Top 6 Best Street Hockey Stick 2021

You need to decide on the right type of hockey stick for any sort of hockey game. But most of the time while buying street hockey sticks, most buyers drop in confusion. That’s the reason I’m here with a review of some best street hockey stick and with a purchasing guide that will help you to create a great choice.

Best street hockey stick

1. Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Set

This really is a junior street hockey stick set from Franklin sports. This set includes two hockey sticks and a 65 mm high-street road hockey ball. Both the hockey sticks are 37 inches in length and are perfect for street hockey matches. Since the sticks are designed for young gamers, these sticks are allowed for both right and left-handed gamers.

These golf sticks feature a full cover vinyl graphic wrap around each shaft, which brings lots of color to provide enhanced excitement into your street hockey games. These sticks are recommended for almost any kid over 6 years old. The pair of sticks are in blue of green color.

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2. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Mylec manufactured this jet flo stick that is perfect for driveway and road hockey games. This hockey stick features a jet flo blade. The blades are replaceable, which allows you only to alter the blade not the whole stick if the blade hurts somehow. The stick is built off using synthetic materials.

It comes with a conventional two-piece design, and it’s a secure fit with two screws. The rotating shaft component of this stick is constructed of high-quality kiln-dried hardwoods, which ensures the durability of this stick. To improve the durability along with the performance, the blade component is reinforced with vinyl and fiberglass. This is a 43 inches road hockey stick and comes to win wooden & black color.

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3. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

This road hockey stick from Franklin sports was created for both the advanced and junior hockey players. This hockey stick comes in two distinct lengths. 52 inches stick designed for mature gamers, and 40 inches sticks are created for young players. This is both right and left taken stick.

The blade includes a vented blade design manufactured from utilizing high-impact polymer, and it’s also replaceable. The shaft of this stick is made from multi-ply poplar or birch. The substance used to make the whole stick is wood, as it comes in various colors.

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4. Franklin Sports NHL Power Fusion Street Hockey Stick

This road hockey stick out of Franklin sports was created particularly for the junior hockey players. Right-handed gamers are suggested to use this stick.

The stick includes an organic ABS blade. It’s constructed with high impact rigid ABS. The shaft of the stick is constructed from multi-ply poplar or birch. Fused blade and shaft construction made this stick a great one for junior-level gamers. It is constructed with wood and comes in various colors.

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5. Franklin Sports Power X Street Hockey Stick

The Franklin Sports Power X adhere is a great choice if your kid is interested in street hockey. This stick will function as an off-the-ice clinic stick for hockey players also.

In terms of construct, the Power X stick includes a poplar/birch wood shaft and an ABS blade. The timber makes this stand noticeably thicker than the STX Surgeon RX3 adhere, but timber is generally stronger.

With its balanced weight reduction, Power X is also a fantastic choice for complete beginners who don’t yet have any preferences in hockey. Power X should allow your kid to get started and practice the fundamentals.

Power X is very wallet-friendly as well, which solidifies it as a good beginner’s stick for road hockey and a practice stick for hockey.

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6. Franklin Sports NHL 1090 Right Shot Phantom Street Hockey Stick

This is a 56 inches street hockey stick manufactured by Franklin sports for adult players. It’s made with a fused blade and shaft construction, which allows the stick to withstand a beating against the pavement for numerous summers of extreme street hockey competitions.

The stick comes with full protection of vinyl graphic wrap. Wood was used to create this 56 inches stick. This stick comes in assorted colors and is excellent for left-handed players.

Buyer’s Guide

After reading the review of these road hockey sticks, there are still many men who’ll fall in confusion before selecting the most appropriate stick for them. That’s why I’m going to discuss about few facts that you have to look at, which will make it easier for you to choose the right street hockey stick.

1. Weight

Typically street hockey sticks tend to be bit heavier than normal hockey sticks. This is because they must go through a tough surface throughout the game. So your stick should be heavier enough which provides you gameplay that is rapid and also you don’t feel uneasy.

2. Materials

Street hockey sticks should be made from such materials that could serve you well even through the play on surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Although wooden sticks are extremely great for providing strength but for road hockey it’s better to go with the stick made from composite materials.

3. Length

You have to choose the period of the stick based on the skill level of the player. Your height and playing posture are going to impact the duration of the stick. A forward typically love to play with a shorter stick and a longer stick is better for your defenders.

best street hockey stick

4. Durability

As we already mentioned, street hockey is rough on sticks, providing them a pretty short life span. You can find some that have a wrap or a laminate finish which provide them a little bit more life than they would have experienced otherwise.

You do not want a stick that’s going to break after one game, but don’t drop a bunch of cash on a stick that may be more durable, but really not survive much longer.


You guys may have found this article helpful if you’re looking for a new road hockey stick. I have provided a description of some road hockey sticks that you may really like to appear at. Then for thinking your easiness in deciding upon the right stick, I have written a buying guide that will provide you a notion about what facts you want to consider prior to purchasing a street hockey stick.

Overall, I think you guys will find this article quite helpful and can readily pick the right street hockey stick for yourself. Don’t forget to consider how you are as a player and you should be able to discover the ideal stick for your requirements.

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