Top 10 Best soccer cleats for kids 2021

The perfect avenue for expression is sports, in particular, those that require running, dodging and sweating it out similar to soccer. But for others, it becomes a means of life, a dream to breathe life into.

And as with any dream, having the vital tools to pursue it’s crucial. For many soccer players, this starts with cleats. Selecting the ideal set for a beginner is difficult since the marketplace is inundated with a huge variety of those.

This guide lists the top 10 best soccer cleats for kids that can be found on the marketplace. It is quite critical you could choose decent soccer shoes for your child to protect from injuries and also allow your child have the best performance on the field.

Read our comprehensive guide regarding the best kid soccer cleats.

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Best soccer cleats for kids

1. Adidas Unisex-Child Firm Ground Predator 20.3

If your child is geared towards a more attack-minded place in soccer, then these are definitely the shoes you need to consider. The insides are incredibly soft and are not hard on the toes at all, allowing your child to easily without any fear of skin damage from usage.

These soccer cleats have the latest laceless boots layout which according to Adidas allows for more control with your shots along with your running compared to previous layouts did.

It’s an amazing match for your ankle and the plethora of colors that the cleats themselves are offered in makes for a fantastic option for your children when they go out to play with their friends

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  • Lightweight, breathable, and durable
  • Features soft
  • Comfort


  • Might be Some people do not like high-necked sneakers Due to the inconvenience of wearing them

2. DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Athletic Soccer Cleats

On the lookout for the best cleats for your budding soccerl champion? All these DREAM PAIRS High-Top Sock Soccer Cleats are a Fantastic choice. Your child will love the bright color and fashionable design of these shoes and they come in 16 options. Aside from that, these cleats feature a synthetic, textured upper which enriches your child’s control of their ball. The best thing about those kids’ soccer cleats is that the high-top elastic socks that shield your child’s ankles without restricting their motion. They are acceptable for use on artificial and natural pitches.

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  • Lightweight, breathable, and durable
  • Cushioned insole offers extra protection
  • Features soft textile linings
  • The flexible lace-up closure keeps your child’s feet in place.


  • Might be somewhat difficult to put on initially

3. Nike Men’s Tiempo Rio III Fg Soccer Cleat

This product is just one of the most affordable soccer boots in the Nike lineups. While not all the Tiempo elements are retained the item still incorporates valuable features which make it worthwhile.

The top material used for this particular series is synthetic, but it’s a leather-like finish to it. The upper also features texture intended for ball control. The shoe’s only plate is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that is famous for its secure and durable quality.

This shoe is ideal for the newcomer trying to figure out the game. It allows gamers to keep it simple with crisp clear passes and dedicate their game to improving others.

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  • The synthetic leather top end is impressive.
  • The price point is great for this product.


  • The shoe is too narrow and may call for a different size compared to the standard one.

4. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats

These soccer cleats are made from durable synthetic leather and feature a slightly textured top for maximum ball control. They include rugged studs that offer great traction, a well-padded ankle collar, and soft footbed that’ll keep your child’s feet comfortable during the game. For extra durability and sturdiness, these cleats feature anti-stretch lining and nice stitching in the front to the top.

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  • Features flexible rubber outsoles
  • Adjustable laces
  • Water-resistant


  • The color will fade after a few uses.

5. Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD Jr Soccer Cleats

If your child has just started to play soccer, these snazzy soccer shoes are the right choice for them. This is only one of the greatest soccer cleats for toddlers, and rightly so since they provide the stability that a newbie needs, as a result of the extra-wide studs on the floor. Additionally, it includes 14 studs for added grip and to reduce pressure points on your toddler’s feet. They are made from soft cushioning and are made out of extra padding on the top for protection.

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  • Available in four other colors
  • Contains molded rubber sole
  • These soccer cleats are also available for bigger kids.
  • Studs are spaced out in the heel area for preserving equilibrium.


  • The sizes may run small.

6. Hawkwell Kids Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes

This is a great shoe for kids that are still novices and still learning basic soccer skills.

The rubber sole increases the stability and good grip. The upper is made of synthetic fabric for durability and also protection from any stray boots or kicking the ball.


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  • Rubber Sole For Stability


  • Size Runs Smaller For Some Kids

7. Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 J Soccer Shoes

Adidas created soccer cleats for serious new players seeking additional flexibility. Artificial leather media touch uppers will provide you a better sense and control for your foot, which provides stability and agility. These cleats are ideal for strong or artificial pitches along with the Messi centre stud will allow your new player to indicate his pitch together with the dominant Messi emblem.

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  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Very comfortable


  • Narrow
  • Expensive

8. Adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Adidas’s Nemeziz assortment of cleats is created for attackers: offering an wonderful sense of the ball when dribbling as well as explosive rate off the mark.

The 19.3 variant is specifically aimed at fictitious 9s (center-forwards) and innovative midfielders, with the company’s”agility net” lining supplying an wonderful first touch and controller when passing.

What is more, these cleats fit nice and snug to offer young soccer players a super comfy, almost”barefoot” texture on the pitch, which helps to improve ball control when dribbling in addition to shooter precision.

They are also priced quite reasonably, and also the colorways available are sure to impress.

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  • Outstanding durability.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Very comfortable — cozy fit, true to size.


  • N/A — one of the best all-round children’ soccer cleats

9. Adidas Unisex-Child Goletto Vi Firm Ground soccer shoes

Built for speed and stability on firm ground, the Goletto 6 comes in 2 colors and one is pink!

I am sure your daughter will love this shoe.

This shoe comes with 11 studs which are evenly spread out to ensure your kid’s feet are secure when running and turning.

The top is made from synthetic leather that is the standard nowadays and they offer a superb cushion to absorb the impact of kicking the ball and security too.

The shoe is breathable that makes it for playing in the summer.

I like this soccer shoe because there is nothing fancy about it covers all of the fundamental requirements for a child’s shoe.

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  • Breathable — Ideal For Summer
  • Disadvantages:


  • Runs Small On Some Kids

10. Nike JR Mercurial VCTRY 6 DF NJR FG Boys Soccer-Shoes

Taking inspiration from the classic silver/blue Nikes of the late 1990s, this version of the Mercurial Victory VI is called after Brazil’s new golden boy, Neymar Junior.

While Messi is a creative player who likes to dribble, Neymar includes a fast playing style and loves to finish the job himself — with the strange rainbow movie thrown in for good measure.

It is logical then that the cleats named after him are developed for wingers and fullbacks looking for an excess bit of agility and speed.

There’s no traditional tongue about this cleat — that may feel strange at first, but when you become used to it, it feels pretty normal.

The only downside to this cleat would be its durability — it could wear quite quickly depending on how often you play.


  • Excellent stability & traction — excellent for sprinting.
  • Nice and light.
  • Reasonably comfortable.


  • Not incredibly durable.

Best soccer cleats for kids 2021- Buyer’s Guide

1. Material

Over the span of decades, the materials used to make soccer shoes have shifted a whole lot, and the technologies involved in cleats has undergone considerable development and will keep doing so. Regardless of the shift in these variables, the goal remains the same manufacturers want to create shoes that are hyper-lightweight alongside being durable, thin, and capable of forming to the ball through contact. Furthermore, the shoes need to be comfy to wear and be easy to move in also. The handiest substances utilized by numerous companies are:

  • K-Leather

Nearly all standard shoes are made up of kangaroo leather, and it can be a soft, supple material. K-leather shoes do not need to be broken in for long, unlike the other alternatives available on the marketplace. If players have a taste for a boot that really molds to their feet while providing plenty of durabilities, K-leather cleats are the ideal match.

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  • Natural Leather:

Most top-tier boots make use of leathers such as calfskin and goatskin. For the most part, these would be the only all-natural leathers that companies still seem to be using. However, natural leather shoes aren’t watertight, so playing on a wet field can cause some damage to the shoe.

  • Synthetic Leather

These shoes have the advantages of being breathable, easy to wash, and don’t call for a break-in period.

Artificial Shoes comprising faux leather are designed to offer a very different experience for players on the ball. Artificial boots comprise of much thinner materials which contribute to providing players with a slightly bigger fit from the first wear. Players which want to get shoes which are more durable, lighter, and much more water resistant, synthetic shoes would be the ideal match.

Artificial material can be proven to be best for children who play soccer too. It is not as heavy than real leather and more affordable.

2. Surface Considerations

  •  Firm-ground (FG)

The firm ground studs are intended for grass areas but may also manage artificial grass (AG). They provide very good traction on dry grass and also have over 10 studs with 4 in the back.

The blade studs do not supply as much flexibility and the ones that are cloned. If you are unsure, then FG cleats would be the safest choice of boot type to buy since They Are acceptable to play on any surface


  •  Hard Ground (HG)

These are low-profile shoes which have conical-shaped studs distribute at the whole bottom of the shoe.

They are developed for rock hard surfaces since the studs don’t sink in the floor but sit .

Such studs aren’t perfect for firm-ground soccer fields.

best soccer cleats for kids

  • Indoor Studs

The indoor studs are meant for playing indoor courts where the surface is hard and glistening.

They looked like your typical sneakers with no studs because the soles are made of durable rubber.

The rubber soles provide traction so that the player can run, turn, and kick the ball without slipping.

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  • Soft Ground (SG)

These cleats have 6 studs only with 2 at the rear and 4 at the front and they are designed for playing in a muddy field.

The cleats may be blade or conical but longer to provide traction to the player. Some studs are metal so you need to check with league rules as they aren’t permitted to be used on any other surface.

  •  Turf (AG)

The studs for turfgrass or artificial grass (AG) are a highly concentrated variety of elevated patterns to permit traction. They Aren’t successful on any other outside

3. Player position

Your child’s standing on the area and playing style also determines the types of cleats they require.

  • Goalkeepers: the main concern for these players are great traction and the ability to move very quickly laterally. Additionally, a nice strike zone for both kick-outs and back-passes is key.
  • Defensive players: They ought to opt for boots that offer slightly more protection and allow for a clean pass on the ball.
  • Midfielders: They need to go for boots that offer great control in addition to the ability to run up and down the pitch to the entirety of this game in complete relaxation.
  • Wingers: They need to search for lightweight boots which provide them with the capacity to accelerate and change direction fast.
  • Forwards: They are going to have the ability to play optimally in boots offering a clean strike zone and supply minimal weight for explosive movements.

4. Locating the right cleat size

Never move up a size when purchasing soccer cleats for kids, unless you know for true that the soccer cleat fits little. Having your feet move around on your cleats can cause blisters, and also will make it more difficult to control the ball when dribbling.

But of course, kids’ feet grow like magic beanstalks, so you’ll probably need to get a new pair for your kid every season or so. Unless of course you’ve planned ahead and had yet another soccer-loving kid who’ll utilize those hand-me-downs.

Instead, you want a great snug fit which is not too tight. If the cleat is too tight this will be uncomfortable and may also cause blisters.

5. Comfort:

At the youth level, your main focus should be finding a boot that fits well and is comfortable.

Kids’ soccer cleats usually have a sock liner inside the shoe which wicks moisture away from your foot. Foam cushioning in the toe box and heel areas enhances comfort too.

As much as it’s essential to choose cleats that are high on performance and offer excellent support, they also have to be comfortable to wear and perform.

Frequently Answered Questions

best soccer cleats for kids coastalfloridasportspark 2

  1. What regions of the soccer cleats wear out early?

The cleats on the bottom of the shoes seldom wear down. On the contrary, it’s the foam padding inside the shoe and the outside area of the shoe near the toe that typically wear out.  

  1. At what age can children start wearing soccer cleats?

It’s said that children below five years of age do not demand soccer cleats; a good set of regular sneakers should be good for them. While soccer cleats can help your child attain proper form when introduced at an early age, it is crucial that they first learn to balance themselves when walking or running. However, as a parent, you know your child well. Consequently, if you think your child is ready, go ahead and give them a set of soccer shoes.


Soccer, much like any other game, is a good activity for your child to join and appreciate early on. It’ll train him or her in discipline both physically and emotionally. It might also develop an important life skill or become a passion.

They won’t know that, nevertheless, until they actually try it and have a fair chance at becoming a great athlete. The best way you can support your son or daughter is to offer the necessary equipment designed for success.

The above some of those recommendations that we have made in regards to soccer cleats for kids. Hope you’ll choose best soccer cleats for your kids.

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