Best Tennis Ball Hopper 2021 [ Buying Guide ]

A tennis ball hopper or basket is a sensible piece of tennis equipment to shop, pick up, and conveniently bring tennis balls to the court. Inside this review guide of the best tennis ball hopper, we’ll reveal to you the best hoppers on the market, and how to pick the best hopper for your needs.

We analyzed and ranked each product under several factors, including Price, Weight, Features like Stands or Lids, Portability, Durability, and more.

Below, you’ll find out everything you want to know about tennis ball hoppers. If you require a hopper for kids, adults, or tennis trainers, you will find the ideal hopper below.

Things To Consider When buying the best tennis ball hopper

Surprisingly, you will find more than a few characteristics which you can take into account when buying a ball hopper or basket. Here are some of the most important to remember.

1. Materials

Steel and plastic will be the two most common materials you’ll find used for ball hoppers. For the most part, a steel hopper will offer additional durability, but it can boost its weight, therefore there may be a tradeoff.

Past the core substances, some baskets provide coatings to help safeguard the baskets from the elements. If that’s an issue and you’re looking for a basket to survive longer, then it’s worth contemplating.

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2. Size or Capacity

Most ball hoppers will range in capacity from 40-140 tennis balls, and the longer they carry, the larger they’ll be. For many players, a ball hopper within the range of 50-75 ball is more than sufficient.

There are two factors to consider here. To begin with, if you want to take full benefit of a bigger basket, you are going to have to buy more tennis balls, which can get pricey. Secondly, the more balls you carry, the harder it’s going to be to transport the basket, and the harder it will be to utilize for picking up chunks as it fills up.

Size is also important to consider if children will be using the hopper to assist simply because they will call for a smaller hopper.

3. Weight

Hand in hand with size, the burden of a ball hopper is worth noting if you make a purchase. Although the burden of an empty basket may not look like much, once you start adding tennis balls, then it can accumulate.

An typical tennis ball weighs about 55-60 grams. With that in mind, here’s about how much weight balls will include about the low end:

25 3 lbs / 1.4 kg

50 6 lbs / 2.8 kg

75 9 lbs / 4.1 kg

100 12 lbs / 5.5 kg

125 15 lbs / 6.9 kg

150 18 lbs / 8.3 kg

Again, these aren’t massive amounts, but the convenience factor does start to fall slightly the bigger the basket gets, so it’s well worth keeping in mind. Yet again, if you’re dealing with kids, you’ll want to have a more compact basket to keep the weight lower.

The materials may also contribute to some hopper’s weight, so if you’re trying to find the lightest, one with vinyl construction might be perfect.

4. Height

If you pick up balls, then you want the ball hopper’s elevation to be tall enough so that you’re not bending or bending if you press it down along with balls to pick up them.

For the most part, companies making ball hoppers recognize this, but I have encountered a few unreasonably short baskets which produce the cleanup process somewhat less conveniently.

Somebody who’s six-foot-tall will want a basket that stands roughly 30 inches (give or take one or two inches) tall if picking up balls. Typically, if it is taller, that’s less of a problem, but you don’t need it to become too brief.

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5. Legs

Many ball hoppers offer handles that convert to legs by collapsing beneath the basket, which is handy to raise it off the floor when feeding or catching balls while functioning.

For most players, finding a basket that offers this feature is a no-brainer. But it is worth noting that these baskets tend to be a bit less durable as a result of design.

Bearing that in mind, some people and clubs can elect for ball hoppers who don’t have legs and just pick up balls, particularly if they use bigger packs for balls.

6. Lid

These are incredibly beneficial if you’ll continue to keep the hopper in your auto. If you are in a tennis center or center, you won’t require the lid attribute unless you’d like to lock the balls.

7. Wheels

Wheels are something that lots of players believe are a little large exaggerated when it comes to ball hoppers. Having wheels in your ball hopper won’t merely make it much easier to move about on the tennis court, but also to onto the court. However, there are some down sights to utilizing wheels as well.

It also takes more time to put in and placing it up before practicing. Ball hoppers feel a great deal more convenient without wheels.

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8. Portability

One of the most important facts to think about prior to purchasing a chunk hopper is your portability. You want to have the ability to move it from location to location, without feeling as if it’s tiring to carry it around.

I strongly recommend going with a ball hopper that’s extremely lightweight. Light enough so that you can easily carry it about. From my experience using more heavy alternatives, it removes the whole point of having a ball hopper.

Best tennis ball hopper

1. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Wilson is a trusted tennis manufacturer, which makes some of the best tennis racquets, tennis bags, and much more. Their Ball Pick Up Hopper is yet another fantastic product.

It’s a classic cage basket design and impeccable durability with its own stainless steel construct. It comes with a”no-spill” lid and handles that turn into a stand with locking legs. This basket is slightly heavier than the Tourna hopper above, but at 4.5 lbs, it can be taken by the majority of junior players and adults.

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  • 2 versions with 75 & 90 ball capacity
  • Lightweight enough for most kids
  • Lightweight graphite easy to carry
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • No drip lid
  • Plated steel durable and durable


  • Slightly heavier than other options

2. Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers

This is a superb product and one which competes with the Wilson 75 as they are similar in features. The Gamma hopper holds an amazing 90 balls also making it ideal for teachers and trainers. The Gamma is made from carbon steel cable having a diamond-clad weather-resistant coating. This makes it very durable and will keep it good as new for ages.

Easy to carry around, the handles feel great in your hand and also make it a pleasure to use. The handles also fold into legs to let you stand it in 1 place on the court.

There’s a lid made to stop any chunks escaping once accumulated — this is a great idea as no one wishes to be chasing balls they have picked up.

A unique floating wire design is integrated into the frame which makes it super simple to pick the balls up. All in all, this is a great merchandise from Gamma who are a respected name in the sport.

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  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • No

3. Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper Holds

This hopper is not any different as is superbly well designed and assembled. Made from tough polypropylene this thing is hard as nails and will last for years. It will not rust or have joint welds to break such as the hoppers made from steel or wire as a result of the material it is made from.

Easy and fast to set up, this can hold 80 balls plenty for carrying a lesson running a practice session. The handles lock into place when down or up as legs so you know it’s secure and will not be moving anywhere.

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  • Easy to use
  • Made by tough polypropylene


  • Not enough information

4. Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart Pro Ball Hopper 150

This is not the customary ball hopper which you find but instead it’s similar to a flexible bag on wheels, and allows you to choose the bag off the stand and carry it with you. The tote holds 150 balls this is a very convenient pick for a tennis pro/instructor.

You may want to pair it with a wheeled hopper for easier pickup if you are going to have 150 balls onto the court at one time. This unique design also features a push-button release on the top so you can conveniently transport or store the hopper.

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  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic Design
  • Easy to use


  • Inadequate information

5. Tourna Ballport 120 Ball Pick-Up Tennis Ball Hopper

This hopper has a capacity of 120 balls and is constructed with steel cable making it quite durable. The legs can fold to prop the hopper to about waist height and may be locked into a tall standing position. The lid makes it a fantastic hopper to transport in your car as well.

This hopper is large, so most toddlers and little junior tennis players might have trouble carrying it.

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  • Biggest capacity – 120 balls
  • Durable, long-lasting steel framework
  • Easy assembly
  • Great for traveling coaches


  • Heavy hopper for smaller juniors
  • Expensive

6. HOPARAZZI Pro Elite 125 Tennis Ball

Not a name known to everybody, Hoparazzi has given a top-notch piece of gear here. It has a slightly larger capacity compared to those we have looked at earlier, holding 125 tennis balls. This makes it a great pick for the tennis trainer or teaching practitioner.

A sturdy cable constructed hopper, this comes in a selection of bright colours so you can select one which you like best. A wonderful touch with this hopper is the fact that it includes wheels on the bottom to make it easier to transport out of your car on the court.

The handle height is flexible also so that you may get it just right for you and ease any stress on your entire body from carrying it out.

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  • The handles convert into legs that lock into place making it strong when standing in 1 place This is a great feature as it allows it to stand up securely on one side of the court making access to the tennis balls easy


  • No

7. Gamma Sports Premium Tennis Teaching and Travel Carts

Many teaching pros utilize a hopper that looks a bit like a shopping cart out of the neighborhood supermarket and the Gamma Brute Teaching Cart 325 is among these. The balls have been held at a convenient height and you are able to wheel the cart easily on the courtroom. The cart is designed to go smoothly in and out of its standard-width tennis court gates.

The wheels swivel ball bearings, like your favorite shopping cart, and you’ll be able to place a divider in the court to separate better balls from instructing chunks, or oversized childhood balls.



  • Cheap price


  • No


Most importantly, these are the best tennis ball hoppers offered in the marketplace. You can go to any of those listed products and help you save energy and time while practicing tennis and improving your abilities. Additionally, you can find some more efficient ball hoppers accessible using the above-listed buyer’s guide. Try your hands on it and find the most perfect option for your game.

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