Top 8 Best Swimming Goggles For Triathlon 2021 Reviews

In this article, we will share the best swimming goggles for triathlon.

Each triathlete needs swim goggles and choosing the right one will make all the difference with your comfort in the sport and functionality from the race. Though choosing the right goggles is highly personal based on your preferences, the choice can be made.

best swimming goggles for triathlon

Best swimming goggles for triathlon 2021

1. Aegend Swim Goggles

An exceptional product that has many fantastic attributes for triathlon swimmers. The manufacturer guarantees zero leakings, as they sit on your eyes. The silicone and the nose piece are very flexible for even greater comfort.

This can be important since it shields your eyes from damaging rays saving your eyesight in the long term. The inner coating has an anti-fog layer which is a great addition.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate that ensures durability in the harshest conditions. You don’t have to worry the next time you take them out. The manufacturer guarantees that they are shatterproof. They offer a 1-year guarantee. These come in different sizes — for men, women, and kids, and you’ve got plenty of colors to select from. Aegend even provides a free case with your purchase to securely store your goggles.

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2. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

These are extremely simple in layout, but they work well with open water swimming due to the polarized lenses. Alternatively, they also possess a 180-degree viewing area because of the oversize lenses.

The feature I like most about them is that there strap clasp. It is very easy to adjust and it snaps in place so that there’s not quite as much fiddling with the strap. You’re able to customize these to a certain extent with your planned use outdoors.


3. Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Swimming Goggles

These goggles are specially created for triathlons. Speedo is a well-recognized swimming accessories company. They do a lot of testing. These goggles are tested extensively before they are brought to market.

The Futura Biofuse are all specifically designed for relaxation and to decrease warmth during open water swims. As for swimming goggles for triathlon, I am not so mad about them.

They’re cheap and they have a good seal without being too hard on your eye sockets. They retail for about $50. They’ve been designed for a broader view angle. I have not tried these, but if you prefer Speedo’s new gear, this is definitely a wonderful set of swimming goggles for triathlons.

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4. Speedo Women’s MDR 2.4 Mirrored Swim Goggles

It combines nearly a century of experience in the industry with a slick color combo that means ya end up looking good with a leak-free and comfortable fit. UV protection and also anti-fog coating on the interior of the goggle lens. Straps are made of long-lasting silicone, and the complete goggles and straps are made without latex.

Notice how the rubberized gasket ends up a little bit? This is done to ease strain on the eye sockets while also maintaining a leak-free swim experience. Reduced pressure usually means that you can use them for more and lessen those raccoon eyes which comes from extended goggle wear.

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5. TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Swimming Goggle

These are really unique as its name says, as they’re tailored to the demands of open water swimmers and triathletes. Only the best materials were used in creating these goggles, like the Durafit hypoallergenic silicone which offers a tight fit and maintains shape with time.

The lenses are polarized and remove nearly 100 percent of the surface glare, thereby removing a considerable problem for outside swimmers. They’ve embedded anti-fog coating also. The design is smart and provides you a wide peripheral vision.

They arrive in one universal dimension for adults, and although it’s highly flexible it may not fit everybody. The alternative in this situation is to search for this version in kids size because that’s the only way you can be sure there will not be any leaks or discomfort.

This set is popular both among professionals and recreational users. An additional plus is the manufacturer offers you to design your Special Ops goggles yourself based on you taste.

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6. Arena Cobra Ultra Racing Swim Goggles

After only one swipe, you can really go a long time without the goggles fogging up. Designers created them for both outdoor and indoor swimming pool. They have two separate lens types that could be used. Like most goggles, they are unisex and can be fitted quite easily for the vast majority of us.

They do come in two distinct designs. One is called the Cobra Ultra. Another is known as the Cobra Core. The Cobra Ultra is designed for more aerodynamics from the water. The Cobra Tri Mirror is designed for much more space around the temples and for those with longer eyelashes.

These goggles are more design for training purposes but may also be used depending on your preferences for a contest.

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7. MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

The exoskeleton is semi-rigid created from two different substances which ensure the goggles are more durable. In addition, in combination with the lenses everything forms a low profile which is great once you are competing.

The Xceed goggles have a compacted micro-gasket using ultra-soft Softeril to provide leak-free swimming while preserving comfort. This enables you to view in every direction without turning your head. This feature is especially important for those swimming outside, as you may see barriers in time. You’re also protected from UV rays.

These contest goggles are fantastic for open water, especially for triathlon professionals. They are among the top rated triathlon goggles. You may expect them to match great and to boost your performance. And of course you will look very cool wearing them.

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8. ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Even though a bit more expensive than many other swim goggles, the Roka R1 are the very best premium softball swim goggles. The Roka R1’s actually created specifically for open water swimming and also possess all the critical features needed.

The most significant feature is the tilted lends, which gives you about an 11% boost in your upper sightline. This helps when you are looking forward at where you’re going. Additionally, they have simple open water features such as anti-fog, mirror UV-protected lens, plus a durable framework.

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How To Choose The best swimming goggles for triathlon – Buying Guide

1. Durability

This depends on what you as a triathlete prefer. Most triathlon swimmers prefer gasket goggles since they’re softer in your eyes and offer a broader field of view.

Your goggles need to be lasting and sit in their position when individuals are slapping you with their hands at the beginning of the race, or when you are making ends. Also, it is not a terrible idea to possess two pairs of their best triathlon goggles, because some that are best for use in a swimming pool might not work that well in open water conditions.

2. Material

In regards to stuff, the lenses of the swim goggles can be made from high-quality plastic or polycarbonate. The plastic lenses are light and extremely scratch-resistant. They also supply high optical clarity. On the other hand, they supply no UV protection, so you may need to put money into an anti-glare substance.

Polycarbonates are likely a much better option. They’re lighter and more durable. They are also thinner. They come in a huge array of alternatives. They may be mirrored or not, and are available in many distinct shades which make looking through them pleasant.

3. Lens Type

Most triathlon swimmers like broad lenses. The lenses must also be curved, so to allow you to see everything around you. However, some swimmers like lenses offering only a narrow line of sight, so the can focus on their own operation.

4. Lens Color

Lens color can greatly influence the relaxation you feel wearing your goggles. They are sometimes clear, mirrored, tinted, polarized or perhaps a prescription. You really ought to put your head into this when selecting your pair.

Clear lenses are the basic type. Without colour, they let the most light to visit your eye. They’re good for swimming pools where there’s not much light, but maybe they are not the best swim goggles.

Some lenses may be mirrored in their exterior. Besides obviously looking cool, the mirror has another objective. It reflects light and glare so you don’t strain your eyes. These are extremely good for outdoor swimming as well as competitions.

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5. Design

There are lots of beautiful and unique designs that come from many distinct brands. Consider picking the brand you like best. We have also recorded many options at this listing. You can consult.


For triathletes, You should have multiple pairs of goggles. It is better to have several pairs that you can pick from given weather conditions in a softball or the kind of swim that you are likely to do for training.

I personally love the Roka R1s, because they were specifically made for triathletes and they have several distinct types of lenses for almost any weather conditions that you encounter.

I hope this review is useful. And I wish everyone get the best swimming goggles for the triathlon which suits you.

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