Top 8 best tennis shoes for ankle support 2021

The secret behind a thriving pair of tennis shoes is that it supplies the essential ankle support. This enables players to acquire the required extra-lateral moves and balance while playing matches and get good results in the end. To serve them that, we did some research for the best tennis shoes for ankle support and formulated a list together with their reviews so that you people can find the essential information about the best tennis.

So in this article, we share Top 8 Best Tennis Shoes for Ankle Support 2021

Best tennis shoes for ankle support

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20

Not a reputed name in the shoe sector right? But guess what, this model out of Brooks ticks every box that it takes to be the best tennis shoes for ankle support, let alone be the gorgeous aesthetics. The blend of modern technologies makes it even better.

Talking of the attributes that make it a perfect tennis partner, the first thing we all get to see is ideal support and cushioning. Moreover, since these shoes are hybrid, you’ll get the comfort of mesh, while the flexibility of artificial rubber, both which make it a lightweight, high-quality model one of its peers.

Meanwhile, it gives the most astounding stability you will ever feel, which makes it an ideal set for sports like tennis, but with a bit of extra mambo-jumbos. You can even use it . Another thing I like about this model is its own noninvasive, less bulky layout purely based on minimalist ideas. This enables the player to maneuver like a breeze; almost a weightless feel!

In general, an ideal alternative for those with flat feet, with comparatively high midsole and inventory height, that too with fantastic cushioning for a gentle, comfortable experience. 

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  • Amazing service
  • Great for flat feet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Different sizes
  • Versatile


  • Some individuals had durability issues

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

It allows you to learn the basics and improve your strategy whilst shielding your ankles from injury. It has a comfortable, supported match all around, as a result of its EVA foam midsole and cushioned inside. Overall, the shoe grade is excellent for its price, making it a customer favorite.

The top includes tough faux leather in front to endure hard court surfaces and mesh fabric panels on the sides to improve ventilation. Many customers love this feature since it doesn’t get pressed down and preserves its springy feel a lot longer than simple foam midsoles.

The ankle design is not high, but the padding around the heel and tongue is sufficient to keep your foot securely in place. It lets you move around freely and allows your skin to breathe.

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  • Padded style that hugs your foot
  • Lateral support to prevent your ankle from rolling about
  • Great value for the price


  • Perhaps not the most breathable shoe
  • The outsole can wear out quickly

3. Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

The Nike Court Lite was constructed to withstand rough matches on hard court surfaces while protecting your feet. Also, the faux leather upper and reinforced toe shield your feet from concrete.

The outsole is thick and stiff, which is very good for structure, but some players do find it painful. However, the foam midsole feels thick and padded, which makes the movement easier on your joints.

Slipping on the court can make your discs roll, and the outsole pattern with this model is designed to give you grip on all courts. It has the conventional herringbone on the front laterals to offer you quitting power in fast sideways movements. In the middle and rear, the small spikes give you grip without being too big and clunky.

All in all, the shoe sole and layout are rather heavy, so we don’t suggest this for advanced players with a fast and aggressive fashion. On the contrary, it’s best for beginner and intermediate players, particularly those with ankle and foot problems who exude comfort and support over speed.

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  • Stiff, padded arrangement for good ankle support
  • Wide toe box that does not feel too tight


  • Heavy for innovative players
  • Stiff sole that can get debilitating for some gamers

4. New Balance Men’s FuelCell 996 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

It combines ventilation with support to get tight, padded healthy, and comfortable wear, even if the sun is blazing. For instance, the mesh upper provides you some nice breathability and stretches out to mold to your toes. Still, the shoe is well-padded all around the heel and midfoot area, keeping your ankles comfortable and safe.

These shoes do run somewhat big, so make certain that you’ve got the sizing right before buying them. If you’ve got too large sneakers, they won’t keep your foot in position and encourage your ankle nicely.

Concrete courts have a tendency to rapidly wear out tennis shoes’ outsoles and fabric, but customers consider this pair’s quality as quite great. But some players do notice the grippy, wave-pattern Ndurance outsole could be more durable. The reinforced toe helps protect the cloth upper from tears.

Overall, this shoe seems bouncy and lightweight, so you are able to move around the courtroom quickly. However, some advanced players remark that it’s not fast enough for really competitive play.

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  • Breathable upper
  • Padded heel for stability and support
  • Bouncy cushioning to protect knees and ankles
  • Lightweight feel
  • Nice, minimalist appearance


  • Outsoles workout fast
  • Not enough cushioning for aggressive players

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Exceed Tour 3 All Court Tennis Shoe

Mizuno is a runners’ beloved brand, so the company knows how to produce lightweight shoes with cushioning. This extends into tennis, with the Wave Exceed being a fantastic example of stability.

The outsole is stiff and offers lots of lateral support for rapid movements around the courtroom. It can feel chunky for players that prefer a more lightweight shoe, but gamers enjoy the lateral support on the outsole.

The sole also features a deep, diagonal curve at the middle. It is intended to give you faster and more powerful turns without sacrificing protection.

Players also love the SR Touch midsole that’s light and springy and allows you to move fast around the court whilst protecting your knees and ankles. This relieves pressure from your legs and legs out your legs less during long matches, which makes you less prone to fatigue-related missteps which may lead to injury.

The plastic-enforced upper signifies the net cloth can endure long matches on a tough court without getting ripped. Players also remark that the stiff and tough outsoles don’t wear out quickly if they drag their feet on the court.

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  • Lots of lateral aid
  • Padded and structured fit
  • Midsole spreads and absorbs impact well
  • Durable and demanding quality


  • Outsole can feel clunky and big
  • Insole is somewhat thin

6. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V1

The New Balance Arishi V1 shoes are especially designed to endure flexible judges, whether they be grass, cement, or hard. Coming in a variety of soft themes, the color palette and diversity of terrain service makes these best women tennis shoes for ankle support.

The soling of those ankle support shoes women’s shoes are composed of a mix of rubber and Fresh Foam parts, artfully joined to provide a steady outsole and sleek foam midsole.

Additionally, the soling foam is designed to be exceptionally soft and shock-absorbent, using a comparatively spacious inner width and that’s what makes this set as the best tennis shoes for ankle support.

The appearance and texture of this Arishi V1 is crafted with a soft textile covering and white rubber soles. A thick velvet tongue emerges in the shoe’s eccentric lacing pattern that provides complete close to the opening. Both of these features combine to provide V1 shoes a nice aura of comfort.

In terms of traction control and stability, the V1’s vertical arch ensures your feet don’t bend too, and thus contributes to additional control. We found that the shoe outsole extended a calming sense of balance and grip tennis courts.

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  • Mesh-patterned upper
  • Rubber soling reinforced with Fresh Foam
  • Equipped with NB Performance 2.0 fit
  • Soling designed for comfort and relaxation
  • Maintains durability on flexible courts
  • Light-weight
  • Stretches to support wider-feet


  • Arch support may weaken over time
  • Restricted flexibility at first
  • Comparatively narrow toe compartment

7. PENGCHENG Men Women Air Cushion

When you hit on the practice arena or the fitness center, you want to feel lighter and more in ease, so you can feel encouraged for hours to practice more. Well, that feeling can be accomplished with all these PENGCHENG Men Women Air Cushion Running Shoes which are lighter, breathable, and quite stylish.

You will love the soft and elastic design of these shoes.

These are fantastic for running, gym exercise, and tennis.

The durable non-slip outsole is going to offer essential support.



  • The perfect shoes for multitasking
  • The cost is excellent
  • These are soft and elastic


  • Not a commodity for years
  • Only suited to women

8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24

The female tennis players can get themselves enough ankle support using this pair of ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe which is our first pick for the listing. What makes them distinctive is that the Impact Guidance System runs from heel to toe in order to grow the natural gait of their foot.

With the net Fluid Fit Upper, your feet will enjoy the appropriate airflow. The sole is made of rubber and brings the essential grip and traction.

The rotating shaft of these sneakers is at a low-top in the arch to get good ankle support.

Also, the IGS system boosts the natural gait of the foot.

The top is made from mesh for breathability and fits perfectly as desired.

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  • These shoes are very comfortable
  • Most of the sizes match perfectly
  • The pair is perfect for plantar fasciitis
  • Very comfy at the knees


  • Some dimensions might be too narrow
  • The toe durability isn’t impressive

What To Look for in Tennis Shoes for the Best Ankle Support

With the right support, you will be able to appreciate your games more rather than be worried about permanent ankle instability from a sprained ankle.

But how do you find the ideal tennis shoes for ankle support? Let’s go through everything you need to know here.

1. Mid or High-top? Which one’s ideal?

In case you’ve been suffering from severe ankle pain previously, I wouldn’t advise going for mid-top shoes, and quite a valid reason. They don’t supply the essential comfort and cushioning necessary for proper ankle support, therefore even worsening your condition due to the tough feel.

To the contrary, if we have a peek at the high-top shoes, they are relatively bulky. But it is this bulkiness that guarantees adequate ankle support. And guess what, that also, in a fashion.

The only drawback with high-top shoes is the restriction in movement, which in my opinion, still is something I would prefer over acute pain on the tennis court.

Although both have their own drawbacks and advantages, choosing the perfect match is a choice tremendously private. If you are a avid tennis player who doesn’t have some history of severe ankle pain, going to your mid-top will likely be highly preferable, since they provide sufficient support as well as great moves. But High-top is better if you have been continually facing severe pain and twists.

2. Cushioning

You’ll need your feet to be more comfortable so look for cushioning from EVA foam built into the midsoles. Some shoes have air or gel to cushion heels and forefeet. The addition of supportive, cushioned insoles or sock cubes will even bring about the comfort factor as will seamless uppers.

3. Breathability

While playing if your foot undergoes sweat or suffocation then it may discontinue performance. Therefore a mesh top is important for great breathability that should be an essential element for tennis shoe consideration.

4. Traction

Traction permits for the consumer to have the ability to walk on slick surfaces with no fear of slipping. Traction is not needed for everybody, but if you are somebody who’s worried about slipping, you are going to want to get a shoe that offers some traction. This is also great for sports, hiking, or running. Traction really can make a difference in your daily routine.

best tennis shoes for ankle support

5. Fit

The right fit is always important in any shoe that you opt to get. If you receive a shoe which doesn’t fit right, then none of the added advantages will matter. For ankle support, arch support, or whatever else to really make a difference in your own private comfort, then the shoe should fit properly.

Always read the information about the shoe and reviews. Then you are able to make sure that you obtain the size that will fit you.

6. Arch Support

Your foot is the cornerstone where your posture begins, and the arch is your platform. If your feet are in an embarrassing position, you’ll never have great enough support for your ankles, either.

When looking for shoes for golfing, take into account your arch shape and the following support.

For instance, if your feet are level, you’ll probably want more arch support than somebody with exceptionally pronounced arches. This can help you prevent pain on your ankles and up to your knees and hips.

You can try out whether your arches are apartment in your home:

Make your feet wet in the shower and step out on the ground or a thin bathroom mat.

Inspect the footprint and listen to if you find the foot’s full outline.

With neutral or high arches, the print should be a half-moon shape, with just the midfoot’s outer edge touching the ground.

If you have flat feet, you are going to see the entire outline about the mat.

The main thing is that the sneakers feel comfy for you. In case you have arch pain but are unsure which shoe kind to buy, test this method and consult a doctor for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would someone need a shoe for ankle support?

Ankle support helps to take the stress off your ankles. By relieving stress from your ankles, you can also take the strain off of other regions of your feet, letting you be as comfortable as you can. Should you play sports that require a lot of footwork, then you might want additional ankle support to help prevent you from an injury.

Ankle support might also be significant if you are somebody who goes hiking a lot. Anytime you are in your feet for long periods of time, doing anything that may result in an ankle injury, a sneaker with ankle support might help prevent this.

Best tennis shoes for ankle support coastalfloridasportspark 2

2. What Is the Fastest Way To Relieve Ankle Pain?

You might even utilize some aspirin or other common pain relief medicine. If your foot is swollen and the swelling does not go away in a few days, ask your physician.

3. Can I wear shoes with an ankle brace?

Yes, an ankle brace gives support and you need to always wear a shoe with your ankle brace because it’s unproductive with no ankle brace. Ankle pain is the most frequent pain and several individuals around the globe are afflicted by it.


Ankle support might not be something that you believe you need in your own sneaker, but if you do any heavy activity throughout the day, it may go a long way in enhancing the overall feel of your shoe. Ankle support may also take the stress from other regions of the feet.

Having a shoe with proper ankle support will not only require the extra strain from your ankles, but it will also take the strain from different regions of your toes too, such as your own arch. The more stress that is taken from such regions in your feet, the less sore they will feel in the end of the day.

Improving the way your feet feel during the day insignificant. Feeling comfy in your shoes won’t only enhance the health of your toes, but it will also enhance your mood. Possessing the perfect pair of shoes can allow you to enjoy more of those tasks you love.

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