Top 8 Best Tennis Racquets For Intermediate Players 2021

When looking for the best tennis racquets for intermediate players, there are dozens of brands and heaps more models within each manufacturer. You can easily waste money by demoing dozens of racquets.

We’ve researched all of the best tennis brands so you can discover the best tennis racquet for intermediate players no matter which type of match you’ve got. Beneath, you’ll learn how to pick a racquet that fits your game. Following that, you are going to see the top 8 intermediate-level racquets on the market today.

Best tennis racquets for intermediate players 2021

1. HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

Head is one of the few businesses which are famous for introducing revolutionary products for sports players. With a ravishing design and special features, it’s the ideal choice for seasoned players.

The racquet comes with a dense string pattern that assists the player in delivering rapid and innovative strokes at the baseline. The racquet comes with MicroGel technology which absorbs the impact and distributes it evenly throughout the whole frame providing great comfort and texture.

It comes with a 98 square inch head that allows you to reach the ball farther with a greater bounce a more powerful pop spin with every shot. This racquet is perfect for aggressive players as it was made to absorb high levels of shock and gives comfort while reducing stress on the hand.

The bat weighs around 10.4 ounces and is slightly heavier at the handle than the head. This uneven distribution is among the key attributes of amazing maneuverability given by the racquet. The weight distribution of this racquet renders excellent balance that is widely desired by seasoned players.

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  • Very comfy
  • Lightweight
  • Look trendy


  • None

2. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Using a number of the most advanced technology integration in the production of tennis racquets in the industry, the Wilson Hyper Hammer is among the best choices if you are looking for a heavy racquet for company hits.

The item is produced using Hyper Carbon, and it’s a web that goes 100 square inches onto a 27.5 frame and a whole weight of 9.0 Oz.

The Hyper Hammer technology, an exclusive feature of Wilson, brings all the benefits of calculated, spot-on swings with potent hits. Remember that these products were created to carry out just like thick racquets by taking away their issues.

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  • Broadhead size
  • Company grasp favors high impact hits with great precision


  • Consistency is somewhat jeopardized if you don’t get the hang of it

3. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Rounding our listing of finest tennis racquets for an intermediate would be your Wilson Clash 100. When it comes to stability and control, nothing comes near the Wilson Clash 100.

Produced with performance carbon fiber, it gives you the energy you need to earn a powerful shot. Add to that, this carbon mapping allows you to remain flexible with each swing. This is a great tennis racket for anybody intermediate or advanced player.

The carbon frame also includes alternate angles which hold the ball right. The specs of the Wilson Clash 100 make it a power racquet while harnessing plenty of control with its 16 x 19 chain design.

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  • It offers excellent control with Lots of power
  • Carbon framework


  • The racquet is expensive

4. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet

Babolat is one of the best tennis components manufacturing companies and this time they’ve produced a wonderful invention’Pure Strike’. The racquet’s innovative design enables the players to create exceptional pace and hit the ball with a wonderful force.

The most notable quality of Babolat Pure Strike is the 16×19 string pattern that produces incredible spin. The graphite framework is easier on the arm when compared to the iconic Pure Drive. This system retains the string and frame intact and provides more freedom to the strings. The free movement ends in a trampoline effect that generates amazing power and a high shock absorption speed.

The racquet comes with a unique high-quality strung with 16 gauge synthetic gut in different color options. However, it doesn’t have the signature Babolat Stencil logo on the strings.

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  • Babolat Pure Strike was made to land the first spin with a rate
  • Broader sweet spot and stronger backbone for improved hitting encounter
  • Strong strokes and striking precision


  • Not enough info

5. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet

One of intermediate tennis players, Head racquets have been quite the rage for a while. This is because of the versatility that most of these products figure out how to provide. 1 such product is the Head Graphene 360 Gravity Pro that is currently endorsed by Alexander Zverev.

It’s a large sweet spot and is an excellent matchup for competitive next-generation players. The racquet also includes Heads 360+ technology that’s a combination of energy transport and enhanced flexibility.

Although this racquet isn’t the ideal choice for all level players like novice players, aggressive intermediate players will appreciate the fact which you may use it to reach fast and full baseline deliveries. To fully optimize the ability of the racquet, you will have to have use a suitable stroke and follow thru. People who’ve mastered the various techniques will discover that the responsiveness and accurateness of the racquet are all excellent.

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  • It offers excellent control for the power it generates for intermediate level players


  • Perhaps not the Ideal racquet for all those seeking spin

6. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Unstrung

The Pro Staff is a high-quality racquet intended for intermediates and advanced tennis players. And that is just what Wilson guarantees with their RF 97 Autograph racquet. One of the best with its daring and detailed layout, this poor boy will give you better ball control. If you’re able to take care of a 12.6 oz (strung) heavy equipment, this is the one for you.

Another extra bonus is that Wilson has partnered with Roger Federer to design this racquet. The Pro Staff RF97 is really a piece of well-thought-out equipment that has combined features of preceding Pro Staff versions like the open string pattern and head dimensions and adding sleekness and leather grip gives it an advantage over other racquets in the market.

This racquet is made in such a manner that it adds more power to your game with a far wider and more aerodynamic beam. The Pro Staff RF 97 is the first racquet of the”Attacker Player” section by Wilson, and it is perfect for anyone looking for exceptional performance and texture.

This elite racquet serves almost any personality of a tennis player and in accordance with people who have employed itit’s impressive and exceptional.

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  • Heavyweight for more power


  • Might be too heavy for some customers

7. Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet

If you are interested in control, comfort, and has a fantastic deal of twist, this is the one for you. The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is popularly endorsed by Rafael Nadal and like the previous models, it lets you take big cuts in the ball with no anxiety of miss-hitting.

The ease of power and spin from the baseline really sets the Pure Aero aside and that is how it made it on our list for 11 finest tennis racquets. The black and yellow/green paint project may not be up to everybody’s liking, but considering the operation of the racquet, the color facet can easily be overlooked.

The Pure Aero includes a new aerodynamic framework that produces the mind move more swiftly, and the Frame Spring Interaction Technology empowers a broader weave in the string bed.

These features enhance the chain movement and enhance ball life. According to many, the Babolat Pure Aero provides plenty of spin and power and yet they can have better control compared to previous variants. This racquet is a stand-out for being user-friendly and magnetic for most tennis players.

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  • A Fantastic mixture of power, spin, and control
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Restricted range of colour preference

8. Babolat Pure Strike (18×20) Tennis Racquet

Making our listing of intermediate tennis racquets is the Babolat Pure Strike using its 16 x19 tennis string pattern. The Pure Strike tennis racquet serves to be a fantastic addition supported by Dominic Thiem. This item succeeds in using attributes which are needed by all, whether it be novices or intermediate players.

The inclusion of a 98-inch headset allows the racquet to be easy to control and ensures that your striking ability is very precise, whether you are playing from the web or the baseline. The weight of this product is considerably lighter, which lets users have better control within the racquet.

Meanwhile, the Pure Strike succeeds in being heavy enough to ensure optimum shot delivery. The racquet was constructed with a hybrid framework. This enhances the responsiveness of the racquet and raises its mind speed. Click here to browse the full review.

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  • The racquet provides a lot of control over taken delivery
  • Precise striking ability


  • The quality of the string can be improved

Buying Guide

There are some Vital items to consider when buying the best tennis racket for intermediate players of this sport, these variables are:

1. Weight

Weight is one of the first things that you want to consider when you’re taking a look at obtaining a new racket. How heavy your move will depend on your own strength, endurance, and skill, but for many intermediate players, it is likely they to fall someplace between 285g and 305g.

There are tons of great rackets in this class that blend modern comfort with fantastic performance and that is just what you would like from an intermediate racket.

You’ve also got to bear in mind that you’re only going to get better (hopefully), so you need a racket with loads of functionality.

2. Control

Intermediate players of the tennis match want more touch and feel in their match. This is only because it helps them to reach more shots in which they want and also allows for spin. The racket of the intermediate level should, therefore, provide more hands than it provides electricity, as the intermediate player already possesses a moderate to long stroke, which enhances power.

3. Head dimensions

The kind of racket you make use of may determine the amount of energy of you get from the own shots. What determines that in a racket is its head dimensions. Therefore intermediate gamers should look for a racket headset which compromises between control and power. In the case you’re an intermediate tennis player you ought to go for a racket head dimensions that’s between 96 to 105 square inches.

Best tennis racquets for intermediate players coastalfloridasportspark 2

4. Stable Grip

A milder tennis racquet will feel more secure in your hand. This is especially important when playing a stronger competition at which you might have to counter the ability of the shots in order to return them effectively.

It’s worth searching for something that feels comfy, yet solid when deciding upon an intermediate-level racquet. As a result, it will ensure you to get a racquet that will allow you to improve your game while also enjoying it.

5. Type of Strings

There are various types of strings available for racquets. Since some products do not offer strings in the package, as a tennis player, you might want to purchase them separately. When you examine the market, you will discover unique materials including nylon, hybrid, polyester, and natural gut.

To substitute tennis strings is not that hard either. There are many methods to perform it. You can either go to a professional shop and have them get it done or you can alter your personal tennis strings in your home.


1. What is an intermediate tennis player?

An intermediate player is an athlete with dependable strokes, directional control, and pleasant depths on the forehand and backhand.

What is more, they could effectively perform overheads, volleys, and lobs. In this time, the athlete might be gradually controlling power and spins.

2. Is It True That Heavy Racquets Are Better?

They are amazingly useful so long as you are able to handle them without losing mind speed. You will be ready to hit heavier chunks, as well. They get a while to become used to, but once you do, you’ll be scoring points right in the blink of an eye.

3. How do I know if my tennis racket needs restringing?

A tennis racket needs restringing when the strings are generating friction from rubbing together, ultimately causing the strings to notch.

You’ll notice this in the top middle of the racquet, and that means you won’t have the exact same feel once it hits the sweet spot. Most gamers restring their tennis rackets after every three weeks, but it is dependent upon how often you play.

best tennis racquets for intermediate players

4. What kind of racquet do you want?

The first matter to consider is the way you approach your own game. If chunk positioning is your thing, you would like a racquet known for good control. This would entail racquets with irregular string spacing, which makes for a bigger sweet spot and allows the application of more ball twists.

Maybe you want a racquet that provides a great deal of power. You will want a heavier racquet with more weight in the handle and some kind of vibration dampening to use greater force to the ball.

If you’re interested in comfort, this is going to be a compromise between the two design methods over.


It is my hope that this guide is what you want and you could discover the racquet that best fits your requirements. To be able to improve your ability level over time and change from an intermediate participant into a professional, make sure that you pick the ideal tennis racquet.

In case you have some questions to ask, You might leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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