Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves 2021

Slowpitch softball is a wonderful way to enjoy time with friends and participate in some healthy competition. And should you would like to compete in the best on the area, then you need to be certain you’re using the right tools for your job.

The one-piece of gear that every player needs is a reliable glove. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best slowpitch softball gloves on the market today. Keep reading to discover the appropriate glove to elevate your gameplay, whether it’s for men’s softball, women’s, or perhaps something else.

Best slowpitch softball gloves

1. Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove

Our number one pick for slowpitch softball gloves would be your Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove Series. This glove is durable and includes top-of-the-line materials that you may trust.

You need to obtain this item if you’re interested in becoming one of the best gloves on the market. The Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove Series works well in most types making it a well-balanced glove choice.

Those materials make sure that your glove is both comfortable and durable. The solid built-in wrist strap guarantees your hand won’t slip from the glove even during your most athletic plays.


  • Great materials
  • Includes two internet Choices
  • Fantastic value for the price
  • Strong wrist strap
  • Several sizing choices


  • Somewhat stiff coming out of the box
  • It requires a while to break in

2. Rawlings Player Preferred Softball Glove

For those who move around the field, or people who play both softball and baseball, the Rawlings Player Preferred P130HFL is a great alternative. Utility players who only need to own 1 glove flock into the Player Preferred series as they’re versatile and high quality. The soft leather is more durable, starting out soft and pliable and only becoming more so as the glove is used.

Rawlings utilize top-grain leather in all its Player Preferred chain gloves. The leather comes pre-oiled from the manufacturer to rate along the break-in procedure. Though it does result in a glove that is ready to be used right away, some breaking in will nevertheless be required on your part before gameplay.



  • High Durable


  • It takes some time to break in

3. EASTON BLACKSTONE Slowpitch Softball Glove

The Easton Blackstone slowpitch softball glove is made up of a pick cowhide leather shell together with a supple leather palm lining for comfort and feel. It features left-hand orientation selection, that helps using a left-hand glove and throw on the ideal hand.

The New Blackstone slowpitch series features a leather casing plus a supple leather palm lining for additional comfort and texture. The glove also features a durable rawhide lace that reinforces the pocket and durability. The specific patterns of this softball are developed for inherent pocket depth and a better fit. The 13-inch model of this glove features a cowhide leather casing, rawhide laces, leather handlining, and special softball patterns.

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  • Excellent gloves which are offered in the Right and Left Hand Throw
  • A soft glove that is easy to open and close
  • A comfortable glove that has fine padding
  • The glove is tough to break-in


  • The glove is also known to contain compounds that cause cancer and birth defects in players.

4. Miken Pro Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

The new Pro series gloves from Miken features authentic slowpitch certain patterns and structure, and in addition, it features soft and quality full-grain leather for enhanced shape retention. These paddings help to greatly reduce ball impact along with a adjusting non pull strap back for a customized fit.

These gloves come with a 13-inch pattern and feature a Poron XRD technology. Its full-grain soft leather construction and correcting nonpill strap back provides exceptional texture and break-in for those players. This is an exceptional softball glove for competitive matches and has a rather short break-in period, making it a ideal game-ready feel. Renders a long-lasting feel with impact reduction.

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  • Its full-grain leather enhances durability, renders shape retention and enhances functionality
  • Features a custom fit and quick release wrist pull strap program


  • The glove is extremely stiff and matches very tight at the wrist.

5. Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove

The Rawlings slowpitch softball glove is ideal for recreational softball games and is intended to be used by gamers of all age groups and skill levels. These gloves make it possible for players to scoop up grounders and catch fly balls with relative easiness. These gloves feature a Velcro wrist strap plus a pull strap using zero shock bite reduction technology. It helps all players to make a customized fit round the hand and the wrist for a comfortable and a comfortable fit.

The glove features a flexible shell, a net back, and soft lining materials. Catching is consequently made easy with the help of these glove collection. The glove is game-ready right out of the box and demands very minimal break-in. The glove offers tremendous protection and comfort due to its high-density cushioned areas at the palm and the palms.

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  • Fantastic glove for a recreational baseball match
  • A lightweight and durable glove
  • Offers a pro mesh back design for optimum equilibrium


  • Not enough information

6. Wilson A360 Utility Slowpitch Glove

Wilson A360 is another softball glove for outfielders. The former one was suitable for a big hand, but it is perfect for a medium Size hand. The glove is 13 inches, and it is advised for both beginner and professional player. Let us see the notable features of the glove.

The glove is made of pure leather that will give you incredibly soft feelings. The leather is very much tender, and it is created for the highest comfort. If you are trying to find a durable glove, then this might not be suitable for you. But, a few gloves are there in the marketplace that could provide you this sort of soft feeling and the highest level of protection since the Wilson A360 provides you.

The high-quality construction stuff, padding, pocket depth, and the design make the glove as the perfect choice of each outfielder. Since the size of this glove is 13 inches, so it fits together with the most adult hand. If you’d like softball gloves for maximum comfort, you are highly recommended Wilson A36.



  • The high quality and soft leather provide exceptional soft feeling and maximum comfort
  • Can be used the glove by both palms
  • It can be utilised in almost any position but best advocated for your outfielders
  • It’s not heavy rather mild to ensure fast moving


  • Not enough info

7. EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove

The EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series is among the best slowpitch softball gloves in the marketplace. That softness makes for a glove that is enjoyable to wear and is prepared to use whenever you get it. The EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series is your best glove for you. This glove is incredibly soft, which contributes to a few benefits for you.

The most notable advantage of using the EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series is that it is extremely easy to split in. Meaning that you can begin playing right away. You will also notice that this glove includes a fantastic palm lining.

Another intriguing aspect of the EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series is it is designed particularly for slowpitch softball. While some players get using standard baseball gloves, why don’t you get a leg up by choosing a glove that is tailor-made for the game you play.

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  • Easy to break-in
  • Incredibly soft liner
  • Allows for a great grip on the ball


  • This glove isn’t made of high-quality leather.

8. EASTON EL JEFE Slowpitch Softball Glove

The Easton slowpitch softball glove series features a diamond pro steer leather palm and shell. Its softball certain patterns are designed for pocket depth and exceptional impact durability. Players can pick either a left hand orientation for a left-hand throw and right-handed palms for the right hand.

These gloves feature a diamond pro steer leather palm and shell, together with a soft oiled cowhide liner at both hands and the fingers as ambient texture and comfort. These gloves also feature a wide and deep pocket design, that is ideal to perform with the softball game. The stitching and leather of those gloves are perfect because they feel and has flexible and superb busting.

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  • An affordable glove that’s made up of high-quality material
  • A great glove for grabbing even the most troublesome balls


  • The gloves could be pretty stiff

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Softball Slowpitch Glove

Recreational players may utilize any type of racket, whereas specialist players and those who demand in higher-level play will benefit from a suitable glove. Some important aspects to look for in the softball gloves are.

1. Size of the glove

Finding the perfect size of glove requires you to fit the glove physically. To measure the glove, flex the glove and measure the length from your index finger up into the bottom of the wrist. Measurements should be done in inches. You should settle for a glove with a snug fit as opposed to a tight match. This is because a snug fit allows for flexibility and free movement of the wrist when planning to grab the ball.

When shopping for kids’ gloves, then opt for a comfortable fit rather than a glove you would like the kid to develop into. A massively large and loose-fitting glove can cause injuries to the wrist and lead to mistakes when grabbing the ball.

2. Durability

When purchasing a slowpitch glove, then durability is one of the most crucial things that players think about. If you go into any shop or e-commerce store, they say each and each glove is durable. However, the way to find which is more lasting?

The sturdiness of an outfield glove is dependent upon the leather quality. Generally, synthetic leather is smooth to break-in but might not last for years.

While gloves that are created with high-quality leather may last for many decades. The cheap gloves also offer good traction, deep pocket, and sufficient cushioning, but the main distinction is all about their durability.

The expensive gloves can last for years, and consequently, if you are purchasing an expensive slowpitch glove, then you might not need to buy another one for several years.

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3. Comfort

Choose a glove that is comfortable on the hand, so that you feel you are not wearing it at all. This helps to focus on the game. Additionally, such gloves will be easy to wear and take off too. Some of the gloves include a Velcro strap and also yet another tightening system for a cozy fit.

4. Material 

Players can choose gloves which are manufactured from either artificial or mesh. Gloves that are of top quality are pricey, but they’re durable and can last for many seasons. Low-quality glove substances will suit amateurs and newbie players. Additionally, make sure that the material is breathable so the hand does not sweat within the glove.

Many manufacturers manufacture high-quality softball gloves. However, some brands are more successful in producing slowpitch gloves as compared to the others.

5. Brands

If it comes to the outfield gloves, then Wilson, Rawlings, and Miken are best 3 brands which young players prefer compared to other brands like Mizuno, Louisville Slugger, etc..

6. Right Hand Throw vs. Left Hand Throw

There are some players that throw with their left hand, therefore they require a glove to get their proper hand. While some players throw together with their right hand, so they require a glove to get their left hand. On major e-commerce sites like Amazon, it is possible to discover gloves for both hands.

Thus, when buying your slowpitch glove, then be sure to check the ideal glove for your hand because the right-hand glove is different from the left-hand glove.

7. Wrist Adjustment And Consider Weight

The greatest slowpitch softball glove should enable you to adjust the wrist circumference to match your preferences. A glove that restricts you by correcting the wrist will definitely end up being uncomfortable especially when playing for extended sessions. A comfortable glove having a snug fit lets you unleash your full capacity when on the pitch.

Always check the weight of the glove of taste before settling for it. Gloves that are heavy are usually uncomfortable especially for young players. As such, using a heavy glove will be comfy and will make you feel tired quite readily. Limit your search to find the best slowpitch glove to the manufacturers which use lighter materials in creating their gloves. The perfect glove to buy should be easy to clean and maintain to advertise the life span of the glove.

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1. Can you use baseball gloves ?

It is not advised to use baseball gloves for softball. Softball gloves are designed with a bigger, deeper pocket to handle the bigger-sized softballs. You could be fine with a 12.5-inch baseball glove, as it’ll have a longer web, but you still can run into issues catching a softball firmly in the pocket.

2. What Is A Slowpitch Glove?

Softball gloves no matter kind are designed for a single purpose; catching the ball. Consequently, the primary use of the gloves is for assisting you to grab the ball at several positions. The most important difference between both of these types is their design because the slowpitch ones have deeper pockets than the fastpitch gloves. Ideally, slowpitch gloves permit easy catching of fly balls. The deep pocket design of this gloves makes it effortless to snare fly balls to the net. The size of those gloves ranges between 12 and 15 inches.

Fastpitch balls are smaller compared to many slowpitch balls, so you would have no issue catching them with your slowpitch glove. But, fastpitch gloves have a tendency to have higher quality leather because of higher frequency of games played on average, so it’s possible a slowpitch glove wouldn’t very long if it had been used in several fastpitch games.

best slowpitch softball gloves

3. What Is The Difference Between Fastpitch And Slowpitch Gloves?

Slowpitch softball is majorly a recreational sport while the fastpitch version is a competitive sport. As such, the gloves used for these sport variations have glaring differences. But it’s worth noting that the differences do not restrict the gloves from adapting to either variation of the game.

Fastpitch gloves feature a closed site design since they are meant for grabbing fastballs. On the flip side, slowpitch gloves don’t necessarily feature a closed web design. This is because the rate of the ball in slowpitch isn’t necessarily large as the game is mostly played to pass time and not for competition.

First-basemen at fastpitch softball necessitates using fastpitch gloves because the ball is thrown in a high velocity. First basemen at slowpitch softball can utilize any sort of glove since most gamers from the position are utility players.

The circumference in slowpitch gloves is larger compared to the fastpitch gloves. As an example, the circumference in fastpitch gloves starts from 11 inches while in slowpitch gloves starts at 12 inches. On the other hand, the perfect size of this mitt to choose is a personal preference because it is dependent upon your hand size.


Choose the slowpitch softball glove dependent on the brand, as a respectable brand enhances the longevity and top-notch product. The orientation of the throw can also be a matter of consideration, as to get a right-hand thrower the glove will go on the left hand and vice versa. We hope our guide will help you in choosing the best softball slowpitch gloves.

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