Best soccer backpack update 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

If you are a keen soccer player, you’ll want to invest in the best soccer backpack for your practice and matches. Investing in a high-quality soccer backpack will pay dividends for quite a while.

There are many soccer backpacks offered and finding the ideal one can be hard and time-consuming, however, we have looked at a vast array of versions to think of the best backpacks on the market. So if you’re searching for a great soccer backpack, these are the options.

We are also going to share with you everything you need to look for when purchasing a new soccer backpack here.

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What To Look For When Buying A Soccer Backpack

1. Size

When looking at backpacks or soccer backpacks, among the most important elements is the size and access to storage within the bag.

It is important you choose one with storage that’s adequate for you. Size is also an important factor you should consider. If you are buying a soccer backpack for an adult who will also be using the backpack to carry regular things, you’ll most likely need to invest in a rather large backpack with lots of compartments. But if you’re buying a soccer backpack for a child who will only use the backpack when they play soccer, you could buy a more compact backpack with fewer compartments.

2. Material Used

Obviously, for a soccer rucksack, a watertight surface is absolutely key. If the bag isn’t entirely waterproof and it comes in contact with moisture, then you risk damage to the situations you’ve got from the bag.

When buying the rucksack, check the specifications to see if the bag is made from entirely waterproof material. It’s also wise to check the producers promise a 100% waterproof rucksack.

3. Cost

It goes without saying that if purchasing anything, the price of it is one of the most crucial elements in your decision. Soccer rucksacks can vary greatly in cost, so it is important that you look carefully at the price and make certain that you’re pleased with the amount you’re likely to cover.

4. Warranty

It can be tough to understand why anyone buys anything nowadays with no guarantee! Warranties are very important because of the increasing amount of anonymous internet sellers. You do not understand their identity or if they are trustworthy or not.

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Features Of The Best Soccer Backpacks

Let’s take a look at the essential qualities that can help you to choose the best soccer backpacks.

1. Ball Pocket Or Holder

Rather than carrying your ball individually to a match or practice, you may use the suitable ball holder in your backpack. Remember that every backpack will hold specific sizes of balls, so you will want to check that carefully prior to purchasing anything.

Additionally, many soccer backpacks that contain an area to maintain the soccer ball will also accommodate other game balls as well. This can be handy if you want to head to the beach for some volleyball or are arranging a basketball game with your friends.

2. Shoe Compartment

A fantastic soccer backpack will also have a shoe section where you can save your cleats.

Many bags feature another area to store your sneakers or cleats in. Does this make it simple for you to bag your cleats to practice, but it’s also convenient for keeping your shoes while playing.

3. Water Bottle Holder

This holder is a vital characteristic of a soccer backpack.

Stay hydrated at all times even when on the go. Carry your water bottles at an easy-to-reach pocket situated right across the side of your backpack. Today you’ll never forget to drink water during training again.

4. Easy Access Pockets

Along with the rest of the features, you can get with your backpack, keep a lookout for inner pockets. These are ideal for holding your wallet, keys, iPods, smartphones or headphones

Don’t forget to bring along a small first aid kit as well. You might even use this area as an exit port to listen to your headphones while still warming up.

The continuous competition between Nike and Adidas as it comes to creating the best soccer gear is a good thing for customers globally, and this brand new and improved version from Adidas shows why.

List of Top 10 best soccer backpack in 2021 Reviews

1. Adidas Stadium II Backpack

The Adidas Stadium II backpack is a clear upgrade from their prior Stadium model, with the majority of the kinks and minor faults the customers whined about freaking out. The bag is significantly more spacious, the pockets designed and deeper, and higher quality materials are used to provide more support.

This soccer backpack is built to last, backed by a lifetime warranty, has a unique ball pocket that may be worn inside or outside the pack, padded shoulders, and 2 water bottle pockets.

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  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable
  • Beautiful layout


  • Inadequate information

2. Athletico Youth Soccer back

If you want to purchase a practical, no-frills backpack that gets the job done, the Athletico Youth soccer backpack is a great choice. This is because it’s a no-nonsense backpack with a lot of useful features.

There is a big vented pocked on the front part of the back that can hold a soccer ball along with a basketball, as well as a separate cleat compartment that is vented to keep nasty smells out.

Sure, the backpack is advertised as a children’s soccer backpack, but it’s fairly large so that it might also be used by adults. Additionally, it has adjustable straps. Ultimately the backpack is very affordable, so it is ideal for anyone on a budget.

If you like this backpack but you are worried that it may be too small, don’t worry; you can buy a larger model here. This version is the identical design, but it’s slightly larger as it’s designed for adults.

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  • Offered in a range of colors
  • Affordable
  • Vented pockets to keep smells out
  • Offered in two sizes


  • Not many external pockets
  • Simple design

3. Vizari Solano Backpack

The Vizari Sport Solano backpack is a fashionable soccer backpack that’s suited to both kids and adults. This is due to the fact that the backpack is rather large, so it can easily hold adult-sized sneakers, however, the shoulder straps are adjustable, so they can be altered to fit a young child.

The backpack is also created from a high-quality 600D Poly/Jacquard mix, and there are breathable side pockets that maintain nasty smells from the bag. On the front of the bag, there is a rubber mesh pocket that can hold a size 5 ball. Additionally, it may hold a basketball or a basketball, so it isn’t just suited to soccer players!

It has plenty of space, which means that you can carry all the equipment that you will need for your practice in just 1 place. Another fantastic thing is that, despite its sturdiness, its design makes it simple to take anywhere. It’s offered in five distinct colors, so you will have the ability to pick the style that suits you best!

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  • High-quality Poly/Jacquard mix
  • Modern design


  • Very little
  • Not many external pockets

4. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

The Nike Club Team Swoosh backpack is a unisex, one-size-fits-all model that’s extremely spacious and can act as your sports bag regardless in the event that you need it for soccer, basketball, volleyball or something different.

This soccer backpack has a large principal compartment spacious enough to fit even 2 more soccer balls along with the committed ball compartment, a split zippered shoes pocket that’s well ventilated, and a side mesh pocket for a single water bottle.

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  • Large and comfortable


  • It just has one cup holder

5. Adidas Stadium Team Backpack

Adidas knows soccer and that’s evident in this soccer ball back. The bottom front pocket of the bag comes with a zippered ball pocket which could also double as a laundry pocket.​

The cleat compartment has laser-cut venting to keep odors and germs at bay. There’s also an internal computer or tablet pocket and place for all your other equipment as well.

This backpack is made from the highest grade of materials. In addition, it’s water-resistant, includes UltraRide shoulder straps, and has a quilted back panel.

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  • You will find an astonishing 11 colors options available


  • Expensive

6. Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder Compartment

This soccer backpack is lightweight and simple to open, so it is perfect for young children who enjoy sports.

The backpack is made from 600D dual-layer heating stitched polyester, which is extremely durable, so the bag will not get ruined easily. Additionally, there are padded shoulder straps, so it is very comfy to wear, even if it is full to the brim.

It’s worth noting that this backpack is rather small compared to some of the additional backpacks on this list, but that doesn’t mean that there is no space inside.

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  • Produced from high quality, durable materials
  • Expanding ball compartment


  • Few compartments
  • Only room for sports gear — so not a great everyday bag

7. Soccer Bag Backpack

The substance used in constructing the backpack is an equally important consideration to look out for. This is an ideal and durable soccer bag made from heavy-duty no-rip material, which makes it great for long-term use. It also has a waterproof main compartment lining to keep the items free from water.

Together with the ventilated compartments, the tote keeps your gear bacteria-free and deodorized. There are also two outside water and shoe net pockets for simple access.

The large ball compartment can accommodate a soccer ball of size five. With the adjustable straps, you can readily correct the bag to supply a comfortable fit. It is possible to easily open/close the bag as a result of this simple breeze mechanism system.

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  • Waterproof main compartment
  • Two outside mesh pockets


  • Inadequate details.

8. Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpack

This really is a versatile bag that is fantastic for all ball sports as a result of the ball holder along with a spacious principal compartment. If you frequently travel for soccer matches, you’ll enjoy the pressed pocket which has an earphone slot.

Your soccer balls will be safely protected in the mesh pocket, and there’s a separate shoe compartment to make sure your other possessions do not become muddy or damp after playing in the rain.

The large main compartment of the Squadra backpack includes a media pocket, and will easily fit all your sports gear for your soccer or gym session. Soccer players will appreciate the easy accessibility to the shoe tunnel, which can be vented to make sure your belongings don’t get moist after soccer practice. The padded shoulder straps make this a comfortable backpack to carry all day long, and they may be adjusted to fit adults and children.

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  • Easy access to this shoe tunnel
  • Mesh ball holder in the front of the bag


  • Shoes can be Difficult to fit indoors as the ball compartment is in the way

9. LUX Soccer Backpack

Ideal for players of any age, this is a great budget tote for anyone who loves soccer. With many different pockets to maintain your gear and cleats, in addition, it doubles up as a great job or school bag.

The front seat will hold a size 3, four, or five ball and is ventilated to make sure there’s not any build-up of odor. It is a versatile tote that might also be used for college as a result of the laptop sleeve and stationary storage options.

There’s ample storage space in this soccer backpack, and you will find two easy-access pockets on either side which can fit your own water bottle or shin pads. You’ll come across this bag is comfortable for adults and children due to the shoulder pads and padded back. You can adjust the shoulder straps on this bag to fit any height and size of consumer, so even as your child grows, this bag will last for years to come.

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  • Ventilated ball compartment to avoid a build-up of odor


  • It’s just available in black, pink or blue

10. Nike Academy Backpack

The Nike Academy Team Rucksack has adjustable straps and technical highly functional compartments which could be personalized according to one’s own relaxation.

Nike Academy Team Rucksack has a mesh bottle holder on one side and a large zippered pocket to the left. This pocket is used to store things that you need convenient like your mobile, identity cards, papers, etc..

There’s a key big compartment to take sports apparel, books, laptop, etc.. On top of it supporting the big compartment, there’s a small discreet zippered compartment that’s big enough to maintain your smartphone. In front of the main compartment, there is a medium-sized pocket to store your own cleats and shoes.

The pocket features mesh inserts to help airflow for odor control. The padded straps prevent the weight of the back from digging into your shoulders. The floor has a tarpaulin fabric which makes it watertight.

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  • Huge storage space
  • Mesh pockets


  • Huge tear at the seam

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Soccer Backpacks More Convenient Than Regular Backpacks?

Yes! Soccer backpacks are specifically designed to hold all of your gear such as balls, cleats, water bottles and more.

2. What Size Soccer Balls Fit In The Bag?

Each backpack retains its own size ball. Read the item description to determine whether the tote holds a dimension 3, four, or five balls.

3. What’s the youngest age that a child can use one of these bags?

Soccer backpacks are ideal for children over 7 since they are sometimes very large when the ball is indoors. Some of the models including our #1 choice can be fine for kids as young as 4-5 years old.

4. Where’s a fantastic place to buy an inexpensive soccer backpack?

You can find lots of soccer backpacks on Amazon. This includes both children’s backpacks and adult backpacks.

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As a soccer player, you have to get the greatest soccer backpacks that can suit you better.

We’ve handpicked the best soccer bags from the top brands. There are different sizes and shapes of soccer bags accessible, and you may pick a perfect color combination to show off. Based on your needs and budget, then you can purchase the best soccer backpack which is suitable for you.

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