Best Tennis Bags 2021 Reviews

In our comprehensive guide of the best tennis bags, we’ve reviewed the best 10 bags on the market for tennis players of all levels. We will show you the best bags for different skill levels and help you opt for the ideal tennis tote for you and your racquets.

Our intention is to educate you on everything that you should think about when purchasing a tennis bag that will assist you to find the right racquet bag for your requirements.

Types of Tennis Bags

A variety of bags serve a wide array of functions for different players, and there’s no right or wrong response to which kind any given player should be using — it is a personal preference. But, specific bags tend to appeal to different player sections’ needs and tastes with features they’d appreciate.

1. Racquet

They are larger and frequently curved toward the front and back toward the back, therefore racquets fit snugly in position.

Tennis racquet bags have a tendency to appeal to aggressive players that own multiple tennis racquets and desire a handy means to store them along with a slew of different accessories that they bring to a tennis game.

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2. Backpack

One of the most popular bags for everyday usage is also available with unique tennis-specific attributes, like carrying racquets and other smaller essentials like shoes, water, tennis balls, plus a towel.

In comparison to racquet bags, backpacks don’t offer as much storage area, however, they travel well and are super mobile.

Typically, tennis backpacks will store either one or two tennis racquets in a dedicated compartment and then offer a more substantial main section for storing additional gear.

Tennis backpacks are best for teens and adults that are just getting started learning how to play recreational players that hit the court occasionally, or coaches looking for something minimal to put away and bring their gear.

3. Duffle

If you’re an aggressive tennis player who travels regularly, then a duffle bag is a perfect solution to store a few day’s worth of equipment. But, remember that not all of them will be big enough to stash your racquets.

Many times, players will pair their duffle bag with a racquet bag they’ll bring into the courtroom, but you may find some of the most competitive and tour-level players bringing to the court.

These bags have a tendency to offer storage and organization that’s perfect for tennis players and their gear, but they can work well for almost any travel that’s a few days in length. Of course, bear in mind that you’ll want to take it as most don’t come with wheels.

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4. Tote

For a smaller nevertheless convenient way to hit the court, a tennis tote is an ideal alternative. Our favorites are large enough to store a racquet or 2 while also having sufficient space to take a few other small essentials.

Though most of the other varieties of tennis bags are inclined to feature sporty layouts, you will discover fashionable bags in the bag category with a huge variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

Best tennis bags

1. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

This tote from Athletico is an amazing choice, and it provides prospective customers with the opportunity to enjoy an ample area that reduces the burden of carrying all that you need. The bag is designed in a way that it has additional space to fit about three tennis rackets.

Aside from this, there’s relatively enough space to fit your balls and several other items as you like it. There are external pockets that are designed to allow for room to have more space to hold your wallet, keys, telephone, and several other accessories.

This bag includes a padded shoulder strap plus a tote handle. You can carry it with some other style that is suitable for you, and you’d still find that it is extremely comfy. Because of the quality stuff it possesses, you should set your mind to rest, realizing that it would serve you for some time. It is just an unbelievable case of tennis bags that may be used by ladies and even men too.

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  • Quite lightweight to carry


  • Fits only small and medium rackets.

2. Babolat Team Maxi Backpack

This is a lovely black tennis bag which is very versatile and could be easily and readily carried with you everywhere you go to or want. From the tennis match to a camping excursion, to a picnic with your family, the Babolat Maxi Tennis is designed for you.

The framework of the tote is quite durable, and it is further improved by soft padding. It serves to shield your racquets and various other valuables you may have inside. It has a very roomy main compartment, and it could readily carry approximately two racquets.

There are additional storage components located on the other hand, which enables you enough space to keep your valuables and equipment. There is a feature of adjustable straps that have been incorporated into the design which primarily serve the role of allowing you like a cozy fit. It features an elastic PU and RipStop main body cloth. The molded side pockets provide you enough space required to store your accessories.

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  • Quite lightweight to transport


  • Fits only small and medium rackets.

3. Wilson Super Tour Tennis Bag

This bag is an ideal product for basically any type of tennis player. There’s a primary storage compartment that may carry up to two racquets plus other gears. It’s created from using water-resistant and durable materials.

It features a back panel which has to be mentioned here, and this is among the most admired features of this bag. It’s a padded material and plush, which makes it perfect for traveling along with other activities, as it gives you the room to pack in lots of things.

The primary or big compartment opens from the front, although it has another compartment developed for storing other sweaty clothes and your shoes. This tote is ventilated properly, and it is helpful to stop the accumulation of scents and bad odor inside the tote.

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  • Multi-purpose and compact bag
  • Large compartments
  • Lightweight and roomy
  • Padded from interior


  •   None

4. Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket

Irrespective of the racquet game that you play, the Fila Ultimate Tennis bag is going to give you exactly what you want. There are plenty of zippered pockets to take around the accessories that help you play with tennis, squash, racquetball and other racquet sports into the best of your skill.

Insulated pockets help keep your drink cold, while dual and different racquet sleeves allow you to take two racquets just in case you need to bring one for a buddy, or you break one.

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  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • Shoe compartment
  • Reasonable Price


  • Drink pocket not designed to get a water bottle
  • Nylon shoe compartment
  • Loose zipper

5. Babolat Pure Drive Backpack

The Babolat Pure Drive 3 Pack is similar to the Pure Strike backpack I use but has a slightly different layout and the colors match the blue of the 2020 Pure Drive racquet.

This bag is my top choice, as I find it exceptionally practical. Can you cycle or walk to the courts? This kind of bag is perfect. It also holds plenty of gear and covers the complete length of this racquet which also gets the Babolat isothermal stuff to safeguard it in the climate. Ability to fold over the top of the big compartment when there are no racquets in the bag.

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  • Practical design
  • Easy to take, and has a useful side handle
  • Has a chest strap for those who bike to tennis


  • Only holds 3 racquets so in the Event That You carry over that, it is no great
  • No dedicated area for wet clothes
  • No shoe tube but does come with a removable bag

6. HEAD Elite 3R Pro Tennis Racquet Bag

Head is just one of the favorite manufacturers that have expertise in racket sports and thus offer one of the best tennis bags. In this manner, your rackets stay safe and last for a longer period. Along with the main compartment, those tennis bags have an external pocket where you could place different accessories such as a phone or keys. These bags may be carried as a duffle bag or you can use the shoulder strap to use it around the shoulder.

Head tennis bags are produced with high-quality fabric and are durable even with changes in this season. These comfy bags quantify 29 by 12 by 4 inch, so you’ve got ample space to your tennis rackets.

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  • Durable


  • No

Buying Guide To Choose Best Tennis Bags

If you’re new to tennis and want to obtain a tennis tote for your equipment, you may be confused about that tote to pick from the list we’ve given. Below are the variables you need to consider before deciding on purchasing the one most suiting you.

1. Material

The substances used in the construction of the golf bag are all essential and something that you ought to pay close attention to when you’re buying the bag.

You want to make certain that you purchase something that is lightweight and durable, so you aren’t consuming all of your energy, and so you are not worried that the bag won’t hold all your equipment.

Also, it’s smart to search for material that is protected against the weather, waterproof, and has some ventilation, so the cloth is not absorbing the smells caused by soiled shoes or clothing. It’s also a fantastic idea to make sure your tennis tote will not sweat.

2. Capacity

There are a variety of tennis bag sizes that vary from 3-packs all of the way up to 15-packs, and that is not including the shoulder or backpack totes that also save your racquets for easy carrying.

The dimensions of this tennis bag that you want to purchase is going to depend significantly on your game and the intensity that you are playing it at. It’s also going to be based on the amount of accessories and additional balls which you have with you.

Shoulder bags, backpacks, and 3-packs are generally recommended for beginners or players that aren’t frequently on the courtroom. Anything larger than that should be used by gamers who take part in tournaments or who perform on a professional level.

3. Brand

The brand is an important aspect since you’re able to understand the quote of their life and quality of the bag. It’s very important to know the ratings and testimonials to know the company’s quality and dedication.

4. Layout

Another important factor to consider is the design of the bag. There are varieties of tennis bags like handle bags, bags that only carry clothes or chunks, backpacks, bags with wheels, etc, you need to select one that is equally comfortable and stylish for your usage.

best tennis bags

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Clean out the Tennis Bag?

Cleaning your tennis bag will be contingent on the sort of substance that was used to build the carrier. However, as a guideline, it’s safe to scrub your tennis bag with warm soap and water.

Keeping it clean will protect your tennis gear for longer, and also assist the material from absorbing any unpleasant smells.

2. Should my tennis bag fit my tennis racquet?

I understand a lot of people would like to have a bag that matches their racquet, but it makes zero difference. You can select according to your own preferences or personal requirements. As long as you are happy.

3. What to Put in a Tennis Bag?

Packing your tennis bag is relatively easy; you just need to consider what you want to carry around with you for your tennis game. First of all, you must package your rackets, because you won’t get far without them.


With hundreds of alternatives available on the current market, it may be difficult to ascertain which tennis bag is best for you. There are lots of factors that constitute a fantastic golf bag, and depending upon your skill level, some of these might be more important than others.

Things like size, security, durability, and comfort may be more important for high-level and serious players, whereas price, functionality, and style may be more significant for beginner or intermediate players.

Hope that you are able to choose the best tennis bags for yourself.


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