Top 8 Best Softball Bats 2021 [ Update ]

On the lookout for a new bat to your next softball season?

To aid you with your purchase, we’ve compiled a few lists of the best softball bats in 2021 on the marketplace. Figure out what you would like, have a look at the lists, buy your bat, and begin.

Best softball bats

1. Rawlings 2021 Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat

Mantra is the first bat released in 2021 by Rawlings. It features a three-step inner barrel which will provide you great sound when you make perfect touch on the hit. It is going to certainly be among the most recognizable sounds in the game.

Another fantastic thing this bat will provide you is your pop, and it is a courtesy of a slim barrel design. The most interesting feature that the Mantra has is the little piece called the F2 collar which reduces the vibration so that you may find a more powerful and quicker swing.

Overall, the brand new Rawlings Mantra is an excellent softball bat which will make a statement in 2021; it performs good and has a couple of great technologies in it which the power hitters will enjoy.

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2. DeMarini 2020 Prism Fastpitch Bat

DeMarini Prism is one of the greatest fastpitch bats on the market right now.

Greater weight management and decreased vibration is permitted by 3Fusion Connection. This bat has good pop and an even larger sound. So, with what mentioned about DeMarini Prism, this is an almost perfect fastpitch bat, and it has everything that you will need to perfect your game, plus it has amazing graphics on it.

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They’ve improved all aspects of the bat from the 2019 model, which makes it stronger and lighter then the previous version. The Double Barrel 2, a brand new generation barrel construction from Easton, creates the cheapest compression and higher performance.

The new ConneXion Evolution includes more Nitrocell foam for producing minimal vibration. Sweet spot is also larger allowed by the Launch Composite Technology and with creating the barrel lighter and more powerful it makes performance even better.

The Easton Ghost Advanced 2021 comes quite hot of the wrapper using a custom made Lizard Skins grip, accessible in -11, -10, -9, -8 drops and can be ASA (USA), USSSA (Fastpitch only), NSA, ISA, ISF approved.

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4. EASTON Prowess Fastpitch Softball Bat

A good thicker barrel option having a large sweet spot. It is two-piece construction supplies for a lighter texture and link.

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5. Easton SP16S50 S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you are just looking for a bat that will let you play in the backyard or host your family’s yearly softball game, you do not need a functionality bat and you definitely don’t need to pay performance rates. Instead, opt for the Easton S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat.

This aluminum alloy bat is tough enough to handle rough play by the children and hard strikes by adults. The 12-inch barrel is powerful and swings quickly. The handle is slim and features a versatile grip. This USSSA- and – ASA-certified bat does not have the rare materials or bells and whistles of other bats on the market, but it can help you have a fun game of softball. It’s a fantastic alternative for many softball players that want to purchase smart.

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6. DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Whether you are playing in a hyper-competitive men’s league or a casual after-work game that’s about the drinks then compared to drama on the field, you are going to require a good bat for men’s softball. It is going to allow former baseball players to get the space on the ball which they need and novices to swing like the big-leaguers.

The ONE OG bat is designed for slow pitch softball and also can help you take advantage of the type of the game. The 12-inch S.ONE composite barrel and metal handle offer you a stiffer bat that helps you reach deep into the outfield and from the park. The bat deep concave cap also increases its stiffness and increases the barrel’s sweet spot. This bat has a one-piece guarantee and a is qualified for ASA, NSA, USSSA, and ISA play with.

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7. DeMarini 2019 Vendetta

DeMarini 2019 Vendetta is one of our favorite new versions from the DeMarini lineup. With a D-Lite Handle that’s super light on the hands, and a Big D End Cap to assist with quicker recoveries from mishits. This means more comfortable swings and better opportunities for a perfect hit.

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8. Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton Mako CXN Zero Fastpitch Bat is a -10 drop weight bat that slices through softballs like a hot knife through butter. The bat implements a two-piece design, allowing plenty of flex despite its unbelievable power. Easton is among the golden standards in the bat-making company and has been making high-quality bats for several years.

The Mako is made from premium composite fibers dubbed TCT Thermo Composite and is one of the greatest bats offered for this year (and has a steep price tag to match). Easton also incorporated their ConneXion technology that helps reduce painful vibrations in the bat handle. The handle also incorporates a diamond-shaped grip giving you a feeling of complete control over your swings.

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What to Look for in Softball Bats

1. Material

According to the substance they are made of softball bats may be aluminum or alloy bats, composite and hybrid bats also referred to as half-and-half. Wooden bats are mostly left in competitive fastpitch softball.

Composite bats are made of mix of graphite, plastic and fiberglass resin, which provides them a distinctive sound. Composite bats are lasting, superior in performance, have a bigger sweet spot, but they also often crack and they can’t be used in very cold weather. They are also the most expensive model of softball players, so they are used mainly by gamers on a higher level.

Aluminum bats are conventional, less expensive, they provide a”stiffer” texture and, in theory they can lose their soda over time.

Hybrid bats are created from the idea to give players the best of both worlds. They’re produced at a way to contain both aluminum and components made from composite materials. Every producer behind hybrid models have their own reason and manner of crafting the bat that they claim has the best functionality. The most typical hybrid arc is a composite handle and aluminum barrel, but there are many distinct variations.

2. Comfort 

The deal has a great role in how comfortable it is possible to hit. The handle is characterized by its thickness and traction. Having a firm grip is important, for security as well as optimal hitting. A softball is much larger than a baseball, so it the chance for uncomfortable hand vibrations is significantly increased. A thicker handle reduces this vibration, but it weighs more and may slow down the bat speed.

best softball bats

3. Construction

There are two main categories bats fall beneath. The first is one-sided bats. One-piece bats would be the preferred choice of power hitters because the entire bat–barrel and manage is one piece which makes for a stiffer touchpoint. The second category is the two-piece bat. The diameter and handle are fused together which allows the bat to bend more. Contact hitters usually favor two-piece bats to the restricted electricity.


Finally, you should know that picking the ideal fastpitch bat is very individual. You can browse through our selection of best softball bats and read the testimonials to help you with your pick.

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