10 Best Soccer Shin Guards 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The shin is just one of the parts of the human body which may easily get damaged because of heavy impacts. And, shin guards are extremely popular in soccer as professional soccer players try to protect themselves from getting career-ending leg injuries because of tough tackles on the pitch. It is as important as the player’s uniform or soccer cleats.

From the shin guard world, you’ll find lots of versions with different prices, levels of protection, materials, colors, sizes, styles, and others. We have made the study for you and place together in this article the best soccer shin guards based on your preferences.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

1. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

It’s always good once you don’t need to rely on your socks to keep your shin guards in place. These are fantastic slip-in guards out of popular manufacturer, Nike. They have an anatomical contour (one is for the left and the other for the right). This helps to ensure enhanced protection for your legs.

All in all, the shin guards from Nike assist to reduce the effect your protective gear has on your game. You’ve got a choice between two designs of this protective equipment. Both options meet the NOCSAE standards for advanced competitive play.

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  • Super lightweight
  • Low price
  • NOCSAE approved


  • Extended wear period leaves marks on legs

2. Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards

The Vizari Malaga shin guards are arguably the top out at this current moment. Now, after looking at the first black shin guards you may think that they may not look so easy on the eye since they’re long and also have ankle protective straps at the base. In my opinion, the main factor is security, robustness, and longevity that the Vizari Malaga comes in abundance!

To conclude, I would say that these are ideal for the target market. The players which use these shin guards will probably have added protection than the majority of the guards now available at this time and that is the sheer priority and purpose of what a shin guard should offer.

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  • Lightweight shell
  • Padded backing for comfort
  • Thick front strap closure system
  • Many sizes, styles, and colours
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Great value for your money


  • Sometimes ankle straps can be prohibitive in ankle motion

3. G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

These revolutionary new types of shin guards arrive packed with a number of excellent features.

When you visit them, you will notice they’re incredibly different from the conventional shin guard. Beginning with the protective material, the G-form Pro S Elite is made from a soft powdery substance that if impacted compresses to be solid as a rock. They’ve a kind of technology named SmartFlex which has a moveable but robust shell that aids the shin guard harden on collision by molecules binding with each other to cause the guards to stiffen, absorb, and regenerate the energy from effect. Additionally, they also reduce heat and perspiration with no need for tape or an additional sleeve!

Without getting carried away here I frankly believe these are a very cool piece of equipment and very much ahead of their time. I would not be surprised if bigger brands follow suit in the future and try to market something very similar. They have all that you would ever want from modern technologies and more.

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  • Sophisticated SmartFlex technology
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and secure
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable


  • Very little flaws here except for the price that is a bit above the competition

4. Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guards

The Ghost Pro Shin Guard comes with an outer shell that’s made form a 5% TPU injection-molded plastic and 95% polypropylene. The combination of these two materials forms a flexible plastic which can mold into a player’s shin. The plastic also provides maximum security and will last through several seasons of the soccer league.

The other side of the shell has a moderately dense foam that absorbs the impact completely. The EVA foam can be comfy ensuring there is no irritation whilst playing. The design of the grooves and cutouts on the foam are also like those found on the shin guard’s foam. The shin guard provides better protection from impacts due to the individual pieces of foam onto the respective grooves.

It’s comprised of three separate shields put together to make the ideal match.

This shin guard is perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes. It is offered in a range of common sizes that have small, medium, large, X-large. It also comes in many different color combinations.

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  • There are 21 different styles of this shin guard available.
  • It includes an adjustable elastic sleeve.
  • It’s 3 layers which protect the player.
  • It’s available in 5 unique sizes.
  • It’s easy to put on since it is a slip-in soccer shin guard.


  • This shin guard doesn’t offer any ankle protection.

5. Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

This shin guard features a lightweight construction with a distinctive chrome accent design. Because of the neutrality of this black and white color, this shin shield can go with any soccer uniform. This shin guard has a two-layer design. To protect players from blunt force and drops, it features a high-density abrasion-resistant shield on top. The player is guarded from blunt force blows by the high-density foam which absorbs this shock. This layer of foam that is located on the guard’s inside additionally adds to its comfort.

The interior of the Superlight Soccer Shin Guard from Franklin Sports has a high-density foam cushioning which will help protect players from reductions during the game. Additionally, it protects players from significant impacts since it raises energy absorption. The foam spreads the effects of being hit by a ball removing the chance of feeling any pain. In addition, the shin guard has a tough, plastic, exterior shell which also can help to deflect any effect protecting the player from harm.

The Velcro double adjustable self-stick straps are readily corrected to personalize to the participant’s fit. The Franklin Sports Shin guard comes in three different sizes which are suitable for kids of all ages and heights.


  • It is available in small, medium, and massive sizes acceptable for children of ages.
  • It is resistant to cuts and punctures.
  • The straps adjust to provide a safe fit.
  • It’s comfortable and light.


  • It has poor breathability that may lead to skin irritation as a result of sweating.
  • The straps in the back could break easily

6. Sportout Soccer Shin Guards

These are easy to wear and don’t tend to slip off through play like any other sleeve-type shin guards.

A great aspect of those pesky guards is that they can slide right on without any further modifications. The plastic casing can live from the sleeve so the shin guards may be ready to go for immediate.

This shin shield system utilizes two tubes one for the calf and one outside of that for the tough plastic front plates that shield the shin. This layering acts like a pocket, which makes the shin shield comfier by dividing the shell out of the epidermis.

Though this item is made out of a substance (dry-fit) which is meant to fade excess perspiration, the polyester makeup of this fabric doesn’t ventilate as well as other fabrics

Although the item is advertised as being for adults and kids, the sizing could be a little tight for some bigger adults. Customers might have to get 1 size bigger than usual.

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  • Dri-fit sleeve.
  • Easy to put on


  • Lack of breathability
  • Small sizing

7. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

The particular design of these guards is for young players. The Dash Sport shield makes a fantastic choice if you’re looking for the ideal shin guards for your son or daughter. They are unisex and offer the utmost in protection and durability. These guards are also quite comfy (thanks to the EVA foam padding).

They have some cool images on them. This can make it even easier to convince your young player to wear them to the duration of the match. The Dash Sports Shin Guards are also quite flexible and allow the player freedom of movement. As far as all the products on our review listing proceed, these take the cup since the children’s soccer shin guards seem the coolest.

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  • Super cool images
  • Unhindered movement
  • Ultimate protection


  • Sizing runs small

8. Nike Protegga Flex

They are the Nike Protegga Flex. These are the set of shin guards that children normally use to begin playing soccer. I thought they were only for children until I watched a single day that Sergio Busquets uses them.

If this is something very important for you then you need to consider buying these ones. The very best thing about these types of shin guards is they are usually more affordable than all those mentioned previously.

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  • Cheap Price
  • Durable
  • Various colors


  • A bit narrow for a person

9. Diadora Uragano Soccer Shinguards

Whereas many shin guards to be found on the market are made from polypropylene, the Diadora Uragano Shin Guard’s outer shell is made from Kevlar and fiberglass. These materials are combined in 7 layers to offer exceptional protection and flexibility. Diadora has made this shin protector taking into consideration different weather conditions.

They were specifically made to help Francesco Totti, the Italian National participant create a successful comeback in the 2006 World Cup. It’s safe to say this guard assisted Italy to secure the World Cup that year. This guard was designed to offer additional protection wrapping around the leg.

Additionally, it comes with a self-wrapping layout that helps them stay in place. But you still need a compression sleeve to have a snug fit. The smooth anatomical PP shell and EVA-formed backing enhance the comfort and protection provided by this shin guard. This soccer shin guard from Diadora was intended for protection and performance without compromising on it being overly heavy.

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  • It has a low profile.
  • It’s available in two different sizes.
  • The shin guard features a self-wrapping layout.
  • It gives excellent protection.
  • It is made of 7 layers.
  • The soccer shin guard is constructed of fiberglass and Kevlar.


  • It does not offer any security to the ankle.
  • It is among the priciest shin guards on the market.

10. Adidas Unisex Adult X League Shin Guard

The Adidas X League LGE Soccer Shin Guards are designed to coincide with your legs’ contours to guarantee a natural and comfortable fit during gameplay. Each of them comes with a compression sleeve made with polyester, rubber, and foam to greatly help keep everything in place while you enter top gear.

Furthermore, they are perforated with EVA backing foam at the trunk to absorb shock. This also protects your legs from harm caused due to an abrupt impact on the field.

Besides impact protection, the shin guards offer breathable comfort, enabling you to enjoy playing soccer for extended durations.

We also found them to be more lightweight, further enhancing leg versatility, which is a crucial requirement of this game.

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  • Lightweight, flexible soccer shin guard
  • Ensures a natural match
  • Easy exchange or return policy


  • The Bottom of the shin guard did not feel tender

Buyer’s Guide

Given the broad range of protective shin guards for shin accessible there on the market, it may become pretty challenging to find only the very best shin shield for yourself. The soccer shin guards you decide to buy will depend on your experience and the level of soccer you play with. That is precisely why we’re attaching a guide to help you find the best shin guards which can suit you the best.

1. Shin Guard Materials

There are a lot of different materials used to make shin guards.

Here are a Few of the most Frequent substances used to make shin guards:

  • Fiberglass

This is a superb combination of attributes. It offers the ultimate protection and service a participant needs. Additionally, it enables them to play hard without needing to be concerned about getting injured during the match.

  • Foam Rubber

Shin guards made from polyurethane rubber are more lightweight than the ceramic ones. They provide players with much more ease of movement. This provides more comfort but the trade-off is less protection against effect. Additionally, foam rubber shin guards are somewhat more prone to wear and tear. As far as cost goes, these are a few of the less costly choices on the market.

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  •  Plastic

Shin protects made of plastic give more support and protection than foam ones. However, they’re not very comfortable. Plastic is cheaper but it won’t hold up against serious abuse in precisely the exact same way fiberglass shin guards do.

  • Polyurethane

Guards produced from this material are among several of the heaviest and most rigid on the market. Polyurethane shin guards provide players with the maximum support.

2. Type of Soccer Shin Guards

The effectiveness of a soccer shin guard will be set by the type you select. Therefore, it’s important to consider the type of shin guard you’re going to buy depending upon your preference. There are 3 types of shin guards used in soccer.

  • Slip-in Shin Guards

The most elementary type of shin guard is your slip-in. It’s often one of the most affordable shin guards around the market. They’re lightweight and supply great protection while increasing your freedom of motion.

  • Ankle Shin Guards

Besides protecting your legs that they also incorporate protection to your ankles. Due to this extra advantage, this sort of shin guard is suggested for youth and intermediate players.

  • Socks-Style Shin Guards

This is the most famous type of shin guards. This sort of shin shield comes with the pads built to the socks for convenience. The hassle-free design of shin socks makes them very popular with young players.

3. Soccer Shin Guard Sizing

Having a proper fit is important in regards to protective gear. When it’s too large or too small it will likely lose its effectiveness. You need to ensure that your shin guard properly fits you. The sizing of shin guards is set by the participant’s height. Your shin shield should cover the Region between your knee and ankle.

Here is an easy sizing chart to use as your reference when choosing the ideal shin guards:

XS: Extra small shin guards are for kids aged 6 to 9 years whose height is under 4’6″.

S: Small shin guards are perfect for youngsters aged between 10 and 13 years or those whose elevation is between 4’7 and 5’3″.

M: When it comes to Medium size, there are a lot of variations. For example, according to Adidas, M shin guards are great for kids aged between 14 and 17 years who are 5’3” to 5’9” in height. But, Nike M shins are for kids up to 5’7”. This means that in generalized medium size may be ideal for kids and adults up to 5’10” in height.

L and XL: Large and Extra Large guards are generally meant for use by adult players only. The least required height is 5’7” and the max height is 6’10”.

This graph is excellent to use as a reference for deciding on the ideal shin guard size. Even shin guards sized in this way have a span on each package that will help you to determine the best size.

best soccer shin guards coastalfloridasportspark 2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I wash shin guards?

The materials of different items will be different from one brand to another. Though some provide machine-washable substances, you might have to clean other kinds manually using soaps and water.

2. Can I wear any sort of sleeve using almost any shin guards?

Although all of us would like this to occur, not all the sleeves will sit with every sort of guard for shin.However, versatile sleeves and shin guards are available which could be paired up with other types of soccer shin guard and sleeves

3. Do Goalkeepers Wear Shin Guards?

Ah, the goalkeeper’s union. Such a powerful, tight-knit group! Though they don’t face as many powerful challenges as outfield players that they nevertheless have to be protected just as far in between the enormous white sticks. So, the answer here would be yes, they need to wear shin guards.


Quality protective soccer gear is critical and there is a lot of alternatives out there when it comes to the best shin guards, but it requires a bit of research to know which one will suit you best.

Do not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of alternatives on the market today. Use this article as your go-to source that will help you make the best choice for your specific needs.

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