Top 7 Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats 2021

On top, in an industry where you can not really try out anything before purchasing, how can you know which slow pitch softball bats are good and which aren’t? This article goes in-depth on just about anything and everything you would want to understand before purchasing a bat.

Let’s jump in and begin discussing the best slowpitch softball bats of 2021.

Best slow pitch softball bats 2021

1. Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat

The exceptional release of this 2021 Miken Last Call Maxload 14-inch USSSA slowpitch bat which makes it an interesting bat choice with plenty of features to offer hitters.

The 2021 Miken Last Call Maxload USSSA bat is termed because it’s going to be the last bat that Miken makes to carry the 2012 stamp. Nevertheless, this newer slowpitch softball bat will undoubtedly be approved under the new certificates too.

This bat has a 14-inch barrel that is created by 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers for a ridiculous amount of durability. The Triple Matrix Core+ Technology further strengthens the barrel by removing seams and raising the amount of the combination by 15%.

This optimizes the flex index of this barrel to increase speed and creep throughout the zone. Mix from the Maxload Swing and its half-ounce end load and you have a very strong barrel. One of the most lasting slowpitch softball bats out there; sure to last for seasons to come.

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  • F2P Technology produces maximum barrel flex for impressive whip and electricity


  • Some hitters may prefer a more substantial-end load.

2. DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

If you love blasting the ball every chance you get, you should try this out slowpitch softball bat. Having a two-part hybrid structure, it gives a mixture of performance and feedback to the participant. The composite barrel provides the largest possible quantity of trampoline effect potential pushing the ball to the outfield.

Meanwhile, the aluminum alloy handle helps dampen vibrations and increase the overall sturdiness of the bat. In the conclusion of the barrel, you are going to observe a dish finish cap — designed to include just that little bit of extra power for your swing.

About the DeMarini One, the aluminum alloy handle is rigid and offers less flex which makes it possible to interpret your entire swing to the ball.

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  • Made for power hitters
  • Great for players of all ages
  • Exceptionally durable — will last multiple seasons
  • Aluminum handle supplies stiffer feel than hybrid bats
  • 1 Year manufacturers guarantee


  • Takes some time to split in fully

3. Miken DC-41 ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat

Miken bats are made to provide players with high-class, out-of-the-world high-tech and technology design, coloring, and cosmetics. The signature horn of legendary USA softball team participant, Danny Crine, the Miken 2019 DC-41 ASA Supermax Slowpitch Softball Bat is guaranteed to blow your pants off.

With a three-piece structure, this softball bat is perfect for players who prioritize comfort and power over price. The barrel is made out of composite fibers but this bat is really supposed to have a lower compression than similar bats. This enables players to swing as hard as possible and move as much energy to the ball as they can.

At the end, you’ll see a distinctive endcap — called the Super Max full ounce end-load. This helps you whip through your swing and smash the ball. The handle of the bat is designed to match perfectly to the participant’s hand and alleviate playing capability.

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  • No break in period
  • Big Sweet spot
  • 3 piece construction for comfort and performance


  • Expensive for a slowpitch softball bat

4. Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All Association Slowpitch Softball Bat Series

The Miken 2021 Chaos is the best pick and one that is approved for play in all slowpitch softball leagues. This bat has been engineered to optimize bat speed and hitting distance.

Its construction includes thinner walls and two-piece 100% metal make-up, each of which provides it lots of bends and a responsive barrel. What’s more, a 0.5ounce end load and 14-inch extended hose combine to provide immense power throughout the zone.

We like that it didn’t need breaking in, so you may start hitting bombs straight out of the wrapper. Seriously, the ball strikes this bat! It felt strong for the period we had it, and we think that it’s sure to be durable. It looks fantastic and felt great at the hands, because of a comfortable grip and a thin grip.

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  • Look stylish
  • Durable


  • Inadequate info

5. Anderson Ambush Composite Slowpitch Softball Bat

Over the previous 25 decades, Anderson Bat Company has gone out of a private labeling operation (having created their initial bat for a different company in 1996) to create a number of the best softball and baseball bats.

In focus is the Anderson Ambush slowpitch bat, our Xth pick. The Ambush is a balanced, two-piece, all-composite slow pitch bat. Its structure includes a multilayered all-composite layout that is both consistent and durable. The Anderson Ambush includes USSSA (New NTS analyzed logo), USA Softball (ASA), ISA & NSA certifications.

The 14-inch long lengthy barrel gives players a huge sweet spot to work with along with a much-needed advantage in a game of inches. In general, we adored its massive barrel and its own balanced weight reduction. Its feel in the palms is a contact hitter’s dream, providing both speed and power on every swing.


  • High Speed 
  • Weight Balance
  • Look stylish


  • Not enough information

6. DeMarini 2021 Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2021 Demarini Juggy is our 2nd best pick and our winner in the”Best ASA slowpitch bats for 2021″ class. The Juggernaut is a USA/ASA accepted slow pitch bat using a 12″ end-loaded cone, that will be fantastic if you prefer more mass in your barrel to generate power.

A piled double wall socket offers soft compression for a game-ready feel and performs incredibly well once this bat is totally broken in. This deal is stiffer and more durable, causing it to flex less, forcing the barrel to divert more for exceptional barrel performance.

Despite its composite barrel, the 2021 Juggy has some decent pop straight from the wrapper and kept getting hotter and hotter. It will be interesting to see its performance once it’s fully broken in — certainly one of the trendiest slowpitch bats of 2021.

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  • High Durable


  • Not enough information

7. Easton 2021 FIRE FLEX 240 Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Another two-piece, all-composite slowpitch bat that makes it on our best slowpitch bats of 2021 listing is the Easton Fire Flex 240. This bat features the new USSSA NTS analyzed logo and conveys ISA & NSA Certifications.

It’s a balanced swing weight plus also a 13.5-inch long barrel. The barrel includes Ultra Elegonated Fibers (UEF) plus a triple-wall barrel design that works together to create a massive sweet spot.

This bat leverages the Flex barrel technology that Easton has previously used on a few of the best slowpitch bats from years ago. This technology ensures that the bat has decent pop straight from the wrapper and does not require an excessive amount of time to break in.

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  • Between the composite barrel as well as the 100%-mix handle is a two-piece ConneXion bit that really does nicely to decrease vibration to the handson mishits


  • No

Buyer’s Guide

1. The League Standard

One of the first things you should consider, above everything else, is where you intend to utilize the bat.

There are loads of different tournaments and leagues throughout the nation which will call for specific certificates to think about a bat legal or illegal. Bearing this in mind, you have to ensure your bat meets your tournament or league rules.

There are several different sanctioned leagues like ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, ISF, and Senior Softball. And just like fastpitch or baseball, some bats could be lawful to use in 1 league, but illegal in another.

For instance, ASA softball bats shouldn’t be utilized at USSSA leagues and vice versa. However, some bats hold both ASA and USSSA stamps on them, making them legal for use in both ASA and USSSA. If you’re unsure about your team’s rules, speak to your mentor at first prior to purchasing anything.

The most well-known certifications you should be on the lookout for are ASA and USSSA. Look for some of the stamps below from each business depending upon the league you play to ensure that your bat is permitted for use Recent ASA, USSSA and NSA certified stamps for slow pitch bats

2. Design

Bats have a tendency to come in one of 2 styles that explain the way in which the bat is put together.

One-piece bats utilize the exact same material during the bat, and the whole assembly is just that: one piece of material. These bats are inclined to be a little stiffer and more durable and are usually great for power hitters looking for stiffness and much more direct energy transfer to the ball.

Two-piece bats include a separate handle and barrel which are bonded together. This allows the bat to flex more during the swing, boosting the trampoline effect . The flexible construction offers the extra plus of dampened vibration, so less sting should you strike a cue shot down the line.

3. Materials

The materials used in the bat will have a sizable effect on its performance and lifespan.

Alloy bats are made from aluminum mixed with another metal in order to make thin, responsive walls. These tend to be the cheapest option, but will also be the most durable.

Composite bats are made from a mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass or even Kevlar. They rely on the flexibility of the materials to enhance the trampoline impact of this barrel. Keep in mind that composite bats possess a break-in phase before you can find the most from the substance, and they die out sooner than an alloy since the flex sturdiness of this barrel declines over time.

Wood  While they don’t supply the same pop as the current top-of-class composite batsthey do supply a sense and hitting experience that no metal or fiber synthetic fiber can match.

4. Balanced Vs. End loaded

When you’ve settled on the ideal weight, the next thing you need to take under consideration is the weight distribution – is your ideal bat end-loaded?

  • Balanced Bats

This really is the most usual sort of bat. A balanced bat includes its total weight spread evenly throughout its length, from knob to endcap. This even distribution results keeps the bat swing weight reduction (Lower M.O.I — Moment of Inertia). The lower the swing weight, the faster the bat can be swung and the simpler it is to control the hitting zone.

Balanced bats are the best option for players who want to generate as much bat speed as possible, e.g. Contact hitters or”foundation hitters.” They supply a much smoother swing and more control through the hitting zone.

  • End-Loaded Bats

End loaded bats, on the other hand, are the perfect choice for players who already generate high swing speeds and want to swing for the fences (power hitters)

They have significantly more weight oriented towards the end cap of this bat. Since they are more”top-heavy,” end-loaded bats are more difficult to control through the hitting zone, but stronger players can leverage this to boost the ability of the hits connected with the ball.

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5. Choose the Right Size

Since most slow pitch softball bats are 34 inches , weight is the principal choice a hitter has to make in choosing bat size. Even though a stronger participant can create more force by employing a heavier bat, lighter bats at the 26 to 28 oz range are better suited to average-sized gamers or people looking for better bat management.


After locating the best slow pitch softball bat, you may end up with more questions than you’ve got answers. We put together the best most common questions. Hopefully, those softball bat answers will help in your pursuit too.

 1. What is the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats?

The main difference between both of these types of bats is the weight. Both types of bat are only allowed a maximum length of 34-inches, but slowpitch bats are designed to be thicker than fastpitch bats to provide for more power behind the swing. Heavier bats are employed in slowpitch softball to make up for the shortage of pitch speed whereas fastpitch bats are lighter to allow for quicker swing speeds to catch up to quicker pitching.

2. How do you break in a new softball bat?

Some claim that amount is over 500. Either way, you break it by hitting the bat regulation balls several times. Around different areas of the barrel. You can try this off a tee or at live batting practice. Check the product page of the bat you purchase as some composite softball bats, like those with double walls, occasionally don’t need a break in.

3. Why are slowpitch softball bats so expensive?

Expensive is a relative term, no doubt. But few believe that high end slowpitch bats are cheap. Indeed, at $300 most take critical research and resources to solve the riddle of the best slowpitch softball bat. In the Long Run, the answer as to why they. They’re, like all products in a free market, a function of supply and demand.

4. What weight bat if I use for slowpitch softball?

Based on the kind of hitter you are, power or contact, you are going to want to choose a heavier or lighter weight. Stronger hitters will typically opt for a weight in the middle of the range, this lets them acquire more of a whip from the bat. If you’re looking to acquire a little more power behind your swing, then you may opt to get a slightly heavier bat to supply more weight behind on the ball on contact. At the end of the day it is personal taste, so test a few distinct weights and determine what’s most comfortable to you.

best slow pitch softball bats

5. When do slowpitch bats lose their pop?

There is not any simple answer to this question. Depending on the durability of this bat some fantastic bats can last for 2 to 3 years with considerable use. Others frequently don’t last a complete season in terms of maximum pop. Composite bats can lose their soda

Prior to breaking up, but in several cases, will break when their pop is gone. Aluminum is harder to determine as they rarely break, and just dent instead.


After reading this list of reviews for the best slowpitch softball bats in 2021, you’re prepared to go searching for the latest softball bats. Whether you need a balanced or finish rich stick, a slowpitch bat for either guys or one for ladies, the best value slowpitch a high-end model, there are options available.

It’s simply a matter of choosing which of these best-selling slowpitch softball bats aligns with your tastes as a player. 

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