Top 8 Best Softball Cleats 2021 Reviews

When you’re looking for reliable traction and comfortable functionality, only the best softball cleats will do. With so many different options available on the market though, it can be tough to choose the right pair. That’s where we come in. We have taken the opportunity to check and review the hottest softball cleats so you can make a well-informed decision and play your best game.

Best softball cleats 2021 Reviews

1. Under Armour Women’s Glyde Rm Softball Cleats

The Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM is a best seller due to its lovely features. It is also quite reasonably priced and allure to softball players and lovers who need fantastic softball cleats without breaking the bank. It’s of the top design and could be gotten in different colours.

The top part is made of synthetic material which explains its lightweight and flexibility. The forefoot is made from fabric and contains an exceptional training cutting coating that increases its ability to last long.

It’s really comfortable and permits you to remain relaxed even after wearing it for a very long time. The meat store is a full-length glide REM that gives it a soft feel and keeps the pressure away.

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  • The cleats are made from a rubber material that makes it durable and provides good traction
  • Use on any type of surfaces or field
  • It is designed especially for comfort and effective drama on the Area


  • Some reviews have shown it can be really tight on the first purchase and utilize which may make it somewhat stiff

2. Nike Women’s Lunar Hyperdiamond 2 Pro Fastpitch Softball Cleats

With metal spikes that provide you the best grip, the Nike Women’s Lunar Hyperdiamond Fastpitch Softball Cleats have among the most wonderful softball cleats layouts. It is available in a gray, white, and black color combination.


  • Brand credibility
  • Metal spikes
  • Hard grip
  • High quality


  • No other color is available

3. Mizuno Softball Footwear Low Womens Metal Softball Cleat

It’s been designed to provide comfort and help achieve the best player and satisfaction while on the area.

The midsole is full size and has sufficient padding for conveniences and in addition, it carries waveplates from the parallel ends of the insole that helps with shock absorption and balancing onto the field. It has a 9-spike cleat that also helps in balancing and fantastic traction during pitching, running or practice.

Additionally, it covers the needs of those with wider feet and is the best selection for those who prefer a more powerful sense of footwear. The Mizuno Swift 6 includes a lacing system that helps you to adjust the grip letting you make it tighter or lose but making certain that you have enough support on the field.

It has good characteristics that place it on the bestseller list. It is quite affordable without sacrificing all of the essentials of a fantastic softball cleat.


  • It’s well-padded for comfort and enables speed and fantastic grip
  • It’s lightweight and has a perforated front maintaining it properly aerated


  • It is fairly expensive and barely a fantastic fit for narrow feet.


9-SPIKE is a symbol of Mizuno brand. When wearing, the zipper shield has been great to your pitcher. Just check out the listed features of these.

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  • The outsole and cleat pattern designed for improved relaxation, flexibility
  • These women’s softball cleats are durable and lightweight


  • Inadequate information

5. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleats

The New Balance Fresh Foam Velo1 is a performance-driven cleat designed for players who train and play in elite levels. The toe area is perforated to earn temperature regulation and moisture control a prominent feature of the plan, while the interior is lined with mesh that’s among the best options for almost any sportswear choice.

Concerning comfort and performance technology, there are two noteworthy elements of the Velo1. First of all, there is the Fresh Foam midsole that is shock-absorbing and highly flexible. On the flip side, the updated spike plate combines versatility in the foot and equilibrium in the mind to get the best wearing experience possible.

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  • Synthetic Upper
  • Fresh Foam Midsole
  • Lace Cage
  • Width Selection


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Low Durability

6. Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball Cleat

Together with the ability to enhance your fastpitch, this women’s softball cleat includes metal spikes designed for high traction and relaxation. Mizuno Wave technology provides great cushioning and stability, which makes it suitable for various sports.

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  • The design supports exceptional grip
  • Made to provide immense comfort
  • Suitable for multiple sports


  • Might not be highly durable

7. UA Under Armour Spine Glyde ST Cleats

It’s designed with the best quality of materials to ensure it is durable, breathable, and comfortable. It’s the perfect footwear for practice and plays in any field. The upper layer is made with synthetic leather material that raises its durability and enhances performance on the field. It’s of the low-top style making sure that it permits a pitcher to be fast while maintaining agility and posture.

The midsole has a remarkable chassis at the spine that acts as extra support to the feet. The insole is made with a molded 4D foam which allows the toes to relax into it and has a soft and cushioning texture.

This prevents the feet from getting sore after a long period of practice or play. The outsole enables rapid movement and change of directions without losing grip and keeping traction. It is like a rotational design helping excellent traction.



  • It is abrasion-resistant


  • It could need you to make occasional abrupt stops due to break-in.

8. Adidas Men’s Icon V Bounce TPU Cleats Softball Cleats

It’s a fantastic selection for virtually any position, and it comes in both women’s and men’s versions, in addition to a wide assortment of sizing options allowing anybody to get the perfect fit.

The top of this Icon V Bounce is produced with mesh. What this ensures is your greatest fit that is highly breathable, moisture-wicking and most importantly, lightweight. TPU overlays are added to give stability along with the lacing system allows for a good number of fit modifications, ensuring optimum lock-in. A distinctive feature is an elastic band around the ankle which allows for easy entrance, without undermining in-game stability.


  • The Stealtrax TPU plate ensures amazing traction and stability and is even similar to metal spikes.


  • Not enough info

Types of Cleats

There are 3 main varieties of softball cleats to choose from, based on what your particular needs are. Let’s talk about exactly what the differences between these are:

1. Metal Cleats

When it comes to supplying grip, metal cleats are the best. Their thin cleat design illuminates both grass and dirt areas easily, maximizing speed and functionality. However, due to the metal spikes, they are not recommended to wear turf, and they also may be not allowed by a few leagues.

2. Molded Cleats

Molded cleats come in different materials and cost points. For young or in-experience players, the shorter, softer rubber cleats are more comfortable and easier to get used to. For the experienced player, the tough plastic cleats tend to be more and provide more grip.

Because the molded shoes have a high number of cleats which are put to cover pressure factors, they tend to be the most comfy softball cleats.

3. Turf Cleats

When practicing off the field, turf cleats offer comfort while providing more grip than regular athletic shoes.

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How to Buy the Right Softball Cleats

Learn exactly what attributes to look for when choosing a set of softball cleats.

1. Field Position

When possible, players should choose a softball cleat optimized for their position. After all, different players have different requirements on the field. Pitchers may benefit from a cleat with a reinforced toe. This is important due to most pitchers’ toe haul. Pitchers should also opt for a low-top design to accommodate their ankle movement.

Metal cleats pick up less dirt and grass than molded ones, so they’re fantastic for infielders and outfielders alike. They also make it easier for an outfielder to plant their feet in the ground and sprint to achieve a ball.

Every single time that you make your way out on the diamond, you rely on your shoes to help you put your best foot forward. Speed, performance, and grip are interconnected factors — if you are missing you, your match is guaranteed to suffer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which baseball or softball cleats are the best fit for your needs

2. League Restrictions

Before picking up some metal cleats, make certain that they are permitted from the league you play for. Many championships, especially for younger players, restrict metal cleats due to security concerns of the thin metallic spikes.

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3. Materials

Many choices that made it on our list of the best softball cleats are made with synthetic materials, which provide lightweight breathability, better relaxation, and increased affordability than leather. There is a tradeoff, though: Leather will wear more, so if you’re looking for cleats to endure multiple seasons, then you may want to go the old-fashioned path.

4. Cushioning

While cushioned socks help absorb some shock, your shoes do most of the job. The better the cushioning, the more comfortable you’ll be. Keep in mind that you might have the ability to undermine by wearing a brace or taping your foot; check with your mentor and physical therapist to see what they recommend before you shop for your own shoes.


1. Is there a difference between softball and baseball cleats?

There’s a slight gap. Although baseball and softball players need to use wrought iron cleats in games, baseball players have been permitted to utilize metal cleats too. But in softball, only molded cleats are for the most part utilized.

2. How do you break in softball cleats?

With your softball cleat on, plunge your legs in warm water and then soak them for a while. The water will help soften and make the process quicker. After soaking for some time, maybe a few minutes, remove them from the water and choose the baseball cleats off your legs.

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3. Can cleats cause ankle pain?

It’s highly possible particularly if you’ve been using the incorrect kind of softball cleats for your feet. There are reported instances of softball players who were put on the sidelines after being diagnosed with accidents linked to the ankle or leg as a whole.


We hope we made your buying decision easier with our listing of the best softball cleats. While there are several amazing products with this list which it is possible to pick from, which is of extreme significance is that you take part in the game with the true spirit of sportsmanship and have fun while playing the game.

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