes perfectly so that your feet can have sufficient space indoors and will not sit on the border of the shoes. Many businesses now design special shoes for individuals with bunions.

2. Cushioning and Comfort

The best sort of tennis shoes consistently offers better shock absorption and good protection to your feet from top impacts.

The major material used in shoes such as EVA, UVA, Polyurethane, etc. makes the shoes lightweight, well-cushioned and very lasting.

Thus the uniquely constructed tennis shoes for bunions give you better comfort and cushioning support while you walk or run inside them. If you suffer from bunions, purchasing a shoe that isn’t meant for bunions can be a disastrous mistake.

Always be sure that you are choosing the proper shoe to take the strain and pain off of your feet. If you’re interested in finding the general shoes to your bunions, we’ve prepared a buying guide for all these shoes.

3. Soles and Heels Design

The ideal tennis shoes for bunions have to feature fabulous heels which match perfectly in the shoes. Too- tight heels will allow it to be not possible to slide out your feet, and too-wide heels can make your toes uneasy. So, comfortable fitting heels is a must-have factor in this case.

Besides, please note that you should not buy tennis shoes that have to heel over two inches.

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4. Arch Support

Arch support is another crucial factor you should consider if you’re trying to find the ideal tennis shoes for bunions. In case you have a high arch or bunions, you will discover that not all shoes are acceptable for you. It’s because the lower arches can lead to over-pronation, which can’t support or stop the inverted movement of your toes.

Thus, please note that you should always locate the shoes with a sheet of foam inside, so it may support your feet from the interior and make you feel comfortable when playing tennis.

Best tennis shoes for bunions

1. Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 17

The Brooks shoe was carefully crafted with a few of the most effective supportive features that many tennis players would love. One is that it includes a progressive diagonal rollbar; the function of the roll bar is to protect against the player’s feet from moving to the trunk and is usually made of lightweight graphite material. Also incorporated is your BIOMOGO DNA sole cushioning, which shields a player’s feet by adapting to the foot’s motion.

The full-length segmented crash pad at the shoe can take any type of foot landing while enhancing a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Bunion foot players may therefore not encounter pain with this shoe provided the sensitivity of their foot condition.

The rounded heel supports the ankle heel decreasing the possibilities of pain or injuries. The toe box has also been enriched and players get a cozy feel together with the BIOMOGO midsole.

The Brooks men adrenaline shoe affirms two arch types, the horizontal and the medium, therefore high arched players may want to keep off this one. Performance on hard surfaces such as concrete can also be excellent.

A participant’s body type directly impacts the shoe performance and some shoes can’t handle heavy bodyweight however, because of its brooks all body types are well accommodated.

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  • It is a snug and secure fit
  • Full-length segmented crash pad adapts well to footfall
  • Progressive diagonal bar technology for proper body alignment


  • Not Acceptable for wide feet

2. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Lite LTR Tennis Shoe

The K-Swiss Men’s large shot shoes are designed to not only improve playability but to guard a participant’s feet against unnecessary harm. For starters, the interior midsole is a cushioned mold, whose structure makes it possible for a participant’s foot to rests while supplying support from the rear to front. The feature also helps in shock absorption.

The synthetic leather upper section enhances breathability by allowing an airflow system thus releasing moisture, so in addition, it protects the player’s toes when engaging different foot moves and is not restrictive as they bend with the feet.

The Drag shield technology was used on the shoe in areas that are vulnerable to early corrosion such as the back and front outsole, which promote immunity. The fabric collar lining provides ankle support and comfort when initiating side motions or the abrupt split steps.

The K-Swiss also has the Durawrap, which can be necessary especially for toe dragging since it delivers an extra line of defense and also works to relieve bunion pain when at the courtroom. The shoe layout and patterns were designed to match all types of players and largely accommodate people with bunion feet.

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  • Abrasion resistance encourages durability
  • Plantar support incorporated to bunion ft
  • Drilex lining enhances ventilation by obliterating moisture


  • Not very flexible
  • Enormous fitting

3. ASICS Gel Resolution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes

Made of synthetic and fabric, these are comfy shoes that are quite helpful once you’ve got conditions like bunions and plantar fasciitis.

These shoes have loads of stuff that is praiseworthy such as the blend of materials utilized in the making and relaxation level guaranteed by the proper cushioning. For instance, the collar and tongue are padded together with rear and front foot gel cushioning technology that’s the specialty of this brand. Not just the comfort which is ensured by this much stuffing but that also allows you to enhance the movements even though you are playing from the court.

Unlike other tennis shoes by Asics, this pair is much more durable since they have utilized P-Guard technology. The abrasion resistance becomes enhanced with the help of the AHAR+ non-marking outsole that has been designed superbly. Also, the gel cushioning technology ensures that the shoes have maximum shock absorption and this will place lesser fat on the bunions That Could otherwise get really uncomfortable.

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  • The padding level is superior
  • Even collar and tongue are padded
  • These are durable and have high abrasion resistance
  • Great for both tennis and basketball training
  • The Wonderful flexion fit upper having a lace-up layout


  • The lateral support is not that great
  • Some sizes run a bit narrow

4. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

These Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes are our second pick for the listing and are part of several positions we’d formerly covered.

While reviewing these shoes, we were quite satisfied since they’d pretty much everything we required. A blend of materials like cloth and synthetic is present to make them durable and comfortable at precisely the same moment. Also, we were impressed by breathability due to the net tongue that’s otherwise very discomforting for the tennis players.

Many Nike shoes have abrasion issues that were solved in this one by adding an additional layer of material around the toe region. This will shield the sneakers out of abrasion and it would not be happening anytime soon. In addition, we like the rubber sole of these Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes that has been pretty impressive at supplying the required grip and traction from the tennis court.

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  • All these are supportive and durable
  • The comfort level is pretty Excellent
  • The midsole is lightweight and supportive
  • The toe area is wrapped for abrasion resistance
  • The Purchase Price range is pretty affordable


  • Some dimensions are narrow
  • It is not durable as claimed

5. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

The Adidas performance men’s barricade shoes are fitted by an Adiwear rubber sole that could deal with any sort of beating or impact. The traction performance is top-notch because it prevents unnecessary sliding when initiating moves in a tennis court.

The shoes are flexible and may be used for different sporting activities. They can also be worn with both female and male players and their lightweight offers enough support for the court jumps in conjunction with the torsion system. The top part has utilized the mesh material, which enables ventilation during training or in a game.

Bunion protect has been improved by the shaft measurement, which is top from the arch thus offering a comfortable fit, the characteristic also accommodates over-pronated feet. The insole can be eliminated and this enables the players to adjust them so. Underneath the heel, there’s ADIPRENE, which protects the feet from bumps and jolts.

The Adidas Performance Men’s barricade includes a soft responsive midsole and outsole cushioning; this means that it gives players a good sense under the feet when in the court, in addition, it makes them feel as if they’re in close contact with the ground.

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  • The Overlays are synthetic thus offering lateral support
  • The rubber sole provides great traction
  • The shoes hold up well with a durable only


  • Sophisticated lacing design
  • Breaking in requires a Significant Amount of time

6. ASICS Women’s GEL-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe

Take a peek at the attributes made us realize that although this is an older model, the attributes do not differ a whole lot. In reality, you will be receiving these at a lower cost. So far as the features are concerned, these shoes come with all the Flexion Fit Upper which would create your toes fit well and feel comfortable without undermining the aid of the pair.

A number of the other best features like P-Guard Cable shield, back and rearfoot gel cushioning technology, and collar lining are all present to bring the required support, comfort, and durability. Additionally, the price of those shoes is lower than the previous Asics pair that we have discussed on our listing. This could be a great choice if you want to get it.

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  • The midsole materials are lighter and solid
  • These shoes Are Extremely durable and supportive
  • These fit well Because of this Flexion Fit Upper
  • The rubber sole gives traction and grip


  • The ankles get cut somewhat
  • You need to order a size half bigger

7. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8

And the next product in our top best tennis shoes for bunions is Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe. It is the ideal pair of sneakers if you’re looking for balance, flexibility and endurance.

In any case, Under Armour has the most reasonable price in our nine products. But, it’s still very durable, thanks to these leather overlays. And it is also very lightweight thanks to its mesh top.

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  • Low cost
  • Balance and elastic
  • Superb cushioning
  • Lightweight solid grip
  • Durable leather design


  • It’s marginally wide

8. ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

The pair of these ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoes may get pricey, however, the premium features it has been worthwhile. Take the example of the strong rubber outsole for example that has been good at supplying the essential durability and grip which makes them a favorite of many consumers.

Also, the brand keeps its integrity by attracting the forefoot gel cushioning technology but it is not readily available for the rear foot part. Also, the TRUSSTIC System Technology (TST) keeps the overall integrity of the sneakers while reducing the weight of it which makes them lighter.

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  • An amazing tennis shoe set that Is Quite durable
  • You’ll be amazed by the grip
  • This grip comes in the rubber outsole
  • The shock attenuation is simply impressive
  • The 100% artificial makes them lasting


  • These are not wide enough for bunions
  • The general quality in the courtroom is not Amazing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if the width of these shoes is suitable for by bunion feet?

The ideal way to see whether your shoes are suitable or not would be to try it on. If you wear a pair of shoes that cover completely with your feet while still have enough space for your feet to going indoors, it’s the best choice for you.

2. Can a shoe correct a bunion?

Should you diagnose the bunions in your toes early and it doesn’t hurt you all of the time then you definitely need assistance with the wide-toebox shoes for it that fits you well. The doctor also recommends using a splint at night to maintain the toe directly and alleviate discomfort.

3. Are there any strategies to buy the best shoes?

Occasionally I find it comfortable at the shop, however, it becomes itchy after a few days using it

Primarily, never choose the small size of tennis shoes because it will be problematic for your toes, especially for the bunion feet. Secondly, the ideal dimensions, in our experience, is 1/2 inch bigger in proportion of your feet. As an instance, if your leather shoes’ size is 37, your tennis shoes must be 37 1/2.

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Bunions are the main reason to create your feet to hurt, especially once you have to be on the go for quite a while. A tennis game or some other sports will be challenging for people with bunions since you can’t walk and operate properly in large intensity.

And that is why you want to find the best tennis shoes for bunions. And we hope that the information in this article will allow you to find the best product for you.

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