Best Tennis Ball Machines 2021 Reviews

Tennis ball machines allow you to play if you need, where you want, and practice exercises with no coach or hitting spouse.

Below you will find reviews of the best tennis ball machines in the marketplace these days, including a comprehensive guide for selecting the most appropriate tennis ball machine for your requirements. Also, we’ve included all of the characteristics to consider before purchasing a tennis ball machine.

Why Buy a Tennis Ball Machine?

Tennis ball machines are great at advertising sending you a variety of shots that will help prepare one for them when your opponent hits those same shots to you in a true match. Another good reason to buy a tennis ball system is the fact that it’s not always easy to discover a true partner to practice with. Therefore, we definitely think that tennis ball machines are worthwhile.

Best tennis ball machine

1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

This is the top-rated portable tennis ball machine available on the market for beginners or advanced players that want a completely customizable experience. The machine checks all the boxes which you’d look for in a good tennis ball machine.

The machine has a ball capacity of over 120 balls and may feed chunks from around 19 to 68 miles per hour (30-110 kph). You are able to program drills that have a spin and transfer you from 1 side of the court to the other. If you want to practice quickly-paced volleys, this chunk machine’s feed frequency is from 2 to 10 minutes.

The best part of this ball system though is the cellular program. You can download it right from your phone and personalize drills especially for areas of your game you want to work on. You can create up to 12 preset exercises for yourself with up to 6 shots for each drill.

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  • Has all features you need for any skill level
  • Great manufacturer support


  • Max speed is 68MPH that’s an issue for highly innovative players (USTA 5.0+)

2. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

If you require a tennis ball machine to receive physical exercise and do not need all the customization of some advanced machines, then the more Spinshot Pro is for you. This machine may nourish balls side to side providing you an excellent aerobic workout, also has the ability to strike you a variety of shots.

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced players who only want to practice more, but do not necessarily require a customizable drill encounter, this ball machine is a great price. With its compact size, good battery life, and multiple speed and spin choices, you will be able to work on all of your shots. These attributes also make this ball system great for much more sophisticated children and junior tennis players.

The oscillation does not randomly hit deep and short chunks, but it is going to feed chunks side to side so you may work on backhands and forehands. To work on strategy shots or lobs, you merely change the preferences on the controller panel.


  • Feeds tennis balls a Wide Selection of paces & spins for all ability levels
  • Oscillates horizontally for a great cardio workout


  • Depth of this ball feeding must be put from the board & cannot randomly oscillate
  • No customizable drills

3. Lobster Sports — Elite Two Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

This item holds up to 150 balls, which isn’t the most on the listing, but it’s more than the power of the Spinshot machine. Aside from that, this item has 4-8 hours of court runtime in it, as well as can be conducted from AC sources.

Concerning performance, the Elite Two tennis ball system is quite similar to the Player. However, it does not have 2-line ball shipping. On the flip side, its ball rate adjustment range is wider — 10-80 miles versus the approximately 20-70 mph of the Player.

1 downside to notice with this tennis ball machine is the charger that is included does not seem to have overcharge protection. Due to this, you should avoid powering this item through an AC source since the battery may blow if you forget to unplug it. You are going to need to get Lobster Sports’ innovative charger to safely do this.

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  • 4-8 hours of battery life
  • 10-80 mph rate adjustment
  • 150-ball capacity


  • The battery charger does not have overcharge protection.

4. Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

Along with the last version on the review of the best tennis ball machines would be the iSAM Extend by Match Mate Tennis. This is the cheapest machine on the list, therefore it has relatively limited functionality.

You may only control ball rate, oscillation, and feed rate via the control panel of the machine. The elevation of this ball delivery also has to be changed manually. In any case, it doesn’t include wheels default, which will make its transport inconvenient.

Regardless of this, there are two or three things which are really better in this tennis ball machine than others.

The most notable advantage of this machine is that it can hold around 300 tennis balls in it, double of what the Lobster Elite machines have been capable of.

With all that said, the iSAM Extend tennis ball system appears to be a fantastic pick for amateur players who don’t require the extended performance of tennis ball machines.


  • Cheap
  • Holds 300 balls


  • Doesn’t come with wheels
  • Just has flat oscillation
  • Manual elevation adjustment

5. Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

If you enjoyed the original Plus model, you’d love their latest Plus 2 tennis ball system. Spin shot ball machines are one of the best-known brands available on the market. This is a combination of all the best features of the first Plus version and Player version.

With the inbuilt App for drill making, you can now program all drills and settings to 12 distinct variations. On top of it, you could even program a brand new drill or fix each drill your liking. The towing wheels make it easy to transport your local tennis court. The rate ranges between 18 — 68 mph and may be corrected to 20 distinct degrees from the control panel. It includes 18 distinct chances to twist the ball.

Make your choice between a broad range of 9 backspin degrees and 9 topspin degrees together with a possibility to get a horizontal shot. You can now control Plus 2 through your smartphone (both iPhone and Andriod) along with also an additional Apple watch connectivity.

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  • Great for almost any player Searching for a Whole Lot of attributes
  • Create your own custom drills from your phone
  • Full Programmability of settings and drills
  • Ability to Correct ball feed speed, trajectory, spin, speed, and angle
  • Easy readable OLED display


  • Just supports Apple and Android phone remote

6. Tennis Tutor Prolite

Sports Tutor stems from among the greatest tennis ball makers of tennis ball machines and other ball machines for sports such as softball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer.

Amazingly it’s just 12 inches tall and weighs less than 30 lbs, which makes it a superb portable tennis ball machine that is simple to manage, move, and set up. This Prolite tennis ball machine is battery-powered. It comes in two different manners, the Sports Tutor Tennis Prolite and Tutor Prolite Plus. The Prolite Plus includes topspin capability, higher top speed, and a bigger battery. On the other hand, the features below will be to your Prolite version, not the Prolite Plus. 

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  • Great for beginners
  • Lower price than other ball machines within our list
  • Easy to visit tennis court


  • No ability to plan drills
  • No side oscillation Choices

7. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine

The Spinshot Lite is great. It is slightly pricey, but is a much better quality machine, with better reliability. It is also more portable, as it includes all the standard wheels and manages of this Spinshot line.

The Spinshot Lite is the lightest and least expensive version of the Spinshot machines with the fewest features. If you’re searching for a simple machine that will hit balls to the same spot repeatedly, this system will do just fine and do it well.

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  • Lightweight


  • None

8. Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

The Wilson merchandise is one that draws attention. Wilson mobile has the exact same court time as another competition seeing a single player. It lasts for about 3 to 4 hours, based on the sequence of exercise. It holds on better than other players. The battery is rechargeable in 18 hours, and the recharger includes overcharging protection.

This feature is not contained in tennis ball machines that fall within its budget. However, if 18 hours is probably long for you, buying a quick charger is a good idea for you. Although, it comes in an additional cost. The use of a fast charger then reduces the period of recharging to 6 hours. It provides good quality at a reasonable price.

For beginners, they will enjoy the horizontal shot with various heights, and intermediate will probably delight in the oscillation and spin attribute. You can look at buying a two-line oscillation and remote control for an additional fee. Sports Tutor generates a Wilson tennis ball machine with the license.

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  • There are also 6 preloaded drills
  • It is considered lightweight
  • Easy to store and transfer
  • It is a clear hopper
  • It has a short recharging period
  • It combines vertical and random oscillation


  • It has a slow Customer Care

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best tennis ball machine is a pretty extensive thing to do, so most folks will attempt to narrow down things a bit more by thinking about what they want to achieve. Thinking about where the ball is going to be used, what sort of player will use the machine most and much more can help at least make a list comparatively small.

Here are the eight most important things to consider when making that first purchase. By thinking about this ahead, it really cuts down on the quantity of buyer’s remorse.

1. Price

If a ball machine was priced very affordably and did everything that a person could ask for, more or less every player would invest. Alas, the technology isn’t there quite yet to make the machines cheap enough on any budget.

There are different levels of options available, and also a person can certainly see that when looking at all the machines over. In the absolute lowest, an individual is still probably looking at about $500 for the investment. On the high end, a few thousand dollars can purchase a state-of-the-art alternative for people to rely on for a long time to come. Additionally, this is generally what tennis clubs purchase because they know that they can make a lot of the money back with leases.

A higher-priced tennis ball machine is going to get the chance to perform more tasks, create more spin and speed and simply be more lasting overall. In the event the ball system isn’t bringing those qualities in the least to the dining table, it isn’t worth the investment.

2. Portability

Broadly, the greater a system may perform, the heavier it is going to be. We’re at a point where tennis ball machines aren’t quite as heavy as they used to be, however they are not the easiest to move around.

The heavier machines make it very hard to maneuver, and dimensions can also make a difference. A person who owns their own ball machine separately are going to want to ensure it matches in their automobile for easy portability. Otherwise, it may not be worth having a machine if special setups are required only to move it from one place to another.

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3. Speed

The maximum speed the ball system will feed to is a significant factor to take into account. Most machines will feed balls between 20mph and 95mph, so consider the audience that it will be used for.

Beginners may just require a machine with a maximum speed of 60mph, whereas more experienced or athletic players may require a faster ball speed.

You might also want to think about using a speed radar to measure the speed of your shots when practicing, or even a wise sensor to track your spin rate.

Both these tools will improve your data collection during a practice session and help you get a better grasp of your own progress.

4. Spins

Having a machine that may provide balls with topspin and backspin are a Terrific addition to a tennis ball machine’s capability. This allows for a variety of shots to be practiced, along with the ability to change tactics and work on particular technical skills.

You could also adjust the level of spin on most tennis ball machines, meaning you have a greater degree of control when it comes to practicing.

Most advanced players are going to want to replicate match scenarios in training, so having a machine that may hit flat, topspin, and slice balls is an excellent asset.

5. Height variation

Opposing players will even widely vary the height of their shots too. Some gamers are experts at doing such things as lobbing a tennis ball along with others prefer to hit it hard and low. You will need a tennis ball machine which can replicate as many shot heights as possible in order to practice returning these kinds of shots.

6. Ball Capacity 

Another essential element is how many tennis balls that a ball system may hold at any one time. This basically means how many balls will be fired until you want to go and pick up them. Again, this depends upon your audience, budget, and what size machine you’re after.

Most machines will have a ball capacity ranging from 50 up to 250 chunks, so you really need to think about how many you’ll need before purchasing. Also, it’s worth considering what type of tennis balls you’ll want to use to your new machine.

Pressureless tennis balls are very often utilized in tennis ball machines due to their durability and consistent feel over a lengthy life span.

best tennis ball machines

7. Durability

Although no tennis exercise machine is waterproof it still may be exposed to these components such as wind, blowing debris, or airborne mists. That’s why you want to get a tennis ball machine that is made from sturdy materials such as alloy or heavy duty plastic.

This can help ensure that your tennis ball device will hold up nicely for quite a while. You also want to look for controls that are well protected from the elements and function freely if they’re not digital-type controls.


1. How does a tennis ball machine operate?

Tennis ball system reviewsTennis ball launchers are a lot more complicated devices than they look like. They operate on electric battery power which has to be recharged after virtually every use. Similar to a table tennis robot, you start by feeding the tennis balls into a storage hopper on the gadget. Once this is done you then have to set the controls for these things as shot rate, shot oscillation, and shot height.

Many tennis ball machines possess arbitrary settings too. Now you are prepared to turn the machine and the mechanical portion of it’s going to start shooting balls in you so that you can exercise and enhance your total tennis skills.

2. Can a tennis ball system enable you to improve your game?

Yes, it does! These features make the shots unpredictable and can make you work hard. They’re great for assisting you to get a better sense for your new racquet. Some racquets like the Babolat Aero which has a great deal of spin or the strong Babolat Pure Drive 2018 make it hard, but with you, you can quickly get a feel for the racquet.

Best tennis ball machines coastalfloridasportspark 1

3. Is it important to have a tennis ball machine that can produce spin?

You better believe it is!! The cause of this is only about every opponent you face will be facing will utilize an assortment of different spins since they strike the ball to you. As soon as you are able to replicate these twists with your own tennis ball machine it will be able to instruct you to handle these shots nicely when you are in a real match. This is a really important feature to have on any tennis ball machine that you will purchase.


All the tennis ball machines recorded in the review above have their particular benefits and disadvantages. This is because they’re from various manufacturers. As a potential purchaser, you are expected to take a comprehensive survey and see which product fits your specs perfectly.

It’s always important to look for renowned brands. This will not only make sure that the machine is of exceptional quality but it will also make certain that you receive the maximum out of your practice session.

Last, go through the buyer’s guide. Buyer guides consistently entail specifications that you might not think of, which can help a great deal.

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