Top 7 Best Tennis Racquets For Power 2021 Reviews

In tennis, you will need attention, finesse, rate, and most of the time, the power to conquer your opponents. Strong racquets will also provide you stability in addition to freedom from the courtroom.

Here are some of the best tennis racquets for power that are compatible with tennis players from all skill levels you will appreciate.

Best tennis racquets for power

1. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti S6 is among the best tennis racket for power and control using incredible statistics. Should you ask yourself,”Which tennis racket is Head’s best-selling?”, You immediately think of the much-marketed rackets such as the Speed or Prestige, but that is not accurate. The head ti.S6 has been their best selling since 1970.

This racket is one of the lightest on the market at 225 gram and a bit longer with 70 cm. The titanium material makes the racket stiff and sturdy in all rackets. The ShockStop System is aimed at tennis players with difficulties in their arms and absorbs a large part of the vibrations.

The big SweetSpot makes it much easier to hit the ball in the right place with all the racket. As a small incentive, there is, of course, the unbeatable cost of this racket. Additionally, this makes it among the cheapest tennis rackets.

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  • Very cheap despite good quality
  • Very light, but still a Great Deal of power
  • Perfect for older players


  • Too light and club mind too big

2. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet

This is great news for anyone who may be somewhat hesitant to try out this racquet. They have maximized the sweet place, allowing people to hit more shots with power, even if they’re not totally dialed in.

Control comes to life the most on the server with this model in particular. Players who’ve tested the racquet are very quick to point out that it is balanced just right to get a perfect first and second function for a lot of individuals. Those who prefer to hit with a great deal of pace in their first function will especially like this current model when compared with the preceding generation.

If there is anything someone might be sacrificing, it’s maybe just a little bit of volleying. Maneuverability is good but not great, and that holds a few people up when they’re playing. It is a very minor complaint of a racquet that is really a great blend of control and power. You can read our entire review in this post.

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  • Great power in all aspects of the game
  • Improved texture from the second creation
  • A very secure racquet


  • Comfort could use a slight improvement

3. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

This racket includes the DNA of Rafael Nadal. That seems more like a metaphor, but it’s unbelievably near the truth, as you can see from this quote from Babolat CEO Eric Babolat.

The Pure Aeros’ new layout in 2019 is significantly matte and not as bright as the yellow of its predecessor. The lettering looks more competitive and looks modern and cool.

The 300 gram of the Pure Aeros is fortified in the head by the well-known Cortex system and guard the arm in the assembly point.

The most important feeling for every single player who uses topspin is the grip. Together with the Pure Aero, you’ve got the feeling that the ball stays on the tennis strings for an extra-long period and gives you the chance to make the”heavy ball” heavy enough and put plenty of twists to the tennis ball.

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  • Great on the offensive
  • Also high on the defensive


  • Only Acceptable for modern players with a Great Deal of topspin

4. HEAD Graphene 360 Radical MP Tennis Racquet

Head has many fantastic racquets for people to select from, but the most balanced of the participant racquets is your Head Graphene 360 Radical MP. Lots of people like that it is very easy to control and swing spin, while also creating a fantastic amount of speed without overswinging.

The racquet has been around since the 1990s and many folks like the line for its overall game. Individuals who enjoy all-around options like the fact they can hit the ball with precision and speed. It does just about everything well, using its strong suit being served, and it is weak spot being equilibrium.

Spin is extremely simple to create with the Radical, and gamers do not need to feel as they are swinging otherwise to acquire exceptional outcomes. As long as a player swings the way that they are utilized to, they will find success.

Volleys require just a little bit of getting used to, particularly with the somewhat low stability and relaxation together with the racquet. Slicing is also not just the best, but it is still an extremely capable doubles racquet.

People that are used to playing with the line will prefer the alterations they have created for the new edition. Many feel as it’s a step in the ideal direction, without altering up the overall feel the racquet too much. You may read our entire review in this informative article.

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  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Large sweet spot for power/spin
  • Improved serving precision


  • Not the most comfortable racquet to play with
  • Stability is missing a little

5. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

The standard version has an elastic feel, but for the intention of this guide, the combination of power and control put it near the top immediately. This is a game-changer out of Wilson, and lots of players of varying skill levels jumped on it.

Control is what makes it stand out as a truly remarkable piece of equipment for tennis players. Players can pinpoint their shots with fantastic frequency once they are used to the way the racquet plays. This works in all elements of the sport as well, meaning that a player will see a difference in their function in addition to groundstrokes and volleys.

Out of all the strokes, the lack of power on the service is exactly what people notice the most. It works perfectly fine with power on groundstrokes and volleys, but gamers who crank first serves will notice a small fall in spin. The further control generally makes up for it with most players, so that they continue to be left fulfilled. You can read our entire review in this informative article.

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  • Flexible, comfortable feel
  • Among the greatest combinations of control and power on the market
  • Spin potential on serves and groundstrokes


  • Hard to get a ton of power on serves
  • Other Clash options might fit certain games better

6. Wilson Blade v7 100L Tennis Racquet

The”blade” has always been a classic racket, and that does not change with the 7th generation. And that’s a good thing because using a blade on the research has many benefits. The 334 swing lets the club go through the balls such as butter, the”laser-like” precision and higher speed are simply a few of the numerous advantages that the Blade has brought with it for years.

According to Wilson, the new blade framework also bends in a means that’s adapted to the modern swing. Obviously, I couldn’t check this, but even without this understanding, I could say that the racket feels excellent. In comparison to its predecessors, the new Blade has a tiny bit more weight in its mind and, thus, a little more power, even though the entire weight has been decreased to 305 g.

In any case, Wilson has extended the grip a little and makes it a lot easier for gamers to get the ideal grip with both hands on. With players such as Tsitsipas, Khachanov, and Raonic, it becomes apparent which style of play has been promoted here.

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  • FeelFlex to get a Whole Lot of touches
  • Extreme accuracy
  • More extended grip positive to get a two-handed backhand


  • No

7. YONEX EZONE 98 Tour Tennis Racquet

The next entry on our review isn’t necessarily an oversize tennis racquet but that’s also not a bad thing. The Yonex Ezone 98 at 98 square inches as its name suggests is easy to be underestimated but we can attest to its power.

That is power while still having a good amount of control on your swings. Still possess a wonderful sweet spot, this racquet will offer your serves a boosted pop for it. This extra kick is also detected in groundstrokes and volleys alike.

If you can get past its stiffer feel then you have yourself among the most versatile racquets in our small group straight here. Only a couple of sessions and we are certain you’ll be ready to go. It doesn’t suffer from framework bending and yields greater energy transfer to the tennis ball upon impact. Truly one great racquet in the underrated brand so that it’s high time you get to discover it.


  • Precise shots
  • Great value for money
  • Great power and control
  • Very nice feel and balance
  • Nice shape and aesthetics


  • It may not be very Acceptable for novices

Things To Consider When buying the best tennis racquets for power

Thus, you want a tennis racquet that packs a great deal of power but we think you also have to look at the other end of the spectrum that’s controlled. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Head Size

As previously mentioned, a smaller head size might mean better control for the player. On the other hand, a bigger head size of over a hundred square inches will generate more power for you.

The larger or wider sweet spot can allow you to return shots at a greater rate in spite of off-center strikes.

2. Length and Weight

Nothing affects a tennis racquets maneuverability compared to its length. Tennis racquets may arrive in 27 to 29 inches in length and the more the racquet it will feel heavier to swing but increases its swing weight as well as range and that’s the majority of the time advantageous.

Tennis racquets for power frequently have additional length and so you’ve got the benefit concerning reach.

Weight also decides its power and it’s simple physics really. Heavier racquets will move more energy since you hit the ball and provides stability to your strikes. This is also the reason tennis racquets for power are easier on the participant’s arms and simple on any harm.

Best tennis racquets for power coastalfloridasportspark 1

3. Balance

This is a result of the weight reduction. Some clubs have more burden on the clubhead, some on the handle. To find out which weight distribution suits you better, then you should simply take two clubs together with one to another training session and change them every few minutes.

Many professional players pick the handle-heavy weight reduction, as this improves maneuverability and outstanding gamers do not depend on the huge racket head to create power.

Head-heavy rackets feel lighter and move more energy into the ball. Because of the high weight in the head along with the low weight on the handle, these rackets frequently tend to emit a lot of vibration. Therefore, you should pay attention to arm-friendly technology.

4. Frame, String, and Handle

The hardness of a frame describes the level of deformation when the ball strikes the series.

To get a lightweight racket to withstand the stresses of a tennis match, a particular hardness is necessary. The tougher the framework, the more energy is transferred into the ball.

The series ratio describes the number of the cross and most prolonged strings of the racket. A tighter chain pattern provides additional control, while a more open string pattern provides more spin, through more motion of the strings and thus more friction and ultimately more rope wear.

Modern rackets have handles which consume a lot of vibration and improve relaxation. Each player also has individual preferences in the size of the deal.

best tennis racquets for power


Everything we listed down really is strong contenders but we have to give it to the Babolat Pure Aero and declare it as the top of the best tennis racquet for power from our inspection.

It is a popular choice for tennis players out of all ability levels. It highlights all the aspects that a good power tennis racquet ought to be and most importantly, it provides you control like no other.

It’s innovative, lasting, and provides a fantastic value for your money so you really couldn’t ask for more. So keep on shaping and enhancing your game with just the best tennis racquet for power. Pick one from our list and we promise you that you’re going to enjoy the tennis experience.

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